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Jul 27 2021

Jul 16 2021

Jul 15 2021

Jul 11 2021

Jun 01 2021

Binance Smart Chain Announces Flash Loan Hacks, Calls For Actions

The controversial Binance Smart Chain is back on the news. Apparently, the Dapps it hosts have been the target of eight flash loan hacks in the last few days. Unofficially, it’s rumored that the amount lost is close to a whopping one billion dollars. Binance thinks “well organized hackers are targeting BSC now.” Twitter is skeptical, but that...

Apr 04 2021

Millions Drained in ForceDAO Attacks, White Hat Returns Funds

Another multi-million dollar rug pull has hit the DeFi space. This weekend, ForceDAO is the victim. Disaster for ForceDAO ForceDAO has suffered a major attack. ...

Feb 13 2021

Cream Finance Drained of $37.5 Million in Major Exploit

Cream Finance was drained of $37.5 million earlier this morning. Cream Finance Exploited The DeFi space has suffered yet another attack. This time, the Cream Finance protocol was affected. The team confirmed that it was investigating "a potential...

Alpha Finance Suffers $37.5 Million Loss in Major Attack

An attacker targeted DeFi protocol Alpha Finance for a sum of $37.5 million earlier this morning. The exploit was found in the protocol's Alpha Homora V2 product--not Cream Finance, as many suspected. Another DeFi Exploit The DeFi space has suffered yet another attack. ...

Nov 17 2020

Origin Protocol Loses $3.25M in Latest Flash Loan Attack: Reports

Nov 17 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  defi exploit flash loans news oracles

Blockchain project Origin Dollar (OUSD) has sustained an oracle manipulation attack. The attacker used flash loans to grab $3.25 million.

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