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Mar 02 2022

Decentralised Media (DeMe) Will Disrupt a 2 Trillion Dollar Media and Entertainment Industry

Content creators are not given their fair share in terms of both payment and ownership/copyright. Here's a project that can help them out.

Jan 12 2022

Here’s How Cryptocurrencies, NFTs And Blockchain Can Help Content Creators Become Financially Independent

Many would agree that the world is currently undergoing a massive shift in terms of digitalization. This is true for essentially all parts of our society, from medicine, to education, to the military, to finance. This field of financial technology can and has taken many forms, however none have been as prominent or relevant within the last decade as that of cryptocurrencies, NFTs...

Dec 23 2021

Are Movies Coming to Cardano Blockchain? Explore This IDO

The concept of funding content and media using decentralized platforms built on the blockchain has been a major discussion in the crypto world. This is due to the massive potentials and problems that blockchain technology profers from the existing practices in the movie industry.

Dec 01 2021

The Plight Of Content Creators And What Is Being Done About It

For the longest time, content creators have struggled in terms of gaining both the recognition and payment that they feel they deserve in exchange for their hard work and services. Whereas NFTs have helped a lot on this front, the problem still persists and many are therefore looking towards viable projects to help them in this regard. One such project is that of...

Nov 25 2021

Redefining Content Creation Through Reward Distribution

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique unit of data stored on a public ledger (blockchain) that can be easily reproducible. NFTs include items such as; photos, videos, audio and digital files as unique items. Fungibility, which is the lack of interchangeability, is a distinguishing aspect of NFTs.

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