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Sep 03 2021

Bitcoin Is Seperate From “Crypto”

Sep 03 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  crypto culture energy mining

The difference between the two is becoming more and more apparent as bitcoin is poised to challenge the world’s monetary system.The below article was originally published in Marty's Bent Issue #1069: "Bitcoin Is Separate From 'Crypto'"...

Aug 24 2021

Bitcoin Is The Sustainable Money Europe Deserves

Only bitcoin offers a truly sustainable path forward for the continent which prizes this attribute.Recently we have been tragically exposed to a thought process of one Eero Heinäluoma, a Socialist member of the European Parliament. While it doesn’t seem like there’s actually any proposal to ban bitcoin mining at this moment, it’s safe to assume that such a proposal is just a...

Aug 13 2021

Favorable Regulation, Abundant Energy Turning Wyoming Into A Bitcoin Hub

Clear, welcoming regulation, abundant energy sources are among the main two reasons why Wyoming is becoming the next big Bitcoin state.Friendly and precise regulation, abundant energy sources, and a thriving innovation landscape drive Wyoming to become the next bitcoin state. CNBC talked with Avanti...

Aug 12 2021

3 Stats That Support This Bull Market

Aug 12 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  bitcoin bull market dogecoin energy etf

August 11, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits...

Jul 29 2021

An Open Letter To My Children: Energy And Bitcoin

Jul 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture energy letter sound money

A heartfelt message from a father to his children in regards to the life- energy saving properties of Bitcoin.Dear Jen and Matt,As we reflect on Independence Day this year I was inspired to write this letter. If you’re going to put your life savings into something that will hold its value — energy — across time and space it helps to understand...

Jul 27 2021

Crusoe Energy Seeking Loan To Expand Bitcoin Mining Operations

Crusoe, a data center company dedicated to mitigating gas flaring, is reportedly seeking a loan to expand its bitcoin mining operations.Datacenter firm Crusoe Energy Systems is sounding investor interest for a loan to expand its bitcoin mining business, Bloomberg...

Solteir Mining To Power Operations With Solar Energy In Partnership With OPTEC

Bitcoin mining company Solteir announced a partnership with OPTEC to have its mining operations in Pennsylvania run on clean solar energy.Bitcoin mining firm Solteir announced its new renewable energy mining partnership with OPTEC...

Jul 09 2021

Why Do Media Companies Attack The Bitcoin Industry?

A recent article on the environmental impact of Greenidge’s Seneca Lake mining operation is one of many misleading publications on bitcoin.It is with no hyperbole that I say the media industry has it out for Bitcoin. Whether it be for the massive engagement to be extracted from the buzzing digital asset keyword or a legitimate opinion on bitcoin mining, it appears that media...

The Tall Tale Of Boiling Seneca Lake

The overdramatization of environmental concerns related to bitcoin mining obfuscate any legitimate conversation on the topic.Recently, an overdramatized story by Gretchen Morgenson of NBC News, about the Greenidge power plant and cryptocurrency mining hybrid on Seneca Lake,...

Jul 08 2021

Dear Iran: A Letter About Bitcoin

A country so troubled could benefit mightily from an early adoption of such a powerful technology.Dear Ebrahim Raisi,Congratulations on your victory in the presidential election. This election and your term as President will dictate the future of Iran. I am a citizen of Iran who has spent my life living in America, and I want to take this moment to discuss...

May 31 2021

May 25 2021

Elon Musk And The Dutch Central Bank's Misinformation Campaign

The two environmental FUDsters could potentially mislead bitcoin investors as they utilize incorrect analysis.More than a decade after Satoshi Nakamoto combined proof of work and bitcoin mining together, fallacious comparisons of “energy cost per transaction” continue to be spread by seemingly intelligent and well-researched individuals.We can trace much of the spread of this narrative back to Alex de...

May 21 2021

Much Energy, Such Morals; Bitcoin Is Better

The energy debate is misleading, and characterizes energy usage as an objectively measurable undertaking (which is not true).Bitcoin. Internal combustion engines. Netflix. Norton. Twitter. Facebook. Online banking. ATMs. Security cameras (and their systems). Printers. Lightbulbs. Christmas lights. Easy-Bake Ovens.Tinder....

May 18 2021

Bitcoin vs. the Petrodollar: Which Is More Environmentally Friendly?

May 18 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 bitcoin carbon co2 china energy

Last week, Tesla announced they will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for vehicles. In a timely episode, Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation, and James McGinniss, CEO and co-founder of David Energy, come onto the show to discuss Bitcoin, the petrodollar, and how to contextualize the energy usage of the first cryptocurrency (BTC) versus the leading fiat currency...

May 11 2021

New York’s Misguided Legislation To Pause Bitcoin Mining Won’t Stop The Industry

Legislation under consideration in New York to stop Bitcoin mining over environmental concerns won’t stop an increasingly-green industry.A bill currently in committee at the New York State Senate is calling for a ban on bitcoin mining for three years while an environmental assessment is conducted to measure greenhouse gas emissions and effects on wildlife of all mining operations in the state.New...

Apr 29 2021

What Does the Future of Energy Hodl?

Bitcoin may be the key piece in solving the growing demand for energy usage outpacing our ability to capture and store energy from the sun.The stage has been set for Bitcoin to incentivize renewable energy and power a greener future. Tesla and Elon Musk have the technology and ingenuity to solve one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. A dawn of optimism...

Report: Chinese Officials Are Examining Bitcoin Energy Use

Apr 29 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin mining business china energy

Beijing is reportedly examining the energy of “cryptocurrency miners” within the region, which may come to impact bitcoin mining operations.Officials in China’s capital of Beijing are conducting examinations of data centers involved in “cryptocurrency mining” to “better understand their impact on energy consumption,” according to a...

Apr 22 2021

Apr 15 2021

Bitcoin Power: The Energy Of A Money

Energy production and its surrounding industry will experience a major shift in operations as Bitcoin becomes a driving force of profit.The energy sector is seeing a complete paradigm shift:Bitcoin’s monetary network effectMonetization of energyLeads to an arms race of energy tech becoming more and more efficient and productiveCheap energy production...

Apr 02 2021

Bitcoin: The Aperture Of Money

Apr 02 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture energy ideas

Bitcoin concentrates monetary energy upon a single focus point, much like apertures focus light energy.Our perception of money is expanding. The way humans think about money, understand it, discuss it and interact with it is changing. As an inverse to previous regressions in freedom like the transition from the gold standard to the fiat standard, we now progress to the inevitably more...

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