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Aug 21 2022

ERC-4907 – The Next NFT Standard

Aug 21 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  erc-721 future of nfts nft

If you've ever looked at the NFT space, you would know that it could get really expensive. This is especially true for blue chip NFTs, such as Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC). For example, the cheapest BAYC today costs 68 $ETH, which is well over USD$100,000. Indeed, the NFT space could be too costly for many users to partake in. Therefore, a novel...

May 04 2022

How Crucial are Token Standards to the Blockchain Space?

The blockchain industry is a vast world. So there's every likelihood that you might have heard of some terms but don't understand what they're all about. For example, not every user understands some token standards' different functions and use cases. Nonetheless, this article will shed some light on some popular token standards. Our previous...

Feb 23 2022

Feb 20 2021

What Are NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens, Explained

Non-fungible tokens are a special type of token that represents a unique asset. Most of us have heard about digital cash at this point. The rise of Bitcoin has made cryptocurrency...

Dec 15 2020

All the Ways Crypto Can Make Gaming More Fun

Marguerite deCourcelle is co-founder and CEO of Blockade Games, which is releasing the role-playing game game Neon District the day this episode comes out. She discusses her background in art, how her love of video games led her to discover Bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency, and how she helps create the next phase of web 3.0 content creation and distribution....

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