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Apr 06 2022

Nick Szabo: Bitcoin Secures Itself and Doesn't Ask for Permission

Szabo explained the history of philosophical and technical work by the Cypherpunks that led up to the invention of Bitcoin at the Bitcoin 2022 conference.Computer scientist and cryptographer Nick Szabo spoke on the Bitcoin 2022 conference’s main stage on Wednesday to shed light on the history preceding the invention of Bitcoin. Unbeknownst to many, Bitcoin represents the culmination of decades of research...

Apr 02 2022

Bitcoin Barbed Wire And The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto

Comparing Bitcoin to barbed wire from Timothy May’s “Crypto Anarchist Manifesto” can give insight into the gravity of this seemingly abstract invention. (...

Mar 12 2022

Free From Politics, Bitcoin Is A Platform For Independent Philanthropy

Regardless of any political affiliations of its developers or community, Bitcoin is an independent platform for decentralized philanthropic support.With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, multiple efforts have been made by various cryptocurrency and blockchain groups to provide aid to the Ukrainian people. From the...

Oct 13 2021

The Quest For Digital Cash

How Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin project married the concepts of digital cash and digital gold and how pioneering cryptographer Adam Back continues the work of making it a better tool for freedom.One summer day in August 2008, Adam Back got an email from Satoshi Nakamoto.It was the first time Nakamoto had reached out to anyone about a new project that the pseudonymous...

Jan 01 2021

Nov 03 2020

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