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Sep 24 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to BEP-20 Tokens: The Binance Token Standard

BEP-20, or Binance Chain Evolution Proposal, is the Binance token standard for creating tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. If you've ever tried to make cryptocurrency transfers or withdrawals, then you know the importance of sending your coins or tokens to the right address and network to avoid loss of funds, and knowing the token standard is paramount....

Feb 28 2021

PAID Network Releases Update on dApp Developments

PAID Network recently released an update on their latest developments. The update shows the progress made by the PAID team and their current projects. It covers PAID Network support for Binance Smart Chain, new features on the dApp, and other future plans. PAID dApp Offers Support for Binance Smart Chain Over the past weeks,...

Feb 24 2021

Excitement Builds as Cartesi (CTSI) Enters Last Phase of Incubation Program

Cartesi, is building a layer-2 platform to address the blockchain scalability issues. Cartesi’s approach is unique as it plans to off-chain all complex calculations. Moreover, this will revolutionize smart contracts and dApps development and lead to speed enhancement and cost-reduction. While the year 2021 is dedicated to the implementation of optimistic rollups on mainnet, the Cartesi DApp incubation program has entered its final...

Feb 09 2021

AnRKey X™ Focuses on Games With PAID Network Partnership

AnRKey X has announced a partnership with PAID Network. AnRKey X recently announced its...

Jan 26 2021

Nimbus – 10 Earning Strategies DeFi Ecosystem to Launch DAO

Nimbus, the holistic DeFi ecosystem that aims to offer realistic and sustainable revenue generation DeFi models is all set for launch. According to the official release shared with Altcoin Buzz, the project is launching its new DAO-governed DeFi ecosystem and NBU token on 27 January. Interestingly, Nimbus already serves an active community of 50,000 users with a trading App. Thus, the system is...

Jan 25 2021

TomoChain in Strategic Partnership With PAID Network

TomoChain recently announced its strategic partnership with PAID Network, an efficient blockchain-based dApp ecosystem that aims to deliver SMART Agreements that are powered by DeFi. With this partnership between TomoChain and PAID Network, users and companies that execute PAID SMART Agreements on the PAID Network will gain from secure, low cost, and fast transaction processing on TomoChain....

Jan 24 2021

Quant (QNT) Gains Global Approval and Acceptance

Quant is gradually gaining global approval and adoption in different parts of the world. According to a twitter thread, Quant (QNT) has been integrated with various governments, central banks, and enterprises. Even SIA, Europe's leading payments provider network, has integrated the token, thereby connecting it to hundreds of banks...

TrustSwap Releases 2020 Review Report

TrustSwap recently released their review report for 2020. The 2020 report from TrustSwap covered some notable accomplishments of the platform. These accomplishments also cover different areas such as launches, partnerships, integrations, and features. In six short months, we have achieved A LOT. Here's a quick recap of some...

Dec 22 2020

What Is an Oracle?

An oracle sends data from the outside world to a blockchain so specific data, like temperature, can execute the disbursement of money.

Oct 28 2020

Band Protocol Partners With Coin98 Wallet

Band Protocol has announced a partnership with Coin98 Wallet, a renowned decentralized wallet. Having multi-chain native dApp support, Coin98 Wallet has integrated the Band Protocol decentralized price oracle to offer security and transparency. Providing secure pricing for various crypto assets Coin98 Wallet aims at providing users with a simplified and multi-functional product that boosts security and...

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