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Jan 14 2021

Sci-Hub Leaves Handshake Blockchain After 2 Days, Citing Centralization Concerns

Sci-Hub, a pirate library of academic papers censored by Twitter, PayPal and domain systems, left the distributed domain platform Handshake after two days, unsatisfied by the level of decentralization.

Dec 14 2020

Google Down: The Perils of Centralization

Dec 14 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  decentralization google security tech

It was a jarring reminder of the hidden costs of the easy-to-use, centralized systems that permeate the web, and just how taxing or debilitating they can be.

Dec 03 2020

Protocol Hosting Google reCAPTCHA Competitor Expands to Polkadot

Human Protocol, home of the anti-bot hCaptcha system, announced it is expanding beyond Ethereum to a future Polkadot parachain, Moonbeam.

Nov 13 2020

Token Projects Are Not Happy With KuCoin’s Handling of $280M Hack

Some token projects say they're left holding the bag following a hack that drained the KuCoin crypto exchange of $280 million.

Oct 29 2020

Token Allocation: How DeFi’s Greed Threatens Decentralization

The distributed ledger technology or blockchain and the resultant cryptocurrencies have basis in the principles of decentralization, immutability and shared ownership. However, a report released by crypto analytics Messari suggests that efforts to increase centralization are rising through team token allocations,mostly in DeFi related...

Sep 30 2020

KuCoin Hacker Exposes Decentralization Theater Among DeFi Projects

Sep 30 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis decentralization

In a bid to stop the KuCoin hacker from cashing in on their loot, crypto projects like Tether, Ocean Protocol, and Ampleforth pushed measures to lock the hacker's funds. In so doing, however, each project revealed just how centralized they truly are. KuCoin Hack Reveals False Decentralization In the last few weeks, stablecoin operator Tether announced they would help...

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