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Aug 12 2022

Attackers Hijack Curve Finance DNS, Steal $570K

Decentralized crypto exchange Curve Finance discovered its DNS was being hijacked in another significant security breach in the cryptocurrency world. On the main page, the hackers were able to insert a fraudulent contract that, if accepted by the victim, would entirely empty the user's wallets. The attackers took more than 570K from user wallets on […] The post...

Aug 04 2022

Simplifying Bitcoin Addresses Using DNS

DNS might be disregarded as old technology, but it could provide greater address functionality and ease of verification.This is an opinion editorial by Mark Jeftovic, cofounder and CEO of easyDNS Technologies Inc. and author of “Managing Mission Critical Domains and DNS.”From the moment I discovered Bitcoin back in 2013, I knew there would eventually have to be a way to reference...

Jul 01 2022

The Open Network (TON) Foundation launches domain name service

Jul 01 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  dns domain name service news ton

The Open Network (TON) Foundation is introducing a service similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) with the auction of its first “.ton” domain names on July 30. The debut of TON DNS, a new service that enables users to give human-readable names to cryptocurrency wallets, smart contracts, and websites, was announced by the TON […] The post...

Feb 09 2022

Yats, a Mix Between NFTs, Domain Address and Digital Identity

Feb 09 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cryptocurrency news dns nfts yats

Digital investments are a big part of today’s financial world. Blockchain- based concepts like NFTs are a point of attraction in the digital world. However, while the world is getting used to NFTs, Yat, a new digital concept, is getting attention. Several celebrities are big fans of NFTs. However, Yat seemed to have captured their attention. Therefore, in this article, you will learn what...

Jan 28 2022

EU seeks to develop a government DNS resolver, block “illegal content”

Jan 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  censorship crime dns eu legal

In a document made public earlier this month the European Commission published a call-for-proposal for a European government controlled DNS resolver service. The reasoning behind the proposal is to protect the privacy of end-users and keep them secure by applying filtering functions to block malware, phishing and other cyber...

Jan 25 2022

Get Your Algorand ‘.algo’ Name Soon!

The creators of Algorand's name service NFDomains have received funding to launch their marketplace. The creators, TxnLab, closed a 1.25M seed round to get the marketplace running. The private funding round was led by GoldenTree Asset Management and Borderless Capital....

Dec 29 2020

Voyager Digital Takes System Offline Following Cyberattack

Dec 29 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  cyberattacks dns markets news voyager digital

Voyager reassured its customers that no funds or personal information were compromised but warned it will take time to get its app back online again.

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