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Sep 22 2022

How Improving The UI And UX Of Bitcoin Nodes Could Benefit Everyone

It’s high time to move the discussion on Bitcoin user interfaces and experience over to nodes.This is an opinion editorial by Ram, a twenty year old student, soldier and storyteller.Imagine this:Your baby girl is fiddling with her laptop, and she’s yelling, “Wow!” and “Oh!” You wonder what’s going on. Is it a cartoon? Is it anime? Why’s she so excited?...

Jan 06 2022

Satoshi’s Seed: From Mental Slavery To Bitcoin Emancipated Identities

By basing Bitcoin design around self determination versus game mechanics, we lean in to and encourage more naturally-rich learning and creative experiences.“Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. In a society accustomed to dominating or 'improving' nature, this respectful imitation is a radically new approach, a revolution really. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, the...

Dec 18 2021

Satoshi’s Seed: Don’t Skeuomorphic Bitcoin Self-Sovereign Identities!

Recreating legacy systems on top of bitcoin is not the goal — designing to engage individuals in new ways should be.“The computer can be used as a tool to liberate and protect people, rather than to control them.” \- Hal FinneyThe internet was fundamentally designed to connect machines, not people. Over the eons of time, the intersection between the...

Dec 14 2020

Square Crypto’s 20th Grant Will Support Bitcoin Design, User Experience

Square Crypto is issuing another Bitcoin developer grant for research on Bitcoin design and user experience.

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