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May 24 2022

Bitcoin’s ‘Difficult’ Past: Exponential Network Growth Powered By Perfect Competition

Reviewing the difficulty changes in Bitcoin’s history demonstrates that the practice of mining is near-perfectly competitive and is becoming increasingly so.As of the date of this writing, block 737,000, Bitcoin is almost two-thirds into its 366th difficulty epoch. A difficulty epoch is a period in which 2,016 blocks are added to Bitcoin’s ledger, ideally in 20,160 minutes, or 14 days. If the...

May 12 2022

Record Mining Difficulty Shows Industry Growth Despite Bitcoin Bear Market

The bears can’t keep miners down as data shows increasing hash rate — which could lead to some uncomfortable hash price realities.Bitcoin may be in a bearish market, but the mining industry is growing bigger than ever. Bitcoin mining difficulty set a new record high for the sixth time this year on Tuesday, reaching 31.25 trillion, according to mining data from...

Apr 28 2022

Bitcoin Hash Rate, Mining Difficulty Hit New All-Time Highs

Bitcoin network’s hash rate and mining difficulty have both made new all-time highs while price keeps constrained in a choppy range.The Bitcoin hash rate and mining difficulty have both touched new highs amid a choppy month for price. The Bitcoin network now performs an average of 223.20 exahashes per second (EH/s), according to data from Coin...

Oct 11 2021

The Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate Is Seeing An Unprecedented Restructuring

Bitcoin mining data from this latest quarter demonstrate that the industry is undergoing a Renaissance spurred by China’s ban.Q3 2021 is in the books, and beginning as it did with China’s Bitcoin mining ban as its backdrop, it marked perhaps the most historic shift in Bitcoin’s mining market to date. Since the beginning of the ASIC...

May 21 2021

How Are Bitcoin’s Hash Rate, Difficulty And Fees Related?

The three mechanics are an important part of understanding Bitcoin on a technical level.Learning Bitcoin With Charts: How Are Hash Rate, Difficulty And Fees Related?Date: May 15, 2021Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment mechanism is one of its most important aspects, but learning how it works can be a daunting task. This article leverages on-chain data to visualize how this mechanism works and...

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