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Oct 19 2021

Oct 08 2021

Fantom Flying as TVL and Tokens Hit All-Time Highs

Oct 08 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cryptocurrency news fantom ftm nansen

Fantom, a high-throughput smart contract platform, is trending with boosting total value locked and token prices surging to new peaks. Over the past few hours, there has been a massive spike in the total value locked on the Fantom blockchain. According to...

Oct 07 2021

Oct 06 2021

Top Crypto News: 10/05

After making a daily low of $47,188, Bitcoin is now trading at $51,271. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $3,495. Let’s deep dive into some interesting crypto news stories for the day. 1 - TomoChain Lab Launching TomoMasterDAO and Its IDO on LuaStarter...

Oct 05 2021

OpenOcean-Fantom Paternership | Optimized Trading Options and Prices

OpenOcean, a renowned DEX and CEX aggregator, has partnered with Fantom. Accordingly, OpenOcean will aggregate Fantom's DEXs SpookySwap, Curve, SushiSwap, and SpiritSwap. According to the announcement, the OpenOcean-Fantom agreement will let OpenOcean's users get more trading opportunities...

Oct 04 2021

Oct 01 2021

The Most Recent Guide on Fantom Ecosystem

Base-layer Blockchain rivalry is heating up. While Ethereum is becoming overcrowded and plagued by high gas prices, Solana and Binance Smart Chain has provided substantial competition. These two were joined by two newcomers, Fantom and Avalanche. In this article, you will discover why you need to keep an eye on Fantom. Fantom has experienced rapid growth in recent months. Fantom had a 7x...

Sep 29 2021

Tajikistan Enters the Blockchain Banking Era with a Central Bank Digital Currency Hosted on Fantom

Sep 29 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fantom ftm regulation technology

As blockchain technologies reach mainstream adoption, one of the most significant forms of validation a project can receive is to be chosen by banks and government agencies to develop dApps and platforms for public use. This is why Fantom’s announcement that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with OJSC Orienbank — one of the [...] The post Tajikistan Enters the Blockchain Banking...

FTM Price Prediction

Sep 29 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  fantom ftm technical analysis

FANTOM is a new DAG based Smart Contract platform that intends to solve the scalability issues of existing public distributed ledger technologies. The platform intends to distinguish itself from the traditional block ledger-based storage infrastructure by attempting to employ an improved version of existing DAG-based pro-tocols. The FANTOM platform adopts a new protocol known as the “Lachesis Protocol” to maintain consensus. This protocol...

Sep 27 2021

What is Fantom Crypto? Should you Buy FTM?

Sep 27 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto fantom fantom crypto ftm

Blockchain technology has provided developers with various options in the creation of decentralized apps through smart contracts. Not only decentralized apps, but technology is now a moving force in the finance sector due to the recent solutions that have been created. The birth of the first digital project, Bitcoin, has...

Sep 13 2021

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 37

Following the prolonged bullish trend that started in mid-July, which saw the total cryptocurrency market capitalization rapidly climb towards the previous peak valuation of $2.55 trillion reached in May 2021, last Tuesday’s flash crash left a considerable dent and put a halt on the upwards momentum. On the tailwind of the historical news of El Salvador being the first nation to officially adopt...

Sep 10 2021

Despite Market Crash, This Project Remains Unfazed

The "King Crypto" - Bitcoin - and a huge part of the cryptocurrency market have been in the red zone this week. However, despite this seemingly bearish market, one unique project defied the odds and is instead showing signs of a bullish market. Despite the recent recognition of Bitcoin as a legal...

Sep 09 2021

Top Crypto News: 09/09

Today, there has been several interesting developments in the crypto space. Bitcoin price has dropped by 1% and is trading at $46,489. Ethereum is also down by 3.1% over the last 24 hours and is trading at $...

Sep 07 2021

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