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Feb 16 2021

Popular Crypto App Found to Have Ties to Data Tracking Company: Report

Bitcoin Ticker Widget and a clone of Steemit were found to contain data trackers.

Feb 11 2021

Enterprise Blockchain Firm R3 Launches Confidential Business Computing Platform

Conclave is compatible with R3’s blockchain platform Corda Enterprise and will be fully integrated going forward.

Jan 07 2021

65K Comments and Counting: Crypto Industry Fights ‘Arbitrary’ Treasury Rule

The crypto industry says a proposed rule to collect personal data from private wallet transactions is being rushed, might be challenged in court and could be difficult to implement.

Dec 17 2020

The Year We Learned the Rewards and Risks of Smart Devices

Moving into 2021, smart devices may be the most important battleground for data ownership and personal privacy.

Nov 17 2020

New Mac Update Leaves Users No Room to Escape Data Collection

Nov 17 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  apple data privacy privacy tech vpns

Following a recent Mac update, users will have to find alternatives if they want out from under Apple’s eye.

My Data, My Money: Data Dividends and the Digital Economy

On Nov. 18, CoinDesk’s Ben Powers explores the data dividend: Is it an opportunity to restructure the digital economy on more equitable terms, or merely a redesign of the current data ecosystem?

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