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Aug 13 2022

What is Velas Blockchain? – Chances and Risks for 2022

Today, centralized solutions are everywhere. But lately, society has started to recognize the weaknesses of centralized systems, and how the biggest companies run their company. Thus, we are witnessing a huge increase in decentralized solutions that have arisen thanks to blockchain technologies. Unfortunately, decentralized solutions can barely be dubbed timely and user- friendly, which is important to gaining mass distribution. This article is all...

Apr 21 2022

EOS Community delivers Ethereum EVM support to revitalize the network

EOS Network Foundation, or ENF, announced on April 21 that it has finished the work required to bring Ethereum Virtual Machine to the EOS network. The new virtual machine — dubbed Trust EVM — will run as a smart contract on the EOS blockchain. The EVM launch is part of a "new revitalization plan" for the EOS network and...

Apr 08 2022

The 3 Latest Harmony Developments

Harmony (ONE) is currently in the limelight for all the right reasons in recent times. This layer 1 blockchain platform is set to create an enabling environment for creatives and builders in its ecosystem. Therefore, in this article, you will discover the latest news about the Harmony (ONE) ecosystem. These details include updates, new feature launches, partnerships, etc. 1\. Harmony ‘ONE to Earn’...

Apr 01 2022

Fantom Blockchain to Upgrade From EVM to Fantom Virtual Machine

The Fantom ecosystem is about to undergo a major upgrade as it moves away from Ethereum and onto its own Virtual Machine. Fantom is preparing for a major upgrade that will switch from Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to Fantom Virtual Machine (FVM). Fantom is a competitor to Ethereum in that it offers a smart contract and decentralized...

Feb 14 2022

Curve Finance launches on Moonbeam bringing over $16 billion in liquidity to Polkadot

Feb 14 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  curve defi evm moonbeam polkadot

Curve Finance, the largest DeFi protocol by total value locked (TVL), has officially launched on Moonbeam. Launched on @MoonbeamNetwork...

Jan 31 2022

Solving Decentralization, Governance, and Fee Structure Problems on EVM-compatible Blockchains

Since 2019, the Ethereum community has been patiently waiting for the ETH 2.0 upgrade and a full migration to a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that implements sharding and reduces transaction costs. However, they will need to wait longer despite the release of the Beacon Chain back in December 2020, which was the first step towards a PoS upgrade. This has welcomed the adoption of...

Dec 16 2021

Build EVM-Compatible Blockchains on Avalanche!

Dec 16 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  avalanche avax cryptocurrency news evm

Yesterday, Avalabs announced its Subnet-EVM. It is a VM (virtual machine) that makes it easy for anyone to create their own EVM-compatible blockchain on Avalanche. In fact, it is possible with using only one file....

Nov 16 2021

Sep 07 2021

Crypto.com to Give Away $1M for Cronos Mainnet Launch

Sep 07 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cro cronos crypto.com defi evm

Cryptocurrency wallet and trading platform Crypto.com is gearing up for a major upgrade with its Cronos mainnet which will introduce smart contract capabilities. To celebrate the October 19 mainnet launch, Crypto.com is giving away a one million dollar prize pool for holders of its native token, CRO. The giveaway will be held on Twitter where a thousand winners will get $1,000 in BTC...

Jul 20 2021

Crypto.org EVM Chain Cronos Testnet Goes Live

The Cronos testnet, the new Crypto.org EVM chain that runs in parallel with Crypto.org Chain, is now live. The Crypto.org EVM Chain testnet, according to reports, officially went live today - July 20, 2021. Cronos is well-known for its focus on ensuring scalability in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. To achieve this, it provides developers with the opportunity...

May 31 2021

Top Polkadot Updates| May Week 4

Polkadot (DOT) witnessed a major correction in the last 14 days as it hit a low of $13.61 last week, reflecting a fall of 53%. Despite the ongoing bear market, the project reported a jump in weekly crypto inflows. On the more positive side, Polkadot-powered projects continue to make headlines with new updates and partnerships. Let's see what has happened in...

Apr 26 2021

ParaState | Layer 2 Ethereum On Steroids!

Apr 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  altcoin projects evm layer 2 parastate

Unlike its predecessors, Ethereum aims to serve as a general purpose computing platform that can make entirely new forms of applications possible. However, over the past years, the crypto community has seen smart contracts deployed on the network subverted by various exploits and bugs. For example, the DAO exploit, the Parity multi-sig wallet bug, and more. While the blame for the preponderance of...

Feb 07 2021

Injective Protocol To Drive Cross-Chain Derivative Trading With Conflux

Popular Layer 2 DEX protocol Injective Protocol has announced plans of a strategic partnership with Conflux. The partnership is aimed at facilitating the growth and expansion of the Injective Protocol cross-chain derivative trading universe. According to an official...

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