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Dec 07 2021

Oct 28 2021

Seedify V2 Upgrade: The Latest Staking and Farming Features

Nowadays, crypto launchpads are playing an increasingly important role in the ecosystem. These provide very profitable short-term and long-term opportunities with certain conditions to secure an allocation as an early adopter. However, Seedify has gone a step further with its latest upgrade. With Seedify V2, users will do locked staking and farming with...

Aug 25 2021

You Can Use Your Bitcoin To Improve Everyone’s Health

Ideas like soil guardian bitcoin faucets allow Bitcoiners to utilize their accumulated wealth to enact change.I found it interesting that in the early days of bitcoin, people gave this magic internet money away and even set up bitcoin faucets for that purpose. Roger Ver was one of the first to do so and — from what I can tell — was very...

Jul 19 2021

Bitcoin, Carbon Credits And Regenerative Farming

How can Bitcoiners accelerate a transition into regenerative farming and cattle management?An article discussing a speculative attack on the carbon credit system to sustainably rebuild the U.S. food supply chain and redenominate fiat into bitcoin, cattle and topsoil.There is a lot of interest and discussion among the Bitcoin community surrounding our food supply chain, its fragility and solutions...

Jun 29 2021

How to Do PancakeSwap Farming

In the previous part of this series, we explained how you can swap your BEP-20 tokens and add liquidity into the PancakeSwap pools. In this article, we will explore how you can stake your LP tokens and earn more rewards. Farm PancakeSwap allows the users to stake their LP tokens and earn more rewards. You...

Apr 20 2021

TomoChain (TOMO) to Launch Farming on LuaSwap

Popular blockchain platform Ethereum is well-known for being able to support several blockchains and DeFi activities like farming, etc. However, increasing scalability issues have made farming on the Ethereum chain near profitless. In line with this, TomoChain (TOMO) has disclosed plans to launch farming on the TomoChain version of LuaSwap....

Dec 23 2020

DYP Maximizing the Benefits of Yield Farming Protocols

If you want to take your DeFi investment strategy to the next level, you need to understand yield farming and what platforms offer the best rewards. Yield farming has become a common feature in the market as of late. However, as with any new technology, you need to DYOR (do your own research) to discover […] The post DYP Maximizing the Benefits of...

Dec 15 2020

All the Ways Crypto Can Make Gaming More Fun

Marguerite deCourcelle is co-founder and CEO of Blockade Games, which is releasing the role-playing game game Neon District the day this episode comes out. She discusses her background in art, how her love of video games led her to discover Bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency, and how she helps create the next phase of web 3.0 content creation and distribution....

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