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Jun 15 2022

Cryptos Into Tanks: Inside Ukraine’s $135 Million Wartime Fund

War. That dreadful word. Breaks borders, lives, properties, and wealth. Since it began in Ukraine, cryptos have managed to be at the forefront of the war. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in a countrywide military attack on February 24, governments and individuals throughout the world have been contributing weapons and money to help Ukraine survive. A significant portion of those assets has been invested...

Mar 17 2022

Bitcoin-Only Exchange Relai To Donate Portion Of Revenue To UNICEF

Relai, a bitcoin-only savings and investment app, is using a referral program to donate up to 50% of referred transactions to humanitarian organization UNICEF.Relai, a bitcoin-only exchange based in Switzerland, is donating up to 50% of its revenue to humanitarian-aid organization UNICEF on qualifying transactions. Humanitarian efforts will focus toward improving female participation in the...

Mar 12 2022

Free From Politics, Bitcoin Is A Platform For Independent Philanthropy

Regardless of any political affiliations of its developers or community, Bitcoin is an independent platform for decentralized philanthropic support.With the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, multiple efforts have been made by various cryptocurrency and blockchain groups to provide aid to the Ukrainian people. From the...

Mar 03 2022

Driving Bitcoin Donations, Ukraine-Russia Conflict Showcases Separation Of Money And State

Mar 03 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture donations freedom opinion russia

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia propels social media reports and donations made in bitcoin, it underscores our decentralizing world.“There’s a problem with bank accounts, something happened… the transactions are being stopped, for whatever reason.”–Ukrainian activist Walter...

Mar 02 2022

How To Participate in the Ukraine Airdrop?

Who would have thought that Satoshi Nakamoto’s design could allow economies to dodge sanctions and thrive despite adversities? That’s what is apparently surfacing during the Ukraine- Russia war crisis. Ukraine's banking system is in bad shape and allies have turned their backs. All of these events make a...

Breaking: Ukraine Announces Airdrop As Crypto Aid Crosses $50 Mln

The Ukraine Government said on Tuesday it would airdrop crypto donated to the country's official wallet, as donations crossed $50 million. The country's official twitter handle said an airdrop was confirmed, and that a snapshot would be taken on March 3, at 6 pm Kyiv time (4 pm GMT). Airdrop confirmed. Snapshot will be taken The post Breaking: Ukraine Announces Airdrop As Crypto...

Mar 01 2022

Breaking: Uniswap (UNI) Builds Platform To Donate ERC-20 Tokens To Ukraine

Uniswap Labs, operator of the world's largest decentralized exchange protocol, said it had built a platform that would allow users to quickly donate any ERC-20 tokens to Ukraine. Donate any ETH token now...

Ukraine post DOT address, hence Polkadot’s Gavin Wood donates $5.7M

Mar 01 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  culture donations dot gavin wood payments

As the war in Ukraine continues and unfolds, with terrible consequences for the country’s population, people and organizations around the world line up to donate to the Ukrainian war effort and its military force’s defense of the country against their Russian adversary. People in the crypto space want to be no less generous with their donations, and tens of millions of dollars have...

Uniswap enables direct donations to the Ukrainian government

Mar 01 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption donations ukraine uniswap

Uniswap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges on the market, has enabled users to make direct donations to the Ukrainian government. 1/ To ensure that everyone who wants to donate ERC-20 tokens to the Ukrainian government...

Feb 28 2022

Polkadot’s Gavin Wood to donate $5M to Ukraine, if they post a DOT address

Feb 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  culture donations dot gavin wood payments

More and more people are donating to the Ukrainian side of the conflict since Russia's decision to invade the neighboring country. Most of these donations are funneled through traditional means of fundraising and donations, but significant amounts of funds are also coming in via crypto payments. As reported by CryptoSlate on Friday, while Ukraine’s Ministry of...

Feb 26 2022

Help For Ukraine

Feb 26 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoins bitcoin crypto donations ukraine

The Ukrainian crypto community is reaching out to its international friends and colleagues. Ukraine is actively fighting for its freedom and independence with the Russian Federation! The Ukrainian crypto community is helping the army and activists fighting on the streets of...

Feb 24 2022

$500K In Bitcoin Donations Flow To Ukraine As Russia Invades

Feb 24 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business donations news russia

Over 14.5 BTC have been donated on Thursday to one of the largest organizations supporting the Ukrainian military.Bitcoin donations to Ukrainian armed forces have soared following the Russian President’s commands to invade the neighboring country.Over 14.5 BTC worth more than $550,000 have been donated so far on Thursday to one of the largest organizations supporting the Ukrainian army....

Feb 17 2022

Canadian Police to block cryptocurrency transactions amid truckers protest

Feb 17 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  banking banks bitcoin btc canada

The Freedom Convoy, Canadian truckers protesting against vaccine mandates and passports by occupying the nation's capital Ottawa and other important infrastructure, is continuing to constitute a threat to the Canadian government and its mandate policies. Some organizations and individuals in support of the truckers have organized and collected donations to bring financial help...

Feb 09 2022

Feb 08 2022

Fiat Fundraising Fiasco Sparks Bitcoin Donation Drive For Freedom Truckers

Feb 08 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin canada culture donations news

Bitcoiners raised more than twelve bitcoin, worth over $543,000 for Canadian freedom truckers since GoFundMe suspended their campaign.It’s been almost two weeks since the first trucks arrived in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, setting off what has turned into a global celebration, a freedom rally, nonviolent resistance or a “nationwide insurrection,” depending on your point of view.The City of Ottawa has...

Feb 03 2022

How Bitcoin Helps Fix Foreign Aid Corruption

Aid intended to help those in developing countries is often siphoned off with ill intent — but bitcoin can help remedy this.Let’s talk about the humanitarian case for bitcoin — specifically, how it solves issues of government corruption and how it improves the effectiveness of foreign aid....

Jan 14 2022

San Diego State University Accepting Bitcoin Donations

The university will also hold most of its bitcoin, only allocating 1% each quarter to explore additional Bitcoin uses for SDSU.SDSU is now openly accepting bitcoin donations.In October, a bitcoin donor convinced the university to accept ongoing donations in the P2P money and hold most of it.Only 1% of the donations will be employed each quarter to explore Bitcoin opportunities...

Aug 24 2021

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