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Aug 19 2022

Facebook Lets Its Algorithm To Decide – The Result? 60 Employees Are Fired!

Aug 19 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  algorithm btcusd crypto crypto news diem

Facebook is the latest major technology corporation to initiate mass layoffs, randomly selecting 60 contractual staff using an algorithm. The displaced contractors at Accenture's Austin, Texas headquarters were informed of the decision in a Tuesday video call and were not provided a clear explanation as to why they will lose their positions, Business Insider reported on Friday. As the company prepares for a...

Jul 25 2022

Layer 1 Blockchain Aptos Raises $150M From FTX, Jump Crypto

Jul 25 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  aptos diem meta news

The Series A funding round has brought Aptos Labs total capital raised in 2022 to $350 million. Aptos Closes $150 Million Funding Round Former Meta employees have raised $150 million...

Jul 03 2022

Meta Drops The Axe On Its Digital Wallet Novi

Jul 03 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  diem facebook meta novi zuckerberg

The remnants of Meta's once-ambitious cryptocurrency project are fading away. According to a notification on its website, a pilot program for Novi, the social networking giant's money-transfer service using its own cryptocurrency digital wallet, will suspend operations on September 1. The company said Friday that on July 21, users will no longer be able to add funds to their Novi accounts. The firm...

May 21 2022

Facebook Crypto Projects Fail! Here’s why DIEM and LIBRA Dumped

The blockchain space has grown with exciting updates and new upgrades over the years. These changes make the blockchain space accessible and usable. While the space is relatively new, the major challenge is growing regulations. Granted, laws are necessary to bring sanity and clarity to the industry. However, many restrictions have affected the growth of numerous...

May 12 2022

Ex-Diem Head David Marcus Launches Crypto Startup

David Marcus, who formerly headed Facebook and Meta's Diem stablecoin project, is founding a new crypto company. David Marcus Unveils Lightspark Marcus wrote on Twitter today that he and a...

Feb 24 2022

Feb 02 2022

Meta Shuts Down Diem Stablecoin Project, Sells IP and Assets for $182M to Silvergate

The Diem stablecoin project, formerly known as Libra, has come to an end. Meta has sold Diem’s intellectual property (IP) and assets to a cryptocurrency- focused bank Silvergate, per Monday’s announcement.

Saylor & Dorsey At “Bitcoin for Corporations,” What Did We Learn?

Since he left Twitter, Jack Dorsey looks like a new man. A man on a mission without the constraints a billion-dollar business put around your neck. The key-note for MicroStrategy’s “Bitcoin for Corporations”...

Jan 27 2022

Jan 26 2022

Mark Zuckerberg And Co. Consider Selling Diem / Libra, Their Stablecoin Project

Another one bites the dust. The Diem project is dead, according to Bloomberg. The report comes from anonymous sources and does its best not to assure anything. However, considering the project’s head David...

Nov 30 2021

Oct 20 2021

U.S. Senators Urge Facebook To Discontinue Novi And Diem Crypto Projects

Five U.S. Senate Democrats have called for Facebook to discontinue its crypto projects. The senators addressed a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday just hours after the launch of its...

Oct 19 2021

Oct 12 2021

Sep 09 2021

Polkadot Blockchain Recruits Former Facebook-Backed Diem’s COO

The former chief operating officer of Facebook’s Diem stablecoin project, Bertrand Perez, is joining the Web3 Foundation and Polkadot blockchain as chief operating officer (COO). Before coming to the Polkadot blockchain, Bertrand Perez was a part of Diem (formerly Libra) as chief operating officer for the past two years. During his time with Diem, Perez held two positions: one as managing...

Aug 25 2021

Facebook Ignores Bitcoin, Works on NFTs and Stable Coins Instead

Aug 25 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  altcoin bitcoin business diem facebook

Novi and Diem (Formerly known as Libra) underline the fact that Facebook simply doesn’t understand Bitcoin, and continues to flounder on delivering even its own stablecoin project, or a single NFT.David Marcus, co-creator and a board member of Diem (formerly known as Libra), which is a centralized cryptocurrency project initiated by Facebook, emphasized in an interview with...

Aug 20 2021

Jul 16 2021

Jun 12 2021

Crypto Bank Silvergate Cuts Ties with Binance, Discontinuing USD Deposits and Withdrawals

Silvergate Bank, a major financial institution partnered with crypto exchanges ranging from Kraken to Coinbase, recently cut ties with Binance. Earlier this Wednesday, Binance sent an email to its users stating that the platform would no longer support deposits and withdrawals via...

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