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Mar 15 2022

Digital Euro Association Joins Hands with RTGS.global

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) today announced that it has partnered with RTGS.global, a company that facilitates cross-border payments and liquidity management.

Feb 22 2022

Digital Pound Foundation Partners with CryptoUK

The Digital Pound Foundation (DPF), today announced that it has developed a strategic partnership with CryptoUK, a self-regulatory trade association in the United Kingdom representing the crypto se...

Feb 02 2022

Solana Releases Digital Payment Infrastructure

Solana Labs recently rolled out its latest feature, a payment platform called Solana Pay. The payment mechanism would allow for a direct payment link between merchants and their clients. This means that sellers can directly collect crypto payments for their digital products. In a blog post it shared, the network said its new product would 'usher in a new era of payments and...

Dec 02 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens and FX/CFD Brokers. An Opportunity Not to Be Missed?

Although the first non-fungible token (NFT) was launched as early as 2015, the market fever around this exciting asset class did not kick off until 2020 when it broke all-time records.

Oct 22 2021

Bitcoin Creates Digital Ownership For The First Time

Digital property rights bring the connection between the internet and the economy into modernity.Bitcoin Sovereignty: Part OneSo, you have taken the orange pill and are now going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. You may be wondering what’s at the bottom? What is the core innovation of Bitcoin, from which all of wonderland is created? The answer may surprise you.Along your...

Aug 03 2021

Porsche Auctioning Design Sketch As A Digital & Physical NFT

Aug 03 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  auction digital fanzone forward31 lukso

NFTs have been hitting the racetrack this year in full force, and Porsche is the latest brand to hit the road. Our team at Bitcoinist has covered a substantial amount of crypto automotive activity in 2021. In just recent months, we've seen the Indy 500's Bitcoin racecar, Crypto.com's...

Jul 15 2021

ECB Launches Investigation Phase of the Digital Euro Project

The newly launched phase will address key issues regarding the design and distribution of the Digital Euro.

Dec 14 2020

Dec 01 2020

Christine Lagarde Bashes Bitcoin and Libra

The ECB president termed stablecoins as “risky assets” but praised the digital euro.

Nov 12 2020

‘Year of the CBDC’? Central Bank Digital Currencies More Popular than Ever

Countries are exploring the launch of central bank digital currencies now more than ever. Why?

Oct 05 2020

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