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Aug 02 2021

Jul 28 2021

Robinhood’s Approach To Solving Crypto Volatility: Override Investor’s Freedom

Jul 28 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

Despite having found itself in the middle of the controversy as a result of its decision to get in the middle of investors and their decision to acquire stock, Robinhood is now considering a feature that would do just that. According to Bloomberg, data miners have found code suggesting an upcoming feature by the name [...] The post Robinhood’s Approach To Solving Crypto...

Jul 26 2021

PayPal’s Journey Into Crypto Continues: Expands Purchase Limits

Jul 26 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

The online payment giant PayPal continues to expand its crypto services by increasing the existing crypto purchase limit and appointing a former Chainalysis executive to direct its crypto division. In a move intended to “meet the ever-changing needs” of its customers and provide customers with “more choice and flexibility” when using the platform to acquire [...] The post PayPal’s Journey Into Crypto Continues:...

Jul 15 2021

US govt announces crypto tracing Program & $10M Bounty to counter ransomware attacks

The US government has announced to take down hackers behind ransomware attacks, through an extensive and more thorough process of ‘crypto tracing’. Biden administration has claimed that the plan against hackers shall also involve bounties up to $10 million for data or leads on hackers behind the ransomware attacks. The news was revealed by government The post US govt announces crypto tracing Program...

Jul 06 2021

Fintech for a Better Future: 5 Trends that Are Improving Financial Service

The world of financial technology is evolving. How is fintech becoming more secure, sustainable, & inclusive?

Jul 01 2021

USDC Stablecoin Will Be Available on Tezos + Other Blockchains

Jul 01 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech usdc

USDC, one of the most popular stablecoins in the crypto market, has announced it will be issued on Tezos, bringing the total of supported networks to 4. Hundreds of products, companies, and services in different niches support the USDC standard at this time, allowing the stablecoin to gain ground in the crypto space. With a [...] The post USDC Stablecoin Will Be Available...

Jun 25 2021

Crypto.com Pay: Now Accepts BTC Payments from Any Wallet

Jun 25 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  bitcoin fintech

Crypto.com announced that now any Bitcoin wallet will be able to make payments to a Crypto.com Pay account. With this new innovation, retailers around the world will open their business up to any wallet that holds Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the world's first – and still most popular – token. It is estimated that at least 100 [...] The post Crypto.com Pay: Now Accepts...

Jun 18 2021

Wedbush Joins Paxos’ Blockchain-based US Stock Settlement Platform

Jun 18 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech paxos

Major financial firm Wedbush has joined the Paxos Settlement Service according to a recent press release. Wedbush offers its clients a range of financial services, and as a part of its business, clears stock transactions on US exchanges. The Paxos Settlement System makes clearing stock transactions much easier, and has already been adopted by other [...] The post Wedbush Joins Paxos' Blockchain-based US...

Jun 02 2021

Coinbase Card: Users Can Now Use Apple & Google Pay

Jun 02 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

Coinbase announced on June 1st that users of its Coinbase Card can now use it with Apple Pay and Google Pay, bringing crypto payments to two of the most popular mobile payment apps. Selected customers who are already on the waitlist will be invited to start using the service while earning crypto rebates, providing new [...] The post Coinbase Card: Users Can Now...

Jun 01 2021

Fintech Firm Mercuryo Locks In Esports Partnership

Jun 01 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  esports fintech gaming mercuryo partner

Swedish esports organization Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP) has partnered up with cryptocurrency infrastructure firm Mercuryo. The partnership will take during Counter-Strike's BLAST Premiere Spring Finals from June 15-20. Greetings, Gaming The team at Mercuryo cited a...

May 27 2021

PayPal Will Expand its Crypto Operations: Coin Withdrawals Soon

May 27 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

Jose Fernandez da Ponte, a PayPal executive, announced at the Consensus 2021 conference that the company was actively working on the development of a cryptocurrency withdrawal feature. The General Manager for PayPal’s Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Currencies division referred to the future feature by stating: “We want to make it as open as possible, and [...] The post PayPal Will Expand its Crypto...

May 26 2021

Ternio & Blockcard Evolves: Rebrands to Unbanked, A Next Generation Financial Solution

May 26 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

Ternio, a white-label technology company, has unveiled the launch of Unbanked, the new brand that integrates its enterprise financial services and flagship BlockCard. The development will unify the company’s identity and kickstart an era of global expansion. Ternio has already purchased the Unbanked.com domain and rolled out the company logo, branding, and other publicity marking [...] The post Ternio & Blockcard Evolves: Rebrands...

May 20 2021

RemiBit Making Crypto Payments Easy for Businesses and Enterprises

May 20 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech sponsored

The massive popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has had a significant effect on business. Businesses globally have begun to add crypto payments in a bid to join the financial revolution and maximize their profits. However, few companies offer crypto-based payment services and those that provide either have limited payment options or offer draconian terms, making [...] The post RemiBit Making Crypto Payments Easy...

May 18 2021

Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

May 18 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech guides revuto

The first dApp built on Cardano, Revuto gives you control of your subscriptions, leveraging recurring payments with REVU tokens and more DeFi services. In few words, Revuto is an intuitive single-piece dashboard subscription management service thought out to save customers’ time, energy, and money. Revuto users can completely redefine the subscription management experience. Are you [...] The post Meet REVUTO: A Crypto-Powered Solution...

May 15 2021

CoinZoom is Now a Part of Visa’s Fintech Fast Track Program

May 15 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech

CoinZoom, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced that it has been accepted into Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program. This new opportunity for CoinZoom will allow it to more easily become integrated into Visa's network, which will help it accept payments with the Visa network, among other things. In addition to other development opportunities, CoinZoom plans [...] The post CoinZoom is Now a Part...

May 05 2021

4 In 10 People Want To Use Crypto Payments Next Year, Mastercard Survey Finds

According to a survey conducted by credit card giant Mastercard, four out of ten people expect to use cryptocurrencies for payments in the coming year. 93% Will Consider Using Emerging Payment Methods Between February 26 and March 10, Mastercard conducted an online survey and interviews with 15,569 consumers in 18 countries across four regions around the world. The...

May 04 2021

Ethereum DeFi plus Binance Smart Chain Surpass $100 Billion In Total Value Locked

Ethereum’s recent run is one for the books. Their supremacy is under attack from every side, with great projects trying to steal a piece of their smart contracts pie. Nevertheless, ETH’s price and their blockchain’s adoption keep rising. The main drivers for this run are the NFT craze and the popularity of DeFi projects. And Ethereum has an ace up its sleeve. Related...

Apr 20 2021

Venmo, PayPal, Cash App: Who Is Next To Support Bitcoin, Crypto

Toward the ending of 2020, financial experts predicted that the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream would evolve, evidenced by the surge in price and acceptance of Bitcoin as an inflation hedge. Since the start of the year, fintech companies such as PayPal, Square,...

Apr 07 2021

Signal Adds Payment Feature Powered by Crypto

Apr 07 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech signal

Signal has started rolling out its latest beta version which not only includes performance improvement and bug fixes but also offers a new payment feature using cryptocurrency, initially available for users in the United Kingdom. Named “Signal Payments” the new features reflect the privacy-based mentality of the popular messaging app by providing a means for [...] The post Signal Adds Payment Feature Powered...

Mar 31 2021

PayPal Doubles Down On Crypto With New Checkout Feature

Mar 31 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  fintech paypal

PayPal, the digital payment platform launched a new crypto-based service to allow US customers to pay with cryptocurrency at millions of online businesses: Checkout With Crypto. With this new feature, customers can convert their cryptocurrency to fiat currency at checkout without incurring additional fees, facilitating the acquisition of goods and services for cryptocurrency holders. Dan [...] The post PayPal Doubles Down On Crypto...

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