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Apr 05 2022

Will EOS Thrive in 2022? Enter EOS Crypto project!

Apr 05 2022 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin buy $eos crypto cryptocurrency eos

Ever since Bitcoin shot into the limelight, there has been no going back for the crypto sector in the financial market. Presently, there are more traders in the crypto market than in some other financial market sectors. This is because the market is...

Oct 09 2021

Is EOS Worth Buying in 2021?

Before its official launch in 2018, the team behind EOS organized a successful ICO that raised over $4 million. This ICO is one of the longest ever conducted as it lasted for one year. This platform essentially brought decentralized applications, often shortened as dApps, into the limelight despite still developing. The platform is one of the best picks for programmers who...

Mar 04 2021

EOS Conundrum: Mark Cuban Latest Statement About “Sharing Upside” Highlights Block.One’s Inaction

Billionaire entrepreneur, investor and crypto-enthusiast Mark Cuban said in a recent interview that token based projects should share profits upside and the level of returns should reflect the underlying business. It fits for EOS all too well. He didn’t reference the project and the questionable way...

Dec 18 2020

EOS Parent Block One Foundation Announces Products To “Leverage” Accumulated Bitcoins

On 17 Dec, Bitcoin set a new all-time high record of $23K as a key psychological barrier was breached in the last few days. The BTC token is now up over 24% in the past week. This came on the heels of widespread institutional buying spree for the crypto’s premier asset and acceptance as a non-traditional investment by the broader financial community. However,...

Oct 12 2020

Top 6 EOS Based DeFi Products

Lately, the rising field of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been the dominant trend in cryptocurrency and the blockchain tech. It is particularly associated with the Ethereum blockchain, since it has the most development till date and carries the most market value. However, DeFi is growing on other blockchain platforms, and slowly catching up to Ethereum. Enter...

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