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Oct 20 2020

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 43

As we progress through Q4 2020, several projects are moving ahead with continued development. May it be a just recently launched coin, an already established exchange-issued token or the world’s first cryptocurrency - this week’s selection of top 3 coins to watch has them all.

Oct 19 2020

Filecoin (FIL) Faces a Fork Threat

Filecoin, a file storage blockchain network that promises to become a storage protocol of the decentralized web is in deep trouble. Within 24 hours of launch, the Filecoin miners demanded a change in the current mining rewards distribution setup. According to the miners, participation in Filecoin mining is cost-intensive and the reward distribution is unfair. Undoubtedly, Filecoin is a resource-intensive network as mining...

Binance Futures To Launch FIL/USD Coin-Margined Perpetual Contract Despite Ongoing Controversies

Oct 19 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news binance filbnb filecoin fileth

Binance Futures is all set to launch a FIL/USD coin-margined perpetual contract with trading starting from the 20th of October at 7:00 AM (UTC). According to the official blog post, the FIL/USD coin-margined perpetual contract is a futures contract that uses FIL as collateral. Herein, the users will be able to choose between 1-50x leverage. The post Binance Futures To Launch FIL/USD Coin-Margined...

Filecoin Miners Strike Over Failed FIL Tokenomics

Oct 19 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news fil filecoin mining news

The newly launched Filecoin project is running into problems already as miners pull their collective plugs over a token model that does not appear to be economically viable. The much-hyped Filecoin data storage network...

Oct 18 2020

Is Fresh Trouble Brewing For Filecoin [FIL] Miners?

Oct 18 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news filecoin

Trouble for Filecoin shows no signs of fading away. While decentralized space [DeFi] is highly controversial, thanks to the massive boom, Filecoin has managed to capture the headlines in recent days, and not all of them are good....

Filecoin: New Round in Data Storage on Blockchain

Raising $257 million during the ICO in September 2017, Filecoin's mainnet is now launched. The project is aimed to become a new decentralized form of iCloud and Dropbox. The main idea behind Filecoin is the creation of the next- generation data storage platform. In this article, we've dived into the world of data storage on blockchain and got a comprehensive review of Filecoin cryptocurrency...

Oct 17 2020

Filecoin (FIL) Supported by Coinbase Custody, Other Exchanges

Oct 17 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  coinbase custody fil filecoin gemini huobi

Coinbase Custody has announced the addition of the Filecoin token (FIL) to its list of digital assets available for users. Coinbase Custody, the custodial service entity of Coinbase, disclosed the addition of Filecoin (FIL) via an official blog post. The company noted it is enabling support for the new...

Oct 16 2020

Filecoin Price Analysis – FIL Price Reaches $200 With A $3 Billion Market Capitalization

Oct 16 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  crypto filecoin tradingview

Filecoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital storage and data retrieval method. It was first released in July 2014 and conducted an ICO in 2017. The project managed to raise around $200 million, however, it wasn't until a few days that the cryptocurrency got listed on several exchanges. The launch of Filecoin has been one of the most awaited launches ever, in the...

TRON’s Justin Sun Accusses Filecoin Team Of Pulling An Exit Scam

Oct 16 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news filecoin filusd justin sun

In his fresh attack on the newly launched Filecoin platform, TRON's Justin Sun has accused the Filecoin team of pulling an exit scam. In his latest tweet, Justin Sun notes that the Filecoin team sold 1.5 million...

Filecoin [FIL] Down By Over 50%; Is Filecoin Losing Steam?

Oct 16 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news binance filecoin filusd justin sun

Just a day after Filecoin announced its much-awaited mainnet launch on the 15th of October at block 148,888, Binance...

Finally! Filecoin Mainnet Goes Live

Filecoin, think it as the Dropbox of blockchain announced its mainnet launch on October 15. The investors who participated in the $257m Filecoin ICO three years back are now sitting at the edge of their chairs to see how it performs. According to the official announcement, the mainnet went live at the block height of 148,888. So far, the network is stable but...

Bitcoin 🐳🚀📈?

Oct 16 2020 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  bitcoin abc bitmex blockchain btc cftc

\+ CFTC Chair Gushes About ETH This week, another big institutional player invested an eye-opening sum in Bitcoin, while BTC's overall bullish trend shows no signs of slowing down. CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert praised Ethereum while dancing around whether ETH or the greater DeFi landscape should be labeled securities or commodities. We also have a roundup of the latest...

Oct 15 2020

Filecoin Mainnet Goes Live; FIL Fetches Several Listings including Binance and Coinbase Custody

The Filecoin network announced its much-awaited mainnet launch on the 15th of October at 3 PM at block 148,888. However, that did not deter the platform's popularity. Announcing the same, Filecoin thanked researchers, experts, developers,...

Filecoin Token Sees 270.96% Increase In a Day as Gemini, Kraken Announces FIL Listing

Oct 15 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  defi news filecoin fileth filusd gemini

Tyler Winklevoss, the CEO, and Co-founder of the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini notified the community that Filecoin [FIL] that deposits and withdrawals will be available on the platform at 10:30 AM ET. Gemini had earlier revealed that deposits and withdrawals for the token would start from the 15th of October when the Filecoin mainnet launches The post Filecoin Token Sees 270.96% Increase In...

Sep 29 2020

Decentralized storage network Filecoin enters Mainnet Ignition phase

Sep 29 2020 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  filecoin networks & protocols

Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, has now entered its penultimate phase of development. The Mainnet Ignition phase affords network participants — including miners, clients, custodians, applications, and network services - time to initialize, learn, set up their systems, and optimize their...

Filecoin Announces October Mainnet Launch

Filecoin, the storage network that is using decentralization to make the web more secure and efficient announced its mainnet launch dates. This deserves a special celebration as the project is designed to be a decentralized alternative to storage services like AWS. According to a post on 27 September, Filecoin mainnet will go live at block 148,888. At the time of press, Filecoin block...

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