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Sep 25 2022

Insights Into the Forex Market

The investment sector is growing, offering investors a variety of assets to add to their portfolios. With the advent of online trading, more and more people explore new opportunities, techniques and approaches to acquire potential benefits.

Aug 26 2022

South Korea Says 75% Of Illicit Forex Transactions In The Country Are Crypto-Related

Aug 26 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  biitcoin bitcoin btcusd crypto crypto news

A significant number of cryptocurrency holders reside in South Korea. As the bitcoin sector becomes more mainstream, the rate of cryptocurrency acceptance in the East Asian nation has increased dramatically. Recent research, however, suggests that some of these crypto transactions may be used for unlawful operations. Bloomberg reported that the majority of unlawful foreign currency transactions in South Korea this year involved cryptocurrencies....

Aug 25 2022

75% Of Illegal Forex transactions in South Korea are Crypto-Related

Aug 25 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  crypto forex news south korea

According to a Bloomberg study, the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies in South Korea is on the rise and some of these cryptocurrency transactions might support illicit business. According to Bloomberg, the majority of illicit foreign exchange transactions in South Korea this year have been tied to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the data indicates that they have so […] The post...

Aug 16 2022

What is Forex Trading? Complete Beginner’s Guide

The foreign exchange market (forex) for international currencies is the largest and most liquid market in the world. According to the Bank of International Settlements, the forex market accounts for more than $5 trillion in trading volume per day -- dwarfing other markets like major stock markets. The forex market consists of trading pairs of [...] The post What is Forex Trading? Complete...

Aug 01 2022

Why Do Women Prefer Trading Crypto over Forex?

This article was written by Bilal Jafar at www.financemagnates.com.

Jul 27 2022

South Korea to Investigate Forex Transactions Linked to Crypto

South Korean watchdogs are reportedly opening inquiries into ‘abnormal’ forex transactions worth $3.1 billion linked to crypto investments suspected of money laundering.According to the Financial Times, the transactions took place in two of the biggest commercial banks in the country: Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank. The Financial Supervisory Service said that such moves worth 4.1 trillion Korean won also were done since...

Jun 20 2022

5 Categories Of Investments In 2022

While most people have genuinely not seen sense in early investment, a reward comes with a good investment in the long term. If you start to invest early enough, you have a great future set up for you as soon as you retire.

Apr 21 2022

How Dollar Parabola Breakdown Could Boost Bitcoin Price

Apr 21 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Hate all you want; the US dollar is still the most dominant force in finance, and the global reserve currency. It is the de facto base currency in most trading pairs, even against Bitcoin. Because of this, when the dollar moves, so does the rest of the market. Find out why the dollar could be at risk of breaking down from a...

Mar 16 2022

Crypto Rand's Keys to Become a Successful Trader

The idea of becoming successful in trading seems like an impossible prospect, after all, most people who try lose their money. . . A recent study shows that most of the new traders wash out their a...

Jan 29 2022

Polygon to Power Onomy’s Hybrid DEX and Forex Marketplace

Jan 29 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  defi forex onomy protocol polygon

Onomy Protocol revealed that it is expanding its list of cross-chain deployments and bridging to Polygon. The financial platform aims to bridge the gap between the fiat and stablecoin worlds. The project has a hybrid DEX and Forex marketplace, a stablecoin minting system, and a non-custodial wallet. Is Onomy a Revolutionary Platform? Onomy is out to change the crypto space with its innovations...

Jan 14 2022

Scarab Capital Is Merging the Crypto and Forex Sectors

The crypto space is growing each day, and there are multiple use cases over the last few years. However, nobody thought about connecting the forex market with the crypto ecosystem. But Scarab Capital finally did. Therefore, in this article, you will discover more about the Scarab Capital token and how they...

Dec 06 2021

Vanguard and Partners to Accelerate DLT Usage in FX Forwards Trading DLT

State Street Corporation American financial services and bank holding company, Vanguard asset manage firm, and Symbiont blockchain technology providerannounced on December 6 that they have conducte...

Oct 07 2021

Israeli Businessman Guy Grinberg Was Arrested in FX/Crypto Raid

Only two names among the 26 arrested suspects have been officially disclosed.

Sep 03 2021

Survey Finds 77% Of Russian Investors Prefer Bitcoin To Gold, Forex

Sep 03 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin culture forex gold russia

A local forex organization's survey found that most Russian investors prefer Bitcoin to gold and forex as an investment.Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in Russia, a survey found. The Russian Association of Currency Brokers (AFD), a local self-regulatory organization that focuses on the foreign exchange (forex) market,...

May 04 2021

Could Belarus Be the Best Place to Start a Forex Brokerage? B2Prime & ARFIN

B2Prime's Dmitry Kazak & ARFIN's Alexey Sidorov on the process of starting a regulated forex brokerage in Belarus.

Mar 30 2021

The Dollar Regains Lost Ground, But Bitcoin Yet To React

Mar 30 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Bitcoin price is once again approaching current record highs, and now that the momentum is back in favor of bulls, new all-time highs could soon be just ahead. While this is mostly nothing new for the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, the recent rally back to local resistance has happened all while the dollar has strengthened significantly. What exactly does this mean for...

Post-COVID, Liquidity Bridging is More Important than Ever: Tools For Brokers

Albina Zhdanova, COO at Tools For Brokers, explains how the forex industry needs bridging now more than ever.

Mar 15 2021

Investment Scams That You Should Avoid

The forex market continues to draw lots of investors every day. With $5 trillion changing hands every 24 hours and with a solid spot as the world's largest financial market, its popularity really should be no surprise. It has helped millions of people climb up the financial ladder.

Feb 26 2021

B2Broker on B2Core: How to Become a Market Leader in 2021

Offering top-of-the-line financial trading services has never been more important than in 2021. B2Broker explains how.

Jan 20 2021

Injective Protocol Launches Decentralized Forex Futures Trading

Injective Protocol recently announced the launch of the first-ever decentralized forex futures trading in the world. From this Injective Protocol development, traders will be able to participate in a highly developed form of trading. Participants of the ongoing Injective Trading competition will be eligible to trade in these markets on Solstice Pro with up to 50x leverage. The use of Solstice Pro and...

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