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Mar 12 2021

PAID Network Launches New Token After Hack

Reading Time: 2 minutes PAID Network has airdropped the first tranche of replacement tokens following last week’s hack A smart contract was exploited last week which saw a hacker sell over $3 million worth of PAID tokens Some holders will have to wait while centralized...

Mar 08 2021

PAID Network Reveals Private Key Compromise Led to Hack

Mar 08 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin news cryptocurrency exit scam hack

Reading Time: 2 minutes PAID Network has revealed the reasons behind Friday’s hack which saw over 59 million tokens minted An attacker was able to compromise an in-house private key and amend the smart contract to mint the tokens The hacker sold over 2.5 million tokens...

Mar 06 2021

1,733% SALE Airdrop Pump Rewards Hatch DAO Victims

Mar 06 2021 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  airdrop cryptocurrency news exit scam

Reading Time: 2 minutes The value of the SALE airdrop that was handed out to Hatch DAO victims in October has pumped 1,733% The SALE token has seen a massive price increase in recent weeks, including a three-day $1,466 pump The valuation of the airdrop was almost 50% of...

Mar 04 2021

BSC Project Meerkat Finance Allegedly Rug Pulls Nearly $32 Million in BUSD & BNB

Meerkat Finance, a Binance Smart Chain project has allegedly rug pulled 13.96 million BUSD and 73,635 BNB with a combined total of nearly $32 million, making it the biggest fraud on Binance Smart Chain. The project claimed their system was hacked earlier, but currently the main website cannot be accessed, making many believe that they The post BSC Project Meerkat Finance Allegedly Rug...

Jan 19 2021

Livecoin Closes Following December ‘Hack’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Russian exchange Livecoin has announced that it has had to close following a purported hack in December Livecoin did not reveal how much was taken or what funds remain, but it has opened a claims portal The hack could be cover for an exit scam...

Sep 29 2020

TrustSwap Promises Change After Hatch DAO Exit Scam

Reading Time: 3 minutes TrustSwap has said that it is “reworking multiple internal processes” following the Hatch DAO exit scam Victims called TrustSwap’s services “worthless” because it failed to protect them The team claimed that they never promised to offer...

Sep 28 2020

DxSALE to Offer Airdrop for Hatch Exit Scam Victims

Reading Time: 2 minutes DxSALE has promised an airdrop to victims of the recent Hatch DAO exit scam Hatch DAO rug pulled when they minted and sold 2 million HATCH tokens on Friday night DxSALE will airdrop their own SALE tokens to Hatch DAO victims via a dApp...

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