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Sep 17 2021

Dogecoin Marks Another Recovery Above $0.25, But Why?

Dogecoin has recently been plagued with periods of low interest. The number 1 meme coin has not done so well in the past couple of days. This is partly due to the price crash from the previous week. But also partly due to decreased interest in the project due to poor performance. Even while other dog-themed projects have rallied,...

Sep 16 2021

Bitcoin And Ethereum Are Rallying Again, But Why Is Dogecoin Down?

The flash crash that occurred last week shoot the crypto market. Top coins Bitcoin and Ethereum were down with the crash. And so was meme coin Dogecoin. Dogecoin, like most other coins, had spent the past month recovery from two- month lows when the crash had hit. Doge recorded losses of up to 18% with the September 5th crash. Sending its price back down...

Sep 10 2021

Crypto Analyst Reveals End-Of-Year Predictions, Says Dogecoin Will Grow 100%

Dogecoin has suffered losses in the market with the recent crash. But its woes did not just start with the crash. The digital asset had grown and gotten most of its value from the hype around it. Mainly arising from shilling from prominent personalities like Elon Musk. This had brought investors, old and new alike, into the asset, which had managed to grow...

Jul 28 2021

DOGE For Dogs: Burger King Brazil Now Accepts Dogecoin For Dog Food

Burger King Brazil has announced that customers can now purchase "dogpper" dog food using the Dogecoin (DOGE) cryptocurrency. Burger King Brazil Accepts Dogecoin As Payment For Dog Biscuits The fast-food chain has introduced a new product called Dogpper, a meat-flavored dog snack in the shape of a bone. The name of the Dogpper is a spin on Burger King's most popular product, "The...

Jul 02 2021

Jul 01 2021

Is Elon Musk Losing His Edge? Tweets Fail To Move DOGE Prices

For the first time, it seems Elon Musk's tweets have no effect on Doge. The billionaire had tweeted earlier about doge but this time, there was no reaction from the coin. In fact, the coin is down 2% since the tweet went live. Musk is notoriously known for pushing the price of Doge with his tweets. His tweets were single-handedly responsible for pushing...

Jun 22 2021

Dogecoin Crashes Back To Earth While Elon Musk Plays With Rockets

The whole crypto market is down, but the Dogecoin project is one of the most affected. The community seems to be in shock. Their self-appointed leader is nowhere to be seen. The premier meme-currency has lost 70% of its value since its peak in May. Its market capitalization shredded a whopping $72B in the same period. Is the Doge Army going to keep...

May 07 2021

New SEC Chief Says Rules Need to be Updated to Counter Social Media Manipulation of Markets

May 07 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  dogebtc dogecoin price dogeeth dogeusdc dogeusdt

Gary Gensler, the new SEC chief in a recent interview with CNBC talked about the need of updating regulations to counter the growing trend of social media manipulation of financial markets. The social media frenzy started...

May 04 2021

Doge Price Prediction – is DOGE 1 Step Closer to 1 Dollar?

The rise of a meme coin to reach the Top 10 was something far off from reality. Dogecoin managed to pull it off, but the coin was not alone. It got back up from multiple celebrities such as Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and Mark Cuban. Pumping a coin is one...

Apr 18 2021

Top 4 Reasons Why Dogecoin is BOOMING

Apr 18 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto doge dogecoin dogecoin price

We witnessed recently the rise and the fall of the cryptocurrency market. Of course, this market fluctuation is nothing like the 2017-2018 era. On the other hand, Dogecoin managed not only to break through its own price...

Apr 14 2021

Dogecoin (DOGE) Blasts Higher in Another Nonsense Rally; What’s Next?

Dogecoin reached another record high on Wednesday for apparently no reason but an ongoing boom across the cryptocurrency market ahead of Coinbase's direct listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market later in the day. The Dogecoin Rally Brief The DOGE/USD exchange rate climbed to as high as $0.146 ahead of...

Mar 08 2021

Will Dogecoin Price Ever Go Up?

Will Dogecoin price ever go up? What a good question. We have seen people asking this everywhere on the internet. The massive price expansion experienced by Dogecoin (DOGE) […]

Feb 11 2021

Elon Musk HOLDS Dogecoins – THIS is how much

Feb 11 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto doge dogecoin dogecoin price

After the recent social media frenzy, Twitter was fueled by Elon Musk's followers getting hyped around the fact that Elon endorses Dogecoin. Many speculated whether this endorsement was...

Feb 10 2021

Dogecoin Price eyes USD 0.1 – Does Dogecoin have growth potential?

This year was the best year for Dogecoin holders. Not only did this cryptocurrency increase vastly in prices, but apparently it gained a famous figure backing it up, which is non-other than the richest man in the world, Elon Musk. Having great clout to his advantage, and dealing in an unregulated market still, Elon can tweet as much as he'd like without getting...

Jan 29 2021

After GameStop fiasco, retail traders target Cryptos – Why is DOGECOIN up 470%

A lot has happened in the past week, specifically one of the biggest scandals in the past decade regarding financial brokers. Trust is one key component that the broker-investor relationship depends on, and it seems that this trust is starting to break. Regulators and big tech giants are interfering to try to break the ice and level down the impact of the disaster,...

Jan 03 2021

This Coin is up 150% in 7 days and ELON MUSK seems to love it…It’s also called a “ShitCoin”

When cryptocurrencies started to move to the mainstream media, many coins didn't have any significant value and didn't serve any need in our societal matters. That was the exact case for DOGECOIN, a coin created when the internet exploded with memes, and the Doge Dog was a highly known internet figure. In the past 7 days, it's been up more than 150% and...

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