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Aug 04 2022

Meta Launches Instagram NFTs And Coinbase Integration In Over 100 Countries

Summary: Meta's digital collectible feature for creators and collectors expands its reach. More than 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas will receive access to NFTs on Instagram. Support for Coinbase wallet and Dapper will follow the expansion. Users can connect to Instagram with other wallets like Metamask and Trust wallet as well. NFT minting on the Flow blockchain...

Jul 28 2022

Meta Sheds $2.8 Billion In Virtual Reality Division This Q2 – More Losses Ahead?

Jul 28 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  facebook meta metaverse news reality labs

The performance of Meta Platforms during the second quarter of this year was not merely disappointing for Facebook. It is the first time the social media giant has experienced a massive drop in annual income. The company reported on Thursday that its segment, called Reality Labs, which focuses on the metaverse experienced quarterly losses of $2.81 billion. The division's year-to-date losses are thus...

Jul 14 2022

Snapchat To Test Features To Allow Users Showcase NFTs

Jul 14 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  crypto news facebook instagram meta nft

According to reports, Snapchat has been investing in a novel method that would let users turn their NFTs into AR lenses. Then, these can be put inside Snaps. Users can now include three-dimensional copies of their NFTs in their Snapchats thanks to this advancement. These NFTs can be incorporated into anything from face masks to items in the frame. Snapchat To Test NFT...

Jul 07 2022

Reddit Launches Digital Collectible Avatars With Polygon, But They’re Not NFTs

Jul 07 2022 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  facebook news nfts reddit twitter

Summary: The social network plans to launch its marketplace for blockchain- powered profile photos on Thursday. Over 90 unique designs crafted by individual artists and thousands of digital collectibles will roll out during the sale for a fixed price. Interested buyers can only purchase an avatar with government-issued fiat currencies. Layer 2 scaling protocol Polygon is Reddit's on-chain partner for the initiative. Reddit previously...

Jul 04 2022

Novi Wallet Closure Ends Meta’s Digital Dreams

Reading Time: 2 minutes Meta’s Novi wallet will shut down 15 months after it was announced The crypto wallet was the only horse left in Meta’s crypto stable after its sale of Diem in January The Whatsapp pilot will end in September, when the project will be wound down...

Jul 03 2022

Meta Drops The Axe On Its Digital Wallet Novi

Jul 03 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  diem facebook meta novi zuckerberg

The remnants of Meta's once-ambitious cryptocurrency project are fading away. According to a notification on its website, a pilot program for Novi, the social networking giant's money-transfer service using its own cryptocurrency digital wallet, will suspend operations on September 1. The company said Friday that on July 21, users will no longer be able to add funds to their Novi accounts. The firm...

Jul 02 2022

Meta to end Novi crypto program by September 1

Jul 02 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  facebook instagram meta nfts payments

Meta has disclosed plans to discontinue its Novi pilot crypto program by September 1, according to Bloomberg. Per the project's website, Novi services will no longer be available on its application and WhatsApp. The firm revealed that users will not be able to make...

Jun 02 2022

Facebook Second In Command Sheryl Sandberg To Quit After 14 Years

Sheryl Sandberg, one of Facebook's top executives, made the shocking revelation Thursday that she will quit, following a 14-year stint in which she helped shepherd the social media giant to advertising supremacy. Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a separate Facebook post that Chief Growth Officer Javier Olivan will succeed Sandberg as chief operating officer. However, Zuckerberg added that it...

May 21 2022

Facebook Crypto Projects Fail! Here’s why DIEM and LIBRA Dumped

The blockchain space has grown with exciting updates and new upgrades over the years. These changes make the blockchain space accessible and usable. While the space is relatively new, the major challenge is growing regulations. Granted, laws are necessary to bring sanity and clarity to the industry. However, many restrictions have affected the growth of numerous...

May 18 2022

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Files 5 Trademark Applications For Possible Crypto Exchange – Meta Pay

The Meta exchange could onboard over 3 billion monthly users across Facebook and Instagram.

May 13 2022

Why Facebook’s Former Crypto Head Is Starting His Own Crypto Startup?

May 13 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  blockchain news facebook meta metaverse news

Following his resignation from Facebook, David Marcus, the company's former Crypto head has launched himself into the crypto world. The news was announced on his official Twitter handle on May 12th, 2022. Marcus defends his move to launch a crypto startup The news gained positive reactions with a lot of users commending the move and...

Meta’s Former Crypto Head David Marcus Launches Bitcoin Startup

David Marcus, who was known for heading crypto and digital finance operations of Meta (formerly Facebook), has unveiled his new startup, Lightspark.

May 12 2022

Ex-Diem Head David Marcus Launches Crypto Startup

David Marcus, who formerly headed Facebook and Meta's Diem stablecoin project, is founding a new crypto company. David Marcus Unveils Lightspark Marcus wrote on Twitter today that he and a...

Former Meta Lead Launches Bitcoin Lightning Company, Lightspark

David Marcus, former lead of Facebook Messenger, announced the creation of Lightspark, a Lightning Network infrastructure company.David Marcus, ex-Meta executive for Facebook Messenger, has announced the creation of his new company, Lightspark.Lightspark will focus on building, exploring and creating on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Marcus notes his passionate belief that led to this...

May 11 2022

Criminals continue to scam people with fake crypto ads on Facebook using Martin Lewis’ images

May 11 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  crime crypto crypto scams facebook meta

Criminals continue to use Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis' image to defraud investors via Facebook Ads, despite Lewis settling a lawsuit with Facebook's parent Meta over the illegal use of his photos in such scams years ago, The Independent...

May 09 2022

Instagram Will Start Testing NFTs This Week

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (FB), announced on Monday via video that Instagram will start testing non-fungible token (NFT) integrations over the week.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Confirms NFTs Are Coming To Instagram and Facebook

Meta's Zuckerberg says NFTs features are being tested for Instagram and Facebook.

May 04 2022

Dfinity Slaps Meta With A Lawsuit For ‘Copying’ Its Infinity Logo

Dfinity Foundation has dragged Facebook’s parent company, Meta, to court for using an infinity symbol as its logo. Was it deliberate? Or, was Facebook - now rebranded to Meta - just too lazy to do its homework and verify if the logo it used for its modified entity was already taken. Well, it doesn't matter now, because Mark Zuckerberg and his team at...

May 03 2022

Dfinity is suing Meta over the use of “its logo”

Dfinity Foundation, the developer of Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), has dragged Facebook’s parent company, Meta, to court over its use of the infinity symbol as its...

Apr 28 2022

Meta (FB) Reports Q1 Loss Of Nearly $3 Billion – What Went Wrong?

Apr 28 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  ar facebook mark zuckerberg meta metaverse

Meta seems to be losing it in and it’s only the first quarter. But no, it’s all a part of the break-in period. Meta Platforms Inc. (FB) reported a loss of nearly $3 billion in earnings for the first three months of 2022. The financial report is for Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) that included VR and augmented reality. The revenue report...

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