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May 20 2022

Ethereum’s Big Merge Could Happen In August 2022 – Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum 2.0 could reduce energy consumption and optimize transaction speeds.

Apr 12 2022

Ethereum’s Shadow Fork Test Successful Ahead of Proof of Stake Upgrade (The Merge)

Ethereum tests on shadow fork prove successful ahead of the much-anticipated upgrade to a proof of stake blockchain network

Mar 16 2022

Ethereum Merge Proves Successful on Kiln Testnet

Ethereum 2.0 is closer than ever as the blockchain finalizes efforts to transition into a proof of stake decentralized network.

Sep 29 2021

Ethereum Devs Set Date For Altair Upgrade Ahead Of ETH 2.0

Ethereum’s upgrade to ETH 2.0 has been one of the most anticipated upgrades in the crypto space. Although scheduled to go completely live in 2022, the market remains abuzz with the possibilities this upgrade will bring with it. There are going to be a number of upgrades that will culminate in the final upgrade in 2022. One of those is the Altair upgrade....

Jul 08 2021

Ethereum’s Conflicting On-chain Metrics Hint at a Retest of $1,750

Ethereum's current on-chain metrics provide a 50:50 probability of ETH going either way However, similarities between the 2017/18 cycle and the current environment, point towards a dip by Ethereum Ethereum has also printed a rising wedge pattern that provides further proof of a pending pullback to lower levels of $1,750 Implementation of EIP1559 could be a 'sell the news event' but time will...

Jul 07 2021

Ethereum’s Death Cross Could be Averted by the Aug. 4th London Upgrade

Ethereum's 50-day MA and 200-day MA look set to form a death cross later this month The death cross might be postponed or averted completely by the launch of the London Upgrade Ethereum developer Tim Beiko, has proposed the London Upgrade to be activated on August 4th at block 12,965,000 Only time will tell whether the implementation of EIP1559 will translate to market...

Jun 19 2021

Ethereum (ETH) Percent Addresses in Profit Hit a 5-month Low of 90.73%

Ethereum percent addresses still in profit has hit a 5-month low of 90.73% The number of Ethereum addresses in loss has also hit a 5-month high of 5.542 million Ethereum miner revenue has also reached a 3-month low of $1.121 Million 187k ETH has been sent to crypto exchanges in the last week and could be the onset of capitulation The percent of...

Jun 13 2021

Ethereum Might Be In for a Rough Few Months – ETH Analyst

After an impressive 6 months in the crypto markets, Ethereum could be gearing up for a cooldown Timothy Peterson cautions that Ethereum may be in for a rough few months This is based on historical performances of Ethereum during the summer months Ethereum's $2k support is the level to watch moving forward If $2k fails, the 200-day moving average provides adequate support at...

Jun 10 2021

Ethereum 2.0 Contract Gains Another 1M ETH, Hitting a Total of 5.429M

The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has gained over 1M ETH since late April ETH2.0 deposit contract now holds 5.429 million Ethereum worth $13.697 Billion The Ethereum London hard fork is still on track for a July launch and one reason ETH investors keep staking their coins The London hard fork will introduce 5 Ethereum Improvement Proposals including EIP1559 Ethereum investors have added over...

Jun 09 2021

Ethereum’s Average Transaction Fee Drops to Mid-2020 Levels

Ethereum's average gas fee has dropped to levels last seen in mid-2020 It now costs roughly 26.9 GWEI to complete an Ethereum transaction Ethereum's daily transaction count has also dropped to mid-2020 levels Ethereum miner revenue has also reached a 3 month low All these metrics point towards a drop in network activity on Ethereum that could lead to ETH losing value The...

Jun 08 2021

Ethereum Whales are Still Hodling ETH Accumulated Since Oct. 2020

Ethereum whales holding 1k to 10k ETH are still holding their coins The Ethereum whales started accumulating ETH in October 2020 Ethereum's daily address activity is on the decline which is bearish Trader sentiment towards Ethereum continues to be negative and could lead to a capitulation event Ethereum whales holding 1,000 to 10,000 ETH are still holding onto their coins despite the ongoing...

Jun 01 2021

Ethereum Trader Sentiment Flips to Doubt as $3k Proves Elusive for ETH

Ethereum traders are showing signs of impatience and doubt as Ethereum keeps ranging in the $2k price area $3k is proving elusive for Ethereum with $2,800 providing stiff resistance All eyes are on Ethereum's London Upgrade in July which introduces EIP1559 Trader sentiment surrounding Ethereum has flipped to one of doubt, impatience, and exhaustion as ETH continues to range in the mid to...

May 29 2021

Ethereum Addresses Holding 0.01+ ETH Hits New All-time High of 15.71M

The number of Ethereum addresses holding 0.01+ ETH has hit a new all-time high of 15.71 million This is indicative of growth in the Ethereum ecosystem through use of ETH or holding as an investment Ethereum investors keep locking their funds in the ETH2.0 contract that now has 5.179M ETH Ethereum's $2k is the level to watch during the weekly and monthly closes...

May 23 2021

Ethereum Exchange Reserves Increase by 5.1% In Less than a Week

Ethereum reserves on crypto exchanges have increased by 5.1% since May 18th Such an inflow of Ethereum hints of selling by investors Ethereum has turned bearish in the short-term Ethereum has lost the $2k support and regaining it will be crucial in returning into bullish territory Ethereum still has the 200-day MA acting as support at around $1,500 Ethereum held on crypto exchanges...

May 22 2021

Ethereum Whale Transactions Above $100k Peak to January 2018 Levels

Ethereum whale transactions above $100k have reached levels last seen in January 2018 Ethereum has lost above 50% of its gains since setting an all- time high mid this month The increment of whale transactions coupled with the rapid sell-off is indicative of a potential top for Ethereum Ethereum's correlation to Bitcoin has started to increase once again The number of Ethereum whale transactions...

May 21 2021

Ethereum Could Reclaim $3.2k to $3.5k in the Short Term – Report

Ethereum could reclaim $3.2k to $3.5k in the short term This price target is reliant on Ethereum breaking the $3k ceiling Ethereum's 50-day moving average is also acting as a resistance at the $3k price area The London Upgrade in July could assist Ethereum in rallying back to $4k Ethereum (ETH) could reclaim the $3,200 to $3,500 price area in the short term....

May 16 2021

EIP1559 Will Make Etheruem More Deflationary Than BTC – Pantera CEO

The CEO of Pantera Capital has pointed out that EIP1559 will make Ethereum a more deflationary asset than Bitcoin He believes Ethereum is undergoing a market re-rating for EIP 1559 and proof of stake The ratio of Ethereum's market cap to Bitcoin's has doubled in the last year Ethereum will keep gaining due to DeFi and rapidly growing adoption The CEO of Pantera...

May 12 2021

Ethereum Might Pump to 2017 Levels of 0.12 BTC – Bitcoin S2F Creator

ETH/BTC pair is hovering at levels last seen during the 2017/2018 bull market According to PlanB, Ethereum at current levels of 0.08 BTC could open the doors to 0.12 BTC He however cautions that a pullback is usually the next phase after an altcoin peaks against Bitcoin An increase in Ethereum withdrawals from exchanges hints that a top is not in for ETH...

May 08 2021

Ethereum (ETH) has a 19% Probability of hitting $6k by End of 2021

Ethereum has a 19% chance of hitting $6k by the end of 2021 Demand for Ethereum has led VanEck to apply for an ETH ETF with the SEC Ethereum markets have had record activity this week with OI on Futures hitting $10 Billion Ethereum on exchanges continue to drop and could signal a new round of growth by ETH The second most valuable...

May 05 2021

ETH’s Top 10 Whales Have Doubled their Holdings in the last 8 Months

Ethereum's top 10 non-exchange whale addresses have doubled their holdings in the last 8 months At the same time, the ETH holdings of the top 10 exchange whales have halved in 7 months Value locked on DeFi using Ethereum has doubled in the last 3 months All these events and data point towards a continuation of Ethereum's bullish momentum Ethereum's top 10 non-exchange...

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