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Sep 03 2022

Blockstream, Sevenlabs Partner To Launch Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

With XDEX, users can trade bitcoin, stablecoins and other assets related to bitcoin like Liquid assets in a P2P transaction, thereby removing intermediaries.Blockstream, Sevenlabs partnered with Poseidon Group to launch a decentralized exchange for bitcoin and security assets.The exchange, XDEX, is being built on the open source protocol TDEX and will operate 24/7. The app is expected...

Aug 22 2022

Algorand (ALGO) Governance – What You Should Know

Aug 22 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  decentralized reviews staking

Algorand blockchain is currently one of the most renowned blockchain protocols available today. It is also a unique pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) blockchain. Seeing as Algorand (ALGO) is a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, its security and success are based on its community members and stakers. These stakers are also majorly in charge of its entire governance process. This article is a deep dive into the...

Aug 09 2022

Lightning Network’s Advantages As Payment Technology

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a Layer 2 technology that offers many advantages over altcoins for making Bitcoin into a peer-to-peer payments technology.This is an opinion editorial by Yuya Ogawa, a software engineer and co-host of the Diamond Hands community.This article is based on the content of the “Understanding Lightning” report...

Jul 28 2022

The Latest Review of Velodrome Finance

Jul 28 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain decentralized defi reviews

Providing and incentivizing liquidity are some of the core aspects of the DeFi ecosystem. Nowadays, most protocols are currently facing incentivizing liquidity issues. This is where Velodrome Finance comes in. The finance protocol focuses on propounding workable solutions to liquidity incentivization. This article is an in-depth review of Velodrome Finance, its functions, goals, team, benefits for DeFi...

Jul 23 2022

Using Bitcoin To Establish VPN Connections Without Trusted Third Parties

A Bitcoin VPN allows two or more parties to discover each other and be able to communicate privately over the public internet without trust.This is an opinion editorial by Moustafa Amin, a technology leader with more than 20 years of professional experience across large organizations, service providers and telephone companies.Bitcoin is undoubtedly the world’s newest form of money....

Jul 17 2022

The Latest Review of HOP Protocol

Jul 17 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain dapp decentralized defi eth

Did you know that you can now seamlessly transfer tokens across rollups with HOP Protocol? This protocol makes these transfers fast, transparent, and trustless. This article is an in-depth overview of the HOP Protocol, its major features, tokenomics, etc. What is HOP Protocol? As previously disclosed, HOP Protocol...

Jul 12 2022

Ethereum Merge – The Next Big Thing in Crypto History

Ethereum blockchain, one of the world’s foremost decentralized open-source networks suffers from serious scalability issues. As a solution to its scalability issues, the blockchain has put forward The Ethereum Merge. According to analysts, the Ethereum Merge is looking like the next big thing in the entire...

Jul 09 2022

What Is FairMeme?

Jul 09 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  blockchain decentralized reviews

FairMeme is designing a better way for developers to operate and create innovative solutions and dApps. To achieve this, developer platform FairMeme focuses on creating the largest-ever developer organization in the decentralized tech ecosystem. FairMeme also focuses on the expansion and the introduction of innovative solutions on the Algorand blockchain. The platform is also currently building a unique developer portal for developers...

May 11 2022

Fusotao Protocol — A DEX Infrastructure Like No Other on NEAR Protocol

May 11 2022 Published at Blockmanity under tags  decentralized defi dex press release

Singapore, May 11, 2022 - Have you ever sat behind your desk in perpetuity waiting for that notification telling you to now click on a button to approve a transaction for an order matching your...

May 04 2022

T.E.A.M DAO raises $5 million Series A round led by Krust Universe and Animoca Brands

T.E.A.M DAO (TEAM), the metaverse’s first Guild 3.0, announced today that it has raised $5 million in a Series A round of funding co-led by Krust Universe and...

Apr 04 2022

7 No KYC Crypto Exchanges With Daily Withdrawal Limits (2022)

Looking for No KYC exchanges? No KYC Exchanges with the Withdrawal limitNon- KYC exchangesDescriptionNo KYC Withdrawal LimitBybit...

Mar 02 2022

Bitcoin Layer 3: What Is The Impervious Browser? When Can We Expect It?

The Impervious browser is upon us. The company will launch its most ambitious product at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, on April 7th. What is it, though? And, while you’re at it, what does Impervious do? Well, the company builds “tools and infrastructure for the P2P internet.” That is, without centralized intermediaries. Related Reading |...

Jan 22 2022

Secret Network: The Secrets To SECRET CRYPTO(SCRT)

The route to adoption may not look easy in the blockchain world. There are exciting innovations in the crypto world. This post is all about one such project called Secret Crypto (SCRT). The SCRT price has increased by almost +57.1% in the last few days. Let's take a look at it in more detail....

Jan 06 2022

What is Siacoin (SC)? Can It Solve The Scalability Problem?

Many projects in the crypto world concentrate on allowing users to access economic services. Some projects strive to solve the scalability issues. This post is all about one such crypto called Siacoin (SC). Let's take a look at it in more detail....

Dec 12 2021

The Decentralized Web Can Help Prevent BadgerDAO-Style Hacks

Dec 12 2021 Published at UseTheBitcoin under tags  crypto news decentralized

Another month, another DeFi hack. It’s now BadgerDAO’s turn, with the bitcoin- bridging DeFi protocol suffering an exploit that resulted in around $120 million in funds being withdrawn without […]

Dec 03 2021

Decentraland Tutorial – What is it and how to play?

This article is all about Decentraland. It is a digital platform that facilitates users to develop and find virtual reality. The users can purchase plots of land (non-fungible unique digital assets) that they can produce. It covers the data of the location, owner, content...

Nov 19 2021

Square’s Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Proposal Announced: tbDEX

Jack Dorsey’s TBD Bitcoin project has released the white paper of its decentralized exchange proposal.Square’s decentralized bitcoin exchange proposal has been announced.tbDEX is a protocol that seeks to improve the on- ramp rails into bitcoin.The protocol’s whitepaper has also been released.Square’s Bitcoin business TBD today released the whitepaper of its decentralized bitcoin...

Nov 16 2021

Discussing The Future Of Decentralized Identity

A group of Bitcoiners explore why having decentralized identity may be just as important as decentralized money.Watch This Episode on YouTubeWatch/Listen To This Episode:...

Oct 27 2021

Why The Bitcoin Network Is The Original DAO

The creation of the Bitcoin network gave realization to the first peer-to-peer consensus mechanism upon which all other DAOs are built.Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have long captured the public imagination as one of the primary use cases of blockchain technology. Defined as organizations and groups that do not operate in a centralized or hierarchical manner, DAOs represent another shift toward the...

Sep 24 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to BEP-20 Tokens: The Binance Token Standard

BEP-20, or Binance Chain Evolution Proposal, is the Binance token standard for creating tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. If you've ever tried to make cryptocurrency transfers or withdrawals, then you know the importance of sending your coins or tokens to the right address and network to avoid loss of funds, and knowing the token standard is paramount....

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