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Oct 27 2020

Crypto Market Update: ETH, QTUM, LINK, LTC, BCH, BTC Price Predictions

Oct 27 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  bch btc eth link ltc

Will Paypal’s grand plan for entering cryptocurrency push BTC price to $20,000 or will the second wave of COVID-19 pull the price down to $8,000? PayPal has finally decided to arrive in the crypto currency ecosystem and plans to add options to buy and sell Bitcoin in the United States by as early as the first quarter of 2021....

Oct 26 2020

Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin Could Start Another Rally Towards $14,000

Bitcoin (BTC) could start another rally towards $14,000 according to Konstantin Anissimov, the Executive Director at CEX.IO. In an exclusive report shared with UseTheBitcoin, Mr. Anissimov considers that […]

Oct 23 2020

Crypto Market Update: YFII, LINK, NEO, ETH, DOT Price Predictions

Oct 23 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  dot eth link neo price

The last few days have seen a lot of talk going on in the cryptocurrency space. While the DeFi surge continues to happen, the big news was that PayPal was going to allow its users to buy, sell, and hold various cryptocurrencies in their PayPal account. Needless to say, such a move by one of the biggest payments processors in...

Currency Backed by Energy – XRP, ETH, LTC, BTC Price Analysis

Oct 23 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  btc eth price technical analysis xrp

A century ago, Henry Ford, the great entrepreneur, envisioned the development of an “Energy Currency” to substitute for gold. Ford’s goal was to end wars which he reasoned were centered around the control of money. Ford’s vision for an energy currency was that, unlike gold, it could not be controlled. Every country could issue currency backed by the natural wealth of its energy...

Oct 21 2020

Hold ETH or Buy NFTs? Understanding Impermanent NFT Loss

Oct 21 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  eth ethereum impermanent loss nft nfts

"Media lego" non-fungible tokens have surged in popularity in the Ethereum community this year, and among the NFT economy's various sectors the digital fine art arena has been an early star. Why's that? Because NFTs give artists new programmable revenue avenues, and early innovators have taken notice. NFTs can have royalties automatically caked in, so [...] The post Hold ETH or Buy NFTs?...

Bitcoin Surpasses $12,000 and It’s Getting Closer to Its Previous High

Bitcoin (BTC) was able to surpass $12,000 once again after bulls were able to break a key resistance level. Nonetheless, this is a very difficult region for Bitcoin. […]

Oct 20 2020

Altcoins Lose Over $4 Billion In Market Cap As Bitcoin Bulls Take Charge

Oct 20 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  ada adabch adabnb adabtc adabusd

Over the last 24 hours, the altcoins' market is in deep red with some top cryptocurrencies losing between 4-10%. As per the charts on CoinMarketCap, the altcoins have lost over $4 billion in combined market cap over the last 24 hours....

Oct 19 2020

Fundamentals Behind Bitcoin and Ethereum Couldn’t Be Better Says Analyst

The fundamentals behind Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) couldn’t be better. This is according to Konstantin Anissimov, the Executive Director of CEX.IO. During a conversation with UseTheBitcoin, he […]

Oct 12 2020

Ethereum’s Declining Daily Active Users Might Not Affect Price Just Yet

Oct 12 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news defi defi news eth ethaud

Just when the community hinged on Ethereum losing ground, the second largest altcoins posted quite a rally along with Bitcoin which subsequently prompted the DeFi tokens to bounce back. ETH posted gains of nearly 190% since the beginning of the...

Uniswap Monthly Volume Surpasses Coinbase, Highlighting DeFi Strength

In September, Uniswap monthly volume rose to $15.3 billion, outstepping Coinbase. This is, however, a sign that DeFi has gathered strength and will continue to thrive in the market. According to reports, the Uniswap decentralized exchange processed up to $15.371 billion in volume for the month...

Oct 09 2020

Oct 01 2020

Grammy-Winning DJ RAC Launches $RAC Community Token on Ethereum

Oct 01 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  dj rac eth ethereum token

Ethereum's culture scene has boomed in 2020 thanks to an explosion of activity around NFT art, social money, and beyond. Some major mainstream creators have been paying attention accordingly. No one fits that bill better than award- winning musician and producer André Allen Anjos, whose stage name is RAC. In recent months, RAC's participated in all [...] The post Grammy-Winning DJ RAC Launches $RAC...

Sep 28 2020

Lightning Vs WBTC, Is It Game Over For Bitcoin Lightning Network?

Lightning Network that was launched with the hope of enabling instant payments and scaling Bitcoin to handle millions to billion of transactions per second across the network. However, currently the Lightning...

Uniswap Tops Maker as ETH Locked Approaches 3 Million

Sep 28 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  defi defi news eth ethereum uni

Uniswap is making new milestones this week as it has surpassed Maker in terms of Ethereum collateral, and has become the first DeFi protocol to reach $2 billion in liquidity. The...

Sep 25 2020

Interoperability Made Easy with TomoBridge Upgrade

TomoChain, a scalable blockchain used by enterprises across the globe, announced a major upgrade to its cross-chain portal, TomoBridge. According to the official announcement, TomoBridge V1.1.0 now connects TomoChain with Binance and Ethereum. Therefore, TomoChain users now can use the two-way bridge to easily swap their TOMO with BEP-2/ERC20 tokens hosted on their respective chains at lightning-fast speeds. With this...

Sep 23 2020

Cameron Winklevoss: DeFi is not the Same as the 2017 ICO Craze

Cameron Winklevoss, one of the famous Winklevoss Twins believes that the Decentralized Finance (DeFI) market revolution is not the same as the 2017 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) craze. […]

Crypto.com Incorporates Chainlink’s Price Reference Data

In a bid to pilot the DeFi system for CRO, Crypto.com's native token, Crypto.com has incorporated Chainlink's Price Reference Data. According to reports, Crypto.com will incorporate Chainlink’s Price Reference Data into its DeFi Wallet on its mainnet. Therefore, aiding the provision of decentralized price feeds for DeFi tokens. Notably, Crypto.com plans to pioneer the decentralized price reference data feeds first for...

Sep 22 2020

UNI’s Surprise Launch, Sell-Off Triggers Volatility in Ethereum’s Price

Sep 22 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  defi defi eth 2.0 defi news defi tokens eth

When compared to traditional markets, the cryptocurrency industry is highly volatile, and the price fluctuations are driven by many factors. After weeks of consolidation in the Ethereum market, volatility has made a comeback....

How Matthew Leising Confronted His Suspects in the DAO Attacks

Matthew Leising, a reporter at Bloomberg who began covering crypto in 2015, is out with a new book Out of the Ether: The Amazing Story of Ethereum and the $55 Million Heist that Almost Destroyed It All. In this episode, he discusses: the catalyst that led to him writing his new book, which covers the early history of Ethereum and the DAO attack...

Sep 21 2020

Complete Guide to Yield Farming: How to Participate in Ethereum DeFi’s Growing Harvests

Sep 21 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  defi education eth ethereum yield farming

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has exploded atop the Ethereum blockchain this year. In doing so, the sector's top apps, like trading protocols Uniswap and Curve, have never been more used or popular. In recent months, this DeFi boom has been rapidly accelerated by the arrival of the new hit "yield farming" phenomenon. But what is [...] The post Complete Guide to Yield Farming:...

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