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Jul 28 2021

Dvision Network Joins the Enjin Ecosystem

Yet another strategic integration with the Enjin chain. This time, web-based 3D VR metaverse platform Dvision has joined the Enjin ecosystem. Interestingly, Dvision also revealed that it main focus is to launch on five different blockchains. According to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, the South Korea-based blockchain metaverse is currently on both Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Also, its...

Jun 27 2021

Enjin (ENJ) Joins the Crypto Climate Accord

Several major participants in the cryptocurrency space in recent times have shown renewed interest in facilitating environmentally-friendly activities. Not to be left out, Enjin (ENJ) has announced that it is now a member of the Crypto Climate Accord. This move is in line with its plans to become carbon- negative. The Crypto Climate Accord is an organization focused on eliminating carbon emissions caused by...

Jun 22 2021

Enjin (ENJ) | Unbound Finance (UND) – Bringing UND Stablecoin to Efinity

Top NFT and blockchain gaming platform, Enjin (ENJ), has strategically partnered with liquidity unlocking platform, Unbound Finance (UND). The partnership between both platforms is focused on bringing Unbound Finance (UND) stablecoin to both Efinity and Polkadot. Interestingly, Efinity, which is built on Polkadot, is also known as Enjin's proposed NFT parachain. The plan to introduce Unbound Finance UND stablecoin to both Efinity and...

Jun 21 2021

Top Upcoming Crypto Events | June Week 4

Bitcoin is trading today at $33,048.94 with a 24-hour trading volume of $42,449,620,275. According to CoinGecko, Bitcoin price was also down by-15.4% over the last 7days. Other top upcoming crypto events are expected to take place in this new week. To keep our readers informed, we have compiled a list of some of these upcoming crypto events. Binance NFTmarketplace and Efinity’s token sale...

Jun 03 2021

Top Crypto News: 06/03

The high volatility in the cryptocurrency market seems to be fading as the price of the popular digital coins are now stabilizing. At the time of publication, Bitcoin is trading at $38,948, up by 4.1% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum has also witnessed a rise of 5.7% and is currently...

Apr 20 2021

Enjin Gasless Blockchain Attracts Microsoft and 50+ NFT Projects

Apr 20 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  efinity enj enjin jumpnet microsoft

Enjin, the creator of Microsoft NFTs announced early access to its gas-free blockchain dubbed JumpNet. According to the press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, JumpNet supports free minting and transacting of NFTs. As a result, projects are moving to JumpNet as fast as possible. Over the last 2 weeks of its launch, JumpNet has attracted more than 50 NFT projects. This list includes...

Apr 01 2021

Ground Breaking NFT Blockchain, Built by Enjin

Enjin, the creator of ERC - 115 NFT standard announced its decision to build a Polkadot-based dedicated NFT blockchain. Tagged Efinity, the blockchain will enable easy utilization of NFTs by virtually any industry. Effectively, it will help unlock trillions of dollars in the illiquid NFT world. Enjin via an official blog post disclosed that...

Mar 04 2021

Enjin Evolving To Bring NFTs Limitless Scaling And Multi-Chain Support

Enjin - the leading NFT ecosystem developer announced on Mar 03 that it would imminently launch the JumpNet L2 solution for limitless scaling and continue working on Efinity blockchain to bridge NFTs from multiple blockchains!...

Mar 03 2021

Enjin (ENJ) Scaling Solutions – JumpNet and Efinity

World-renowned blockchain-based software development platform Enjin has disclosed plans to launch two new scaling solutions. The scaling solutions - JumpNet and Efinity will provide assistance to all forms of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens from any blockchain. Aside from this, the solutions will also completely eliminate the need for gas fees on Enjin (ENJ). The first scaling solution dubbed...

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