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Apr 07 2022

How Orange-Pilled Billionaires Move The Bitcoin Market

During Bitcoin 2022, a group of high-net-worth investors gave insight into the perspective of whales and their future in the bitcoin market.Highlighting the perspective of “whales,” bitcoin investors with access to significant amounts of fiat capital to inject into the market, a slew of high-net-worth Bitcoiners spoke to attendees of the Bitcoin 2022 conference in a panel titled “Billionaire Capital Allocators.”...

Feb 04 2021

After Gold, Dan Tapiero Is Now Turning His Attention to Crypto

Since growing a real estate empire with billionaire investor Stan Druckenmiller, Dan Tapiero has a new focus. This time, he wants to make crypto investments less volatile for institutions. Fund to Support Growth-Stage Crypto Firms 10T Holdings will seek out crypto companies with enterprise values of over $400 million in need of funding. Up to 15 companies will receive approximately $20 million each....

Feb 03 2021

Dan Tapiero Launches $200M Fund to Invest in Crypto Companies

Tapiero is joined by Michael Dubilier and Stan Miroshnik.

Jan 02 2021

Why Bitcoin Is Bigger Than an Inflation Hedge, feat. Dan Tapiero

Jan 02 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  dan tapiero people podcasts the breakdown

The prominent gold and bitcoin macro commenter discusses a new generation of institutional investors.

Oct 14 2020

U.S. Fintech Being Stifled by Regulators

Fintech innovation has been stifled in the United States, and this has attracted the attention of many concerned and renowned experts. According to Dan Tapiero, the co-founder of 10T Holdings, fintech regulations in the U.S. are a "big problem." He claims that this is because the current fintech regulations have not put the future into consideration. His tweet reads:...

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