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Oct 03 2022

Transit Swap Managed To Recover 70% Of Stolen Funds After Exploit

On Sunday, the multichain decentralized exchange aggregator Transit Swap suffered an exploit resulting in $23 million...

Sep 20 2022

Hacker steals $3.3 million using Profanity’s vanity Ethereum addresses

Since the crypto industry expanded its growth, it has become the favorite place for hackers to commit exploits. The Ethereum vanity addresses generated via the Profanity tool have now become the latest loophole to dupe millions of crypto users. As per the market insights provider firm, Etherscan, Ethereum custom addresses created via the Profanity...

Aug 04 2022

Solana Exploit Possibly Caused by Slope Wallet Vulnerability

A bug in Slope wallets is believed to be behind the recent theft from Solana wallets. Nearly $6 million was stolen from 9,000 addresses. Teams are still continuing their investigation and will publish a full report later. The recent attack on Solana wallets that saw 9,000 addresses drained of nearly $6 million has been attributed to compromised private keys on Slope mobile wallet...

Jul 27 2022

After Losing $100M, Harmony Wants to Inflate Away Its Problems

Jul 27 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  exploit harmony news

Weeks after an attacker was able to steal approximately $100 million from Harmony Protocol's cross-chain bridge, the Layer 1 project has shared a controversial proposal to reimburse affected users. Harmony...

Jun 28 2022

Did Hacktivist Group Anonymous Target Terra’s Do Kwon? Or Is It An Affinity Scam?

A new Anonymous video surfaced and it points its finger at the infamous Do Kwon. The Terra/ UST/ LUNA collapse is the gift that keeps on giving, the story just refuses to die. And, as it usually happens with everything Terra- related, things might not be as it seems. Anyone can be Anonymous, it’s a decentralized and open hacktivist group. That being said, the...

Jun 24 2022

Axie Infinity to reopen Ronin bridge, compensate exploit victims

Jun 24 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  axie infinty exploit news

The developer of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity declared that it will compensate the victims of the Ronin bridge hack and reopen the bridge the next week. In a theft in March, hackers made off with more than $620 million, including about 17,600 ETH and 25.5 million USD Coin (USDC) tokens. Users will be able […] The post Axie...

Harmony’s Cross-Chain Bridge Exploited for $100M

Jun 24 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis exploit harmony horizon

The Harmony team has confirmed the Horizon bridge has been exploited for approximately $100 million in various tokens. Harmony Bridge Hit for $100M Harmony, an EVM-compatible Proof-of-Stake blockchain, has had...

Jun 08 2022

Osmosis Chain Halted After $5M Exchange Exploit

Jun 08 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis exploit osmosis

The Cosmos-connected Osmosis blockchain has been halted following the discovery of a critical bug in the like-named decentralized exchange. Osmosis Hit By a Critical Exploit The decentralized exchange Osmosis has...

Jun 07 2022

Adyingnobody Promises To Reveal The Crypto Industry’s Biggest & Nastiest Secrets

If Adyingnobody is for real, this will be the biggest story of the year. But this has to be fake, right? The whole scenario sounds too much like the plot of a James Bond movie. What if, though? If Adyingnobody is for real, this will shake the crypto market like a hurricane. As the pseudonymous whistleblower wrote, it “will likely tear a rift...

Apr 30 2022

$80M Lost in Attack on Rari Capital

Apr 30 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  defi exploit hack news

The Fei team is offering a $10 million bounty for the safe return of the funds. Rari Hacker Steals $80M The DeFi space has been hit by another major exploit....

Apr 29 2022

Hyped GameFi Project DeFi Kingdoms Down 90% Amid Unlock Exploit

Apr 29 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  defi kingdoms exploit jewel markets

DeFi Kingdoms JEWEL token price has plummeted more than 90% as interest in the game wanes. A recent exploit that allows players to mine locked JEWEL from multiple accounts has...

Apr 25 2022

NFT Project Aku Dreams Loses $34 Million To Smart Contract Flaw

Akutars, a highly anticipated Ethereum-based NFT project developed by Aku Dreams, which featured the character of a young astronaut, hit a snag after its launch on 22nds April and locked up $34 million due to the faulty code of the smart contract. The...

Apr 23 2022

Apr 14 2022

Apr 01 2022

Mar 19 2022

Breaking: Bored Ape Airdrop Exploited To Steal $1.5 Mln in Apecoin

A vulnerability in the Bored Ape Yacht Club's (BAYC) airdrop was exploited to steal about $1.5 million in ApeCoin tokens (APE), a research report showed. APE tokens were initially distributed to holders of BAYC NFTs this Thursday, before being available to trade on the open market. Cybersecurity researcher Check Point Research said the hacker used...

Jan 20 2022

Grey Hat Hacker Agrees To Return 80% Of Funds Stolen In Multichain Exploit

Cross-chain DeFi platform Multichain has been the latest in what is now a long line of DeFi protocols being exploited. This time around, the attackers were able to steal user funds from the platform by gaining access to accounts that haven’t revoked access to the platform. In total, about $1.5 million was lost to hackers but one hacker who stole about $200,000 is...

Jan 18 2022

Nov 30 2021

Oct 27 2021

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