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Jul 28 2022

Bitcoin and Ethereum Clones Jump on Market Bounce

Jul 28 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  ethereum classic forks markets

Cryptocurrencies surged across the board Thursday, with the total crypto market gaining 7.1% on the day. Old forked coins of the industrys most established networks are leading the way. Bitcoin...

May 18 2022

Early Voting on Terra Fork Reveals 85% Support

May 18 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  forks governance news terra

Terra governance is currently voting on whether to split the blockchain. So far, there is 85% support and 13% opposition. Terra Chain Split Gets 85% Support Earlier this week, Terraform...

May 17 2022

Terra at the Crossroads: Major Validators Support Fork but Community Is Resistant

May 17 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  forks news stablecoins terra

Several Terra validators have signaled their support of Do Kwon's plan to launch a new blockchain that would eschew the UST stablecoin. Much of the community, however, has expressed hesitation....

May 16 2022

How Bitcoin Should Be Upgraded In The Future

The history of Bitcoin upgrade activation mechanisms informs an opinion on how to make protocol changes in the future.One of the most contentious questions in Bitcoin over the last five years has been how to activate soft forks. There have been many different mechanisms used in the history of Bitcoin to activate new features on the...

Do Kwon Says Terra Could Fork Into Two Blockchains

May 16 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  do kwon forks luna news stablecoins

Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon has announced a second revival plan for the failing Terra ecosystem in a Twitter thread. Do Kwon Announces Revival Plan Do Kwon is not ready...

Apr 13 2021

Using Discreet Log Contracts To Attack Bitcoin Forks

Apr 13 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  discreet logs dlcs forks technical

Currently, various factors disincentivize attacks of minority chains; DLCs might create a workaround that returns the incentive to these attacks.Currently, there are many blockchains with miniscule amounts of hash power compared with Bitcoin’s, and yet, they rarely see attacks. I believe that this is because of external factors that prevent miners from taking advantage of this potential revenue stream. Discreet...

Mar 02 2021

What Are Bitcoin Forks?

The word “fork” is somewhat confusing because there are different kinds of “forks” that can mean very different things.Codebase ForkA codebase fork is a copy of the code of a software implementation. A codebase fork typically makes tweaks to...

Nov 13 2020

Bitcoin Cash Might Split Again This Weekend. This Is Why (And How)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) might split again this weekend. The Bitcoin ABC software client forked away from the Bitcoin protocol in mid-2017 to form a cryptocurrency of its own: Bitcoin Cash. Since then, Bitcoin Cash has deployed a backwards-incompatible hard fork upgrade every six months, requiring a network-wide upgrade across all Bitcoin Cash clients. While most of these upgrades...

Oct 14 2020

Litecoin One Step Closer to Cardano Partnership and “Velvet Fork”

Oct 14 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  forks technology

Litecoin is preparing to collaborate with Cardano on cross-chain interoperability, according to a blog post from David Schwartz, Project Director at the Litecoin Foundation. Velvet Fork Under Consideration Schwartz says that Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano, invited Litecoin creator Charlie Lee to collaborate on blockchain...

Jul 20 2020

BIP 8, BIP 9 or Modern Soft Fork Activation: How Bitcoin Could Upgrade Next

Taproot, a proposed protocol upgrade that would improve Bitcoin’s privacy and flexibility, is in its late stages of development. Bitcoin Core contributors agree that the upgrade would benefit Bitcoin, and so far it generally appears to be welcomed by the wider Bitcoin ecosystem as well. It's therefore likely that Taproot will make its way into a Bitcoin...

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