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Jan 31 2023

Wormhole Set To Become Uniswap’s Official Bridge To BNB Chain

Cross-chain bridge Wormhole has won the governance vote to become Uniswap's official bridge to BNB Chain. It will be used by Uniswap V3 for cross-chain governance messaging between Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Jan 26 2023

Aave Eliminates Bad Debt With 2.7 Million CRV Purchase

Aave has acquired 2.7 million CRV to clear a bad debt from last year. The bad debt was the result of a failed exploit orchestrated by Avraham Eisenberg.

Jan 25 2023

MakerDAO Approves Preliminary Proposal To Park $100 Million USDC In Yearn Finance Vault

Summary: The MakerDAO proposal to earn yield from a Yearn Finance vault was backed by the governance community. Yearn Finance's special investment vehicle or vault has a cap of $100 million. The USD Coin treasury allocation from Dai's developer will earn a 2% annual yield if approved by an executive vote. The MakerDAO governance community backed a proposal to deploy $100 million of...

Jan 24 2023

SushiSwap Increases Fee Allocation To Treasury, Approves SUSHI Clawbacks

SushiSwap has approved two key proposals to boost its treasury by diverting trading fees and clawing back SUSHI tokens in the Merkle Distributor.

Jan 23 2023

Uniswap Community Greenlights Launching DEX On BNB Chain: 0xPlasma Labs

Proposal to launch Uniswap V3 on BNB Chain garners huge support from community and passes temperature check.

Jan 19 2023

Raydium Attacker Moves $2.7 Million Stolen ETH To Tornado Cash

Summary: The Raydium exploiter drained a total of $4.4 million in digital assets from the Solana DEX in December 2022 before moving the funds to Ethereum's blockchain. A wallet controlled by the hack transferred $2.7 million of the stolen loot to sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash on Thursday. The incident was one of several attacks on the decentralized finance ecosystem throughout last year....

Jan 16 2023

North Korea’s Lazarus Group Moves Funds Tied To $100 Million Harmony Bridge Hack

The Lazarus Group has moved funds associated with last year's $100 million Harmony bridge hack, A few of the linked wallets have been frozen by Binance and Huobi.

Jan 13 2023

French Investment Bank Société Générale Withdraws $7 Million From MakerDAO

French Investment Bank Société Générale has minted a loan worth $7 million from MakerDAO, marking an important milestone that bridges TradFi and DeFi.

Dec 12 2022

0xPlasma Labs Proposed Launching Uniswap V3 On Binance BNB Chain

Summary: The blockchain startup suggested connecting Uniswap V3 to BNB Chain, the second-largest DeFi ecosystem with over a million active user addresses and $5 billion in total value locked. 0xPlasma Labs argued that deploying on BNB will expand utility and trading on the decentralized exchange beyond Ethereum's network. 0xPlasma Labs submitted a governance proposal aimed at deploying Uniswap v3 on DeFi’s second-largest blockchain...

Dec 06 2022

SushiSwap Will Run Out Of Money In 1.5 Years

SushiSwap's CEO Jared Grey has revealed that the DEX currently has 1.5 years of runway. He has proposed that all the fees from the exchange be diverted to the treasury.

Dec 05 2022

Maple Finance Calls Out Orthogonal Trading After $36 Million Loan Default

Summary: Maple's Monday statement said that Orthogonal Trading defaulted on eight loans worth around $36 million. The loans were tied to two pools operated by Mavens M11 credit. Maple founder Sid Powell expressed shock and disappointment due to the incident. DeFi lending protocol Maple Finance severed ties with trading outfit Orthogonal Trading after the latter defaulted on eight loans worth $36 million. The...

Dec 02 2022

Ankr Protocol will reimburse users after $5 million, Binance seized $3 million from the exploiter

Ankr users affected by Friday's hacks will be reimbursed. The protocol will also buy 5 million of BNB to pacify liquidity providers.

Oct 31 2022

Tether ($USDT) Hits Back At Bloomberg For Report Over Renewed Fraud Probe

Tether has criticized a report published by Bloomberg that talks about a renewed investigation onto it's bank fraud case. The company has alleged that Bloomberg is recycling old news for attention.

Oct 26 2022

SushiSwap Votes In Favor Of Landmark Restructuring Proposal

The SushiSwap DAO has voted to approve a key legal restructuring proposal which will create 3 new entities for developing and managing the DAO.

Oct 20 2022

Celsius Investment Funds And Customers To Fight Over Who Gets To Cash In On Company’s Assets

Investors and customers of bankrupt crypto lender Celsius are involved in a court tussle over who should benefit from sale of the company's assets.

Oct 19 2022

Roofstock onChain Sells First House As Ethereum NFT For 175,000 USDC

Roofstock onChain has concluded the sale of a house. The property was bought for 175,000 USDC and the title was transferred via an NFT.

Hacktober Mania: Moola Market Hacker Return $9M Worth Of Stolen Funds Back To The Firm

The DeFi lending protocol Moola Market was recently hacked and exploited for $10 million. The attacker has returned most of the funds back to the protocol post-successful negotiations conducted by the firm. The moola market has become the latest victim of the "hacktober" mania. The Celo protocol market was recently exploited by a hacker that resulted in the firm losing nearly $10 million...

Oct 14 2022

Blockchain.com Investors Remain Undeterred Despite Ruthless Crypto Winter

Blockchain.com has reportedly concluded a strategic funding round for an undisclosed amount despite the slowdown in crypto investment.

Uniswap’s $165 Million Funding Proves How User Interest In DeFi Is Constantly Evolving. Here’s How.

Uniswap Labs' $165 million series B funding round has been dubbed as one of the biggest deals in DeFi history The deal demonstrates how investor and user interest in the DeFi domain is still evolving at a rapid pace. Uniswap Labs on Thursday announced its $165 million series B funding round, led by Polychain Capital. The deal is dubbed as one of the...

Oct 11 2022

RabbySwap Wallet Exploiter Address Flagged By Etherscan, Wallet Moves $146,000 In Ether To Tornado Cash

RabbySwap exploiter transferred 114 Ether to sanctioned Tornado Cash after stealing funds from the Rabby Router Contract.

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