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Sep 10 2022

Making Methane Reduction Profitable: The Story of DenverBitcoin

Find out how DenverBitcoin’s previous exposure to the oil and gas industry led him to see the potential for waste reduction while participating in the bitcoin mining industry.This is an opinion editorial by Robert Warren, partner at Distributed Hash and business development at Upstream Data Inc.This is the story of a father and son team that began their journey looking for...

Aug 09 2022

Methane-Capturer Vespene Energy Raises $4.3M To Help Cities Mine Bitcoin

Vespene builds infrastructure for municipalities to mine bitcoin, creating a new revenue stream and encouraging education in the Bitcoin ecosystem.Vespene Energy raised $4.3 million to help cities mine bitcoin.Vespene’s structure encourages municipalities to become involved in the mining ecosystem. The first pilot location will be in central California. Vespene Energy, a methane...

Jun 18 2022

14 Members Of The US Congress School EPA On Bitcoin Mining And Green Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA keeps receiving mail. This time, 14 members of Congress provided the counterpoint and singled out the environmental benefits of bitcoin mining. They also made a point about how crucial this industry is, and the damage the USA would inflict on itself by banning it. Plus, they schooled the EPA on the amount of renewable source- based energy already...

Jun 01 2022

Oil Companies In The Middle East To Use Excess Gas For Bitcoin Mining: Report

Crusoe, a Denver-based bitcoin mining company, is deploying equipment to capture flared gasses in Muscat, Oman.Crusoe, a bitcoin mining company, is deploying equipment in Muscat, Oman to capture flared gas.The Oman Investment Authority in the Middle East was part of an April funding round that saw Crusoe raise $350 million. The MENA region accounts for 38% of the world’s flared gasses....

Apr 21 2022

Flared Gas Bitcoin Mining Pioneer Crusoe Energy Raises $505 Million

Crusoe Energy raised $505 million in a series C round led by G2 Venture Partners to help the miner expand and diversify its energy sources.Crusoe Energy raised $505 million in a clean energy-focused investment round to enable the company to focus on large-scale bitcoin mining. The round, led by G2 Venture Partners, provided $350 million in equity and $155 million in corporate...

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