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Jan 18 2022

What is Crypto ETF and Where to Buy them?

Since the creation of Bitcoin as the first Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency, digital assets have continued to remain popular. After Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin have also sprung up. The global adoption of digital assets has continued to rise as many cryptocurrencies have...

Oct 22 2021

Bitcoin ETF The Second Valkyrie To Go Live On Oct 22

Mere days after the first Bitcoin ETF ProShares went live, the NYSE is all set to welcome a second one from Valkyrie also. Its full name is Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF and the second futures based ETF has been planned to go live for trading...

Oct 20 2021

ProShares Bitcoin ETF Sees 1st Trading Volume Exceeding $1B+ As BTC Makes New All Time High

First approved ProShares Bitcoin Futures exchange traded fund (ETF) saw a record trading volume exceeding $1 billion on its opening day on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Oct 19, making it the second largest ETF launch by first day trading volume, dwarfed only by...

Oct 15 2021

Bitcoin ETF Is Likely To Be Approved As BTC Crosses $60K

There's good news on the Bitcoin ETF front. Reputed financial services and news company Bloomberg reported on Oct 15 that Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has...

Apr 17 2021

Ethereum ETFs: Canada Approves Three Ahead Of EIP1559

Canadian regulators have approved three Ethereum Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in one day, ahead of the widely anticipated EIP1559 upgrade, which is likely to see the Ether token become deflationary, as part of the network fee is slated to be burned. The ETFs approved are from...

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