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Aug 30 2021

Breaking: Cream Finance Faces Second Flash Loan Attack in 2021, Loses $18 Million

Cream Finance, the Defi lending protocol has become a victim of another flash loan attack in which the losses are estimated to be about $18 million. According to early reports from Wu Blockchain, there were two attackers behind the exploit that carried out the heist in 17 transactions. Panic Shield, blockchain security, and the analytic The post Breaking: Cream Finance Faces Second Flash...

Aug 17 2021

Breaking: PolyNetwork Invites $610 Million Hacker to Become its Chief Security Advisor

PolyNetwork, the cross-chain defi protocol that became the victim of the largest defi hack in crypto history last week with $610 million in stolen funds. The hacker later returned nearly $400 million worth of funds claiming to be a White hat after the protocol pleaded with him and also threatened with legal actions. Still, there The post Breaking: PolyNetwork Invites $610 Million Hacker...

Aug 12 2021

Breaking: DAO Maker Becomes Latest Defi Hack Victim, 10,000 USDC Accounts Affected

Aug 12 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  adabch adabnb adabtc adabusd adaeth

The number of Defi protocols getting hacked continues to increase as another protocol fell prey to the attack. Dao Maker, a crowdfunding platform was hacked and hackers managed to steal USDC from user's top-up accounts and were replaced by ETH. A total of 2,261 Eth, worth more than $7 million were used to transfer out The post Breaking: DAO Maker Becomes Latest Defi...

Aug 11 2021

Aug 10 2021

Largest Defi Hack: Neo Initiated Two Defi Projects Suffer $610 Million Hack

Aug 10 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bnbbkrw bnbbtc bnbbusd bnbeth bnbeur

Defi Interoperability protocol Poly Network suffered a major hack across Binance Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon. A total of $610 million worth of assets were transferred to three different addresses on mentioned blockchains. This could be potentially the largest defi hack in history. Important Notice:We are sorry to announce that #PolyNetwork was The post Largest Defi Hack: Neo Initiated Two...

Dec 31 2020

COVER Hack: Cover Protocol and Binance Announce Compensation Plan for Hack Victims

Dec 31 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news binance btcbrl btcbusd btceur

Cover Protocol, a Defi insurance protocol was recently exploited by a white hat hacker minting an infinite...

Dec 28 2020

Cover Protocol Exploit Takes a Bizzare Turn, Hacker Returns All The Funds With an Important Message

Cover Protocol exploit just took an interesting turn as the exploiter has returned all the stolen funds around 4350 ETH back to the deployer with an important message that read, Next time...

Nov 23 2020

Pickle Finance Exploited For $20M In Most Complex Ever Code Execution

In the latest DeFi hack, stablecoin stabilizing protocol Pickle Finance was exploited on 21-11-2020 06:37 PM (UTC) for nearly $20M. It is notable because analysts are terming it as the most complex DeFi exploit ever, as pDAI jar was hacked with skill-full mastery. The system was gamed using multiple flaws, including Jar swap and Jar convert logic in an extremely sophisticated code execution....

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