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Jun 06 2022

Octagon Networks: First Cybersecurity Firm To Convert Balance Sheet Into Bitcoin

Octagon Networks has converted its entire balance sheet into bitcoin and will begin accepting payments in BTC for all services.Octagon Networks has converted its entire balance sheet into bitcoin.The company will also begin accepting bitcoin as payment for all services, offering a 50% discount to customers using BTC.Octagon said MicroStrategy inspired the particular business model it...

Oct 24 2021

YouTube channels reportedly being taken over by hackers to livestream crypto scams

According to new reports by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), there's been a recent wave of hacks on YouTube channels, rebranding them for live-streaming crypto-related scams. TAG says the attacks are being carried out by a group of Russian-speaking hackers recruited from a forum, who then sell the already hacked YouTube channels to whoever pays The post YouTube channels reportedly being taken over...

Sep 06 2021

Cybersecurity Firm GK8 to Integrate Stellar in its Custody Solutions

Israeli-based cybersecurity outfit, GK8 has inked a mutually beneficial partnership with the Stellar Foundation to integrate the blockchain network’s native token, the Stellar Lumen (XLM) into its custody solutions. As announced by the firm, the integration of Stellar draws on the decentralized nature of the blockchain, as well as its speed, scalability, and its uniquely The post Cybersecurity Firm GK8 to Integrate Stellar...

Jan 22 2021

Iranian hackers use cryptojacker to bypass sanctions, says report

Cybersecurity firm SophosLabs has traced MrbMiner, a new cryptojacking virus that primarily targets powerful database servers, back to a small software company in Iran, according to a report published yesterday. “MrbMiner is a recently discovered cryptominer that targets internet-facing database servers (SQL servers) and downloads and installs a...

Dec 23 2020

From SIM Swaps to Home-Invasion Threats, Ledger Leak Has Cascading Consequences

Dec 23 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business cybersecurity data hack ledger

The incident shows the variety of ways data can be used to hurt people, and raises questions about how and if certain data should be retained at all.

Dec 21 2020

Exclusive: Tezos Taps Hub Security to Secure Validators’ Stake

Proof-of-stake consensus requires network validators to stake digital currencies for validations.

Nov 12 2020

Trump’s Post-Election Purge Reaches US Cybersecurity Agency

Nov 12 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  cisa cybersecurity news policy & regulation

CISA Director Krebs expects to be fired, Reuters reports. Hours earlier, his deputy resigned under pressure.

Oct 12 2020

Can the US Keep Data Encryption Without Furthering Child Exploitation?: DoJ

The DoJ calls on tech companies to build solutions that protect children without encroaching on personal freedoms.

Sep 23 2020

The Evolution of Crypto Custody: A Chat with Fireblocks CEO Michael Shaulov

Technological innovation in the crypto custody space has opened the door for more institutional players.

Sep 21 2020

US Space Force Recruits Blockchain Firm Xage to Build Data Security Systems

Xage's blockchain-based software will connect military and civilian satellites with ground stations in a tamper-proof fashion.

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