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Sep 16 2022

Did the Merge Make Ethereum ‘the Most Secure Blockchain in the World’? – Ep. 397

Justin Drake, researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, talks about the Merge, how this transition affects Bitcoin, where Ethereum’s road map is going, and more. Show highlights: how Justin was feeling prior to and during the Merge whether the upgrade is complete or there are other things to watch out for why Ethereum has slashing is a better form of removing any attackers the...

Aug 17 2022

The Ethereum Foundation Clarifies 8 Misconceptions Ahead Of The Merge

The Ethereum Foundation has debunked several rumors about what the blockchain would be like post merge.

Apr 19 2022

Inside The Ethereum Foundation Treasury: What Does It Hold?

The Ethereum Foundation has been around for a while and is in charge of funds that get distributed to projects on the Ethereum network. In its treasury, there is a large amount of ETH among other crypto investments that help to fund projects. Recently, the Ethereum Foundation released a report that showed what digital assets it held and their worth in terms of...

Report: Ethereum foundation $1.6 billion fund is 80% ETH

Apr 19 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  defi eth eth 2.0 ether ethereum

The Ethereum Foundation has released its first financial report, which offers insights into how the non-profit...

Apr 18 2022

Ethereum Foundation Holds $1.6B in its Treasury, 80.5% of Which is in ETH – Report

Quick take: The Ethereum Foundation has released its 2022 annual report As of March 31st, 2022, the Ethereum Foundation holds approximately $1.6 billion in its treasury $1.3 Billion is in crypto and $300 million in non-crypto investments and assets 99.1% of its crypto holdings are in ETH, representing 0.297% of the total supply and 80.5% of its treasury The Ethereum Foundation wants its...

Ethereum Foundation’s ETH Holdings Rose Through 2021, Report Shows

Ethereum Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind Ethereum on Monday disclosed its financial report for the year ending March 31, 2022. As per the report, the Ethereum Foundation's treasury is now worth over $1.6 billion, with ETH being 80.5% of the total holdings. Moreover, the foundation has increased its ETH holdings in the financial year 2021-2022,...

Apr 15 2022

Why Ethereum’s Merge Was Delayed and Why It Won’t Reduce Gas Fees Much

Apr 15 2022 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2022 beacon chain eth eth 2.0 ethereum

Tim Beiko, the Ethereum Foundation coordinator for core developers, discusses his recent estimation that Ethereum’s merge, where the network transitions from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, will be delayed until the second half of 2022. Show topics: what the Ethereum merge is...

Mar 11 2022

Reddit Community Predicts Ethereum’s Merge Could Happen in June 2022

In brief: A community member of the r/ethstaker Reddit community has predicted that Ethereum's merge could happen in June of this year The prediction outlined five reasons as to why June was a plausible timeframe for the merge between the current Ethereum mainnet using Proof-of-work, with the Beacon chain that uses Proof-of-Stake The highly anticipated switch of Ethereum from a proof-of-work network to...

Jan 25 2022

Ethereum Foundation Calls Another Peak With 20K ETH Sale

Ethereum Foundation has once again made a sale that coincided with the market peak. The foundation has been known to make sales that have been perfectly timed to the market. This time around, the market crash occurred about two days after and has since caused ETH to lose 40% of its market value. Speculations in the space are that the foundation is manipulating...

Aug 24 2021

Feb 11 2021

Eth 2.0 Development: Next Steps to Upgrade and Diversify

Christine Kim and Will Foxley discuss with Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan the roll-out of the Ethereum 2.0 development roadmap, starting with the launch of phase 0 and the Beacon Chain.

Feb 07 2021

Reddit Partners Ethereum Foundation Over Scaling Tech

Popular online medium site Reddit has announced a new strategic partnership with Ethereum Foundation in a bid to offer large-scale applications on Ethereum. Reddit disclosed this partnership via an official blog post, noting that the collaboration with Ethereum Foundation will provide development...

Jan 27 2021

Reddit Joins With Ethereum Foundation to Build Scaling Tools

The social media firm will dedicate developer resources to support scaling efforts for Ethereum.

Nov 19 2020

Rate of ETH Deposits to ETH 2.0 Contract Points to a Jan. 15th Launch

Quick take: The rate of Ethereum deposits to the ETH 2.0 contract points to a January 15th launch 104,128 ETH has been sent to the deposit contract which is 19.86% of the required total amount However, events are not always linear and ETH whales could be waiting till the last minute to deposit their Ethereum Ethereum locked to launch Phase 0 will not...

Nov 14 2020

Ethereum Fdn. Launches Community Grant Program to Support ETH2.0 Dev.

Quick take: The Ethereum Foundation is calling on developers to help build the ETH2.0 Ecosystem This will be in the form of community grants ETH2.0 mainnet deposit address is live with Phase 0 staking currently at 13.61% Mid-last week, the Ethereum Foundation announced that it was launching a Community grants program geared towards building the ETH2.0 staking and validator ecosystem. The Ethereum Foundation...

Nov 03 2020

Ethereum Holders Sent 8,170 ETH to Crypto Exchanges Before Dip to $370

Summary: Crypto exchanges experienced an inflow of 8,170 ETH before yesterday's dip to $370 This translates to around $3.1 Million using an Ethereum rate of $380 Of this amount 4,000 ETH was deposited to Binance before the brief meltdown Selling of Ethereum could indicate buying exhaustion and a correction in the pipeline for ETH This week kicked off on a tumultuous note in...

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