Tag: decentralized autonomous organization (dao)

Jul 21 2021

Maker DAO Switches To Complete Decentralization

Maker DAO - the leading collateralized stable-coin project announced on July 20 that it has successfully completed the transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure and the current Maker DAO foundation is all set to dissolve in the coming months, former CEO Rune Christensen said in a post titled...

Jul 15 2021

ShapeShift User Or Not? You Might Have Been Sent Thousands Of Dollars!

ShapeShift - the non-custodial cryptocurrency trading service announced on July 15 that it’s existence as traditional company is coming to an end through dissolution of it’s corporate structure and the service would now be maintained through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), governed through the recently airdropped tokens to ShapeShift users, claimed by the company to be the largest airdrop ever....

Jun 29 2021

DAO Treasury: Entire Focus On Native Token Holdings Represents Significant Risk

Decentralization Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will be the companies of the future and every company needs robust treasury management. However, a common practice amongst most DAO Treasury systems highlights significant risk to their ability to continue functioning effectively during turbulent...

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