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May 23 2022

Ethereum Name Service reaches critical mass of awareness and adoption

Due to community awareness and low gas fees, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is having its best month ever in terms of new registrations, account renewals, and revenue according to recent metrics. Nick Johnson, the lead developer at Ethereum Name Service (ENS), tweeted on May 23 the numbers for the Web3 domain service thus far […]

May 03 2022

ENS Price Prediction

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a blockchain-based distributed, open, and extendable naming system. ENS translates human-readable Ethereum addresses like john.eth into machine-readable alphanumeric codes that wallets like Metamask are familiar with. ENS is an open-source project that describes itself as a "company-owned open public utility." It aspires to be as important to...

Mar 31 2022

Unstoppable Domains vs ENS: What’s the Difference

Unstoppable Domain and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) are two domain NFT projects that are designed to revolutionize the domain market, and they aim to accomplish a similar goal from different angles, offering their users varied advantages. Over the last decade blockchain technology has impacted just about...

Mar 02 2022

How to Claim ENS Airdrop Before the Deadline

In November 2021, the Ethereum Name Service airdropped ENS tokens to domain name holders. There is still time to claim them before the deadline approaches. If you own or have ever owned an Ethereum-based domain name, you could be due some ENS tokens. The Ethereum Name Service airdropped such tokens to domain holders in early November...

Feb 07 2022

ENS’ Brantly Millegan fired by DAO over controversial tweet

In a tweet posted in 2016, Brantley Millegan, as of now-former Director of Operations and DAO Steward of the ENS DAO, expressed controversial opinions on the subjects of HBTQ persons, transgenderism, abortion, and more. Millegan, a member of the Catholic faith, and whose Twitter bio states “Catholic, husband, father”, has not shown any regrets regarding the resurfaced five-year-old...

Feb 02 2022

How to Build a Website With ENS

Feb 02 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  ethereum name service nft

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) userbase is growing by the day. The decentralized naming service is providing the backbone to Web3. These names give readable names to previously unreadable Web3 addresses. That means that this: 0x074531fca9FgEF313da868e64aFCeB1C8e6D6A12 can become this: JohnsWallet.eth While simply renaming your wallet address with these ENS names is a good use of the tech, it goes much further than that....

Dec 10 2021

Famous Hamburger Restaurant Chain White Castle Joins Crypto Movement

Dec 10 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  ens ethereum name service ethereum news news nft

Highly reputed and famous hamburger restaurant chain White Castle has also joined the moving crypto train by registering with the Ethereum Name Service (...

Nov 09 2021

Mar 18 2021

An Overview Of Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

ENS is a dApp based on Ethereum that offers a new naming system in which crypto users can convert their long alphanumeric wallet address into a human- readable format. ENS was started in early 2017 at the Ethereum Foundation, but in 2018, it spun off as a separate organization. The platform is managed by the...

Mar 13 2021

How To Get .ETH Domain For Your Ethereum Address

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open, and Ethereum-based dApp that offers a new naming system in which crypto users can convert their long alphanumeric wallet address into a human-readable format. That means the basic functionality of ENS is to map a human-readable name to machine-readable addresses of tokens, content hashes, and metadata. Each ENS is unique, and...

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