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Oct 24 2022

As Puerto Rico Recovers From Hurricane Fiona, Island Advocates Are Turning To The Bitcoin Community

The Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association is seeking the Bitcoin community’s help as the island recovers from Hurricane Fiona.This is an opinion editorial by Keiko Yoshino, a public policy attorney and lobbyist who advocates for blockchain-friendly laws in Puerto Rico, and the executive director of the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association.By September 18, Hurricane Fiona had...

Mar 31 2022

Mar 29 2022

Bitcoin Gaming Company ZEBEDEE Announces New Lightning Donation Streaming Tool

Mar 29 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business donation lightning news

ZBD Streamer by ZEBEDEE fuels the creator economy by allowing users across all streaming platforms to tip streamers in bitcoin without incurring any fees.ZEBEDEE announces new streaming tool, ZBD Streamer, allowing creators to accept bitcoin-tips on all streaming platforms. Streamers will be able to create custom animations for donations coming in from multiple platforms at once without...

Mar 22 2022

Ukraine Has Received $150 Million in Crypto. Here’s How It Is Being Used

Illia Polosukhin, co-founder NEAR Protocol, and George Kikvadze, executive vice chairman at BitFury Group, both of whom have called Ukraine “home” at one point in their lives, discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the role crypto is playing in the war, and the various avenues crypto users can donate to. Show topics: George and...

Mar 16 2022

Launch Of Crypto Donation Site A Big Boost For Ukraine’s Military Fighting The Russian Invaders

Crypto has become a more ubiquitous component of the world's financial infrastructure, which implies that it is inextricably linked to geopolitical conflict -- for better or for worse. In a setting when governments are in disarray, counting on traditional banks is risky, and there is a fear of scrutiny. As a result, a largely anonymous system devoid of government intervention is desirable. This...

Mar 11 2022

Meet The Core Dev Using Bitcoin For Humanitarian Aid On The Ground In Ukraine

Gleb, a Ukrainian and Bitcoin Core developer since 2018, is using BTC to deliver humanitarian supplies in wartorn areas of his native country.Demonstrating its unique utility on the biggest world stage of the moment, Bitcoin has helped Ukrainian armed forces and nongovernmental organizations raise money...

Mar 07 2022

Ukraine Donations: Financial Companies Increase Support

Amid economic issues and a massive humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, financial companies around the world have shown great support to assist the country in difficult times.

Mar 01 2022

Bitcoin Mining Pool Braiins Launches Ukrainian Hashrate Donation

Braiins has launched a hashrate donation account where users of a bitcoin mining pool can lend their resources and rewards to Ukrainian efforts.Braiins has opened a hashrate donation mining pool for Ukrainian non-governmental organization Return Alive Foundation. 10 BTC and 2.5 petahashes of hashrate were donated by Braiins to the initiative. $5.8 million in BTC has been donated to...

Feb 25 2022

$4.4 Million In Bitcoin Has Been Donated To Ukrainian Military Support Groups

Feb 25 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business donation news russia

$4.4 million in bitcoin was donated to a wallet operated by a Ukrainian non- governmental organization assisting the military.$4.4 million in bitcoin donated to charity group “Come Back Alive.”$23.5K donated to Kyiv Independent, an English news publication based in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government cannot accept bitcoin donations, leading to an influx of non-governmental organization...

Feb 07 2022

Cryptocurrency investors unite and donate more than $35M to help free Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange

"Free Assange by any means necessary" is the revolutionary message visible on AssangeDao's Twitter account inciting fellow "cypherphunks" to help donate to the cause. Assange DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization set up solely to receive donations to help free Julian Assange. The Assange DAO claims on their project page on Juice box that the […]

Nov 10 2021

Sportsbet.io Donates 2 Bitcoin To English Football Club Southampton

The Premier League club created a new fund with the donation with the goal to enhance the experience of its fans.Betting platform Sportsbet.io donated 2 bitcoin to Premier League football club Southampton.The donation set up a new fund that seeks to "support the causes that matter most to [Southampton's] fans," the company said in a statement.But the club can also...

Jul 30 2021

The University Of Pennsylvania Continues to Hold Donated Bitcoin

The University of Pennsylvania confirmed today it still holds part of a $5 million donation it received earlier this year in Bitcoin.The University of Pennsylvania confirmed today it still holds part of a $5 million donation it received earlier this year in Bitcoin.As reported by...

The University Of Pennsylvania Received A $5 Million Bitcoin Donation Earlier This Year

The University of Pennsylvania received a $5 million bitcoin donation and confirmed it still holds some of the donation in Bitcoin.The University of Pennsylvania has received an anonymous bitcoin donation worth $5 million to its business school. The bitcoin gift was announced by the university with the amount of publicity...

May 20 2021

University Of Pennsylvania Receives Anonymous $5 Million Bitcoin Donation

The University of Pennsylvania received a $5 million donation in bitcoin to support financial innovation at its Wharton business school.Per an announcement from the University of Pennsylvania, the...

Apr 28 2021

Cricket Star Donates One BTC To Help India’s COVID-19 Fight

Apr 28 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  covid-19 culture donation india sports

Professional cricket star Brett Lee has donated one bitcoin to a fund offering relief for Indian hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.Brett Lee, a professional cricketer for the Indian Premier League, has donated one bitcoin (worth about $55,000 at the time of this writing) to aid India’s ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.He was inspired by fellow Australian cricket player Pat Cummins,...

Feb 09 2021

Ethereum Grants $1 Million to Staking Projects

Feb 09 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business donation ethereum grants

The Ethereum Foundation has granted $1 million to community projects that support Ethereum 2.0's staking features. $1 Million in Grants The $1 million in funding was distributed between 25 different projects in 4 different categories. Those categories include community and...

Jan 25 2021

Grayscale Gifts $1 Million To Coin Center, Will Match Up To $1 Million More In February

Today, crypto research and advocacy group Coin Center received a $1 million donation from Grayscale Investments, as well as a commitment to match any donations made in February up to an additional $1 million. This donation is the second of its kind, which was first pioneered by Kraken back in 2018 with a similar donation and matching campaign....

Grayscale Donates $1 Million to Coin Center, Pledges Another $1 Million Community Match

Grayscale LLC. has announced a $1 million donation to crypto advocacy group Coin Center and has pledged to match up to $1 million more of the community's donation towards the non-profit organization. Coin Center's Awareness...

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