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Nov 24 2022

Web3 Gam3 Awards 2022 nominees released with Big Time up for 6 awards

Nov 24 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption events gamefi

The inaugural Gam3 Awards hosted by Polkastarter Gaming is approaching fast. CryptoSlate is now able to reveal the official nominees for each category. For example, Illuvium from Immutable X has been shortlisted for five awards, including Game of the Year. Further, equally impressive, Big Time from Big Time Studios is up for four awards and is also included in the Game of the...

Nov 15 2022

Istanbul Blockchain Week panelists hopeful on adoption of next-generation blockchain tech

Nov 15 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption earnings events metaverse people

With crypto adoption on the horizon and 20% of Turkey's population already using cryptocurrency, Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022 panelists expressed optimism regarding the adoption of the next generation of blockchain technology despite the currently prevailing market sentiment and discussed the catalysts of metaverse success. CEO of Elixxir and cryptography pioneer, David Chaum, expressed that the ongoing issues in centralized finance might hopefully be...

Nov 08 2022

Britain’s Bitcoiners Are A Ray Of Hope In Bitcoin No Man’s Land

At a new major annual conference, speakers and attendees point the way for the U.K. out of Bitcoin limbo.This is an opinion editorial by Bitcoms, a writer and British Bitcoiner."I made the joke on stage that as far as Bitcoin goes, I don't think of myself as being from Edinburgh -- I think myself as being from Twitter," says writer Allen...

Nov 02 2022

Phala Network partners with Octaloop for Metamorphosis 2022

Nov 02 2022 Published at Blockmanity under tags  events news

Phala Network announces its partnership with Octaloop for the Unblock hackathon at Metamorphosis 2022, a two day crypto event in Bengaluru! Octaloop has mobilized the vast developer community...

Oct 30 2022

HODLween Brings Bitcoiners Together To Celebrate Halloween In Charlotte

The leaders of the Bitcoin Charlotte meetup group put on the spooky HODLween event as a fun way to connect locals with the wider Bitcoin scene.This is an opinion editorial by Chris Alaimo, the multimedia producer and host of Bitcoin Magazine's Twitter Spaces.It was a dark and cold night in the midst of the bear market, when a group of Bitcoiners...

Oct 22 2022

Powering African Youth’s Financial Revolution With Bitcoin

There are various initiatives designed to empower Africans to educate themselves on Bitcoin and exercise their own financial sovereignty.This is an opinion editorial by Alexandria, a citizen of Zimbabwe and a second year business administration student at Liaoning Shuhua University in China....

Oct 21 2022

Five Lessons I Learned At Bitcoin Amsterdam

The first conference organized by BTC Inc. in the Dutch capital is the most popular Bitcoin-only event in Europe.This is an opinion editorial by Federico Rivi, an independent journalist and author of the Bitcoin Train newsletter.Disclaimer: BTC Inc. is the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine, and the Bitcoin Conference.Bitcoin Amsterdam was a popular event in a symbolic city.For a...

Oct 05 2022

A Bitcoiner’s Guide To Bitcoin Amsterdam

The largest Bitcoin only gathering in Europe is happening in one week — here is everything you need to know about it.This is an opinion editorial by Chris Smith, the events ticketing manager for BTC Inc. Disclaimer: BTC Inc. is the parent company of Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin Conference.A lot has happened in the past three months since Bitcoin Amsterdam...

Oct 01 2022

The American Bitcoin Revival Takes Root In Nashville

Oct 01 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  adoption culture events meetups opinion

Grassroots Bitcoin, held at Bitcoin Park in Nashville, Tennessee, brought Bitcoin meetup organizers from all over the country to collaborate together.This is an opinion editorial by Evan Price, a software engineer of 15 years and advocate for privacy rights.Americans love a good revival. A revival is religious fervor that spreads across...

Sep 28 2022

ATOM struggles as Cosmoverse showcases the strength of Cosmos ecosystem

Sep 28 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bear market events web3

The final day of Cosmoverse in Medellin is coming to an end amid a party atmosphere in South America where few would believe a bear market was underway. Builders, investors, and fans of the Cosmos ecosystem came together in Colombia to celebrate the world of Cosmos and learn about the launch of ATOM 2.0. However, community sentiment aside, the native token of Comos,...

Driving Bitcoin Adoption At Silverstone International Grand Prix

The Bitcoin Racing team aims to spread Bitcoin adoption at a historical track in the U.K. this October.This is an opinion editorial by Charles MacKenzie, head of business development at BitcoinRacing....

Sep 23 2022

NFT Festivals | 5 Top Crypto Projects Making Huge Noise in 2022

Sep 23 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  events nfts sponsored

In 2017, Devcon three was the only festival event that was releasing NFT tickets to gain access to an event. Since then, the entire festival NFT economy has boomed, with many events starting to release their tickets as NFTs. The technology provided by NFTs helps streamline the entire process of organizing the festivals and ensuring tickets are genuine. At the same time,...

Sep 15 2022

Baltic Honeybadger 2022: For Bitcoiners, The Yield Is The Friends We Make Along The Way

Sep 15 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture europe events opinion

Riga’s Baltic Honeybadger 2022 conference was full of high-quality presentations, major announcements and notable speakers.This is an opinion editorial by Josef Tětek, the Trezor brand ambassador for SatoshiLabs.After a three-year hiatus, Bitcoiners once again met at the iconic Baltic Honeybadger event in the Latvian capital of Riga....

Sep 12 2022

BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference Surpassed All Expectations

BitBlockBoom connects Bitcoiners and like-minded individuals, providing opportunities to enjoy each other’s presence and learn.This is an opinion article by Tone Vays, Analyst and Derivatives Trader, Founder of Unconfiscatable and The Financial Summit.As the fifth annual BitBlockBoom came to a close, founder and organizer Gary Leland sat on stage reflecting on the challenging road taken over the past...

Sep 10 2022

At Underground Citadel, Bitcoiners Learned How To Build Sovereign Lives

Last month, at the fifth Underground Citadel event in Texas, attendees learned skills to help achieve more freedom from incumbent systems.On August 25, Plan B Passport hosted the fifth Underground Citadel at Bitcoin Commons in Austin, Texas. If you didn’t get to attend the highest-signal event of the year, this article is for...

Sep 02 2022

Top Crypto Events This Fall – What to Expect

The cryptocurrency space continues to see several developments and new phenomena in 2022. This includes the advent and adoption of Web3, new innovations in blockchain protocols, NFTs, the rise of the Metaverse, and many others. With so much buzz and potential garnered from these trends, the hype for the industry has never been higher, underscoring importance of crypto & blockchain events.

Aug 22 2022

IBM’s WeaveSphere conference will focus on Web3 in November

Aug 22 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bear market events

IBM's Center for Advance Studies (CAS) and Evoke's joint technology conference WeaveSphere has adopted the motto "Evolving Technology for the Future" and will focus on blockchain, crypto, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse along with various other topics like AI and Fintechs. The conference will be held in Toronto between the 15th and 17th of November....

Aug 19 2022

Cosmoverse is bringing the best of the Cosmos ecosystem to Latin America

Aug 19 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  cosmos cosmoverse events

On September 26, a huge chunk of the Cosmos community is expected to flock to Medellin, Colombia, where they'll attend the largest and most significant conference for the Cosmos ecosystem. This is the second event hosted by Cosmoverse, which intends to become one...

Aug 10 2022

Best Cryptocurrency Networking Events in UK

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, many cities are vying for the status of the next hub for digital assets. To date, London has emerged as one of the leading options, with an impressive resume of marquee cryptocurrency and networking events, blockchain investment, and innovation.

London being one of the most important financial centers globally is nothing new. However, with...

Aug 08 2022

Near Protocol opens doors to JavaScript Developers with SDK release

Aug 08 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  events technology

Layer 1 blockchain protocol NEAR has announced the launch of its JavaScript Software Development Kit (JS SDK) during the ongoing ETHToronto Hackathon on Monday. The NEAR JS SDK will allow JavaScript developers to plug into the network without having to learn a second language, according to a press release obtained by CryptoSlate. At the moment, most DApps are built using Solidity and Rust,...

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