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Jan 05 2022

FUSE Price Prediction

Jan 05 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  fuse technical analysis

The goal of the FUSE network is to lower barriers for entrepreneurs that are looking to run and operate digital businesses and allows the to reach clients with little or almost no effort. Fuse is looking to provide entrepreneurs a cheap alternative to cloud computing. It allows them to leverage smart contract architecture and open source battle tested tools. This avoids the high...

Sep 17 2021

Fuse Network Launch Fuse Cash V2

Fuse Network has launched the second version of its app in May 2021, and since then, there have been many users registered from all over the world. The Fuse Network mobile app, Fuse Cash, is a blockchain-native wallet...

May 26 2021

Fuse Network to Unveil First-ever Lending Protocol

May 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  aave compound defi fuse fuse network

In another intriguing development for Fuse Network, the blockchain has disclosed plans to launch the first-ever lending protocol on its platform. Announcing the new decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol via an official blog post, Fuse Network said the new lending protocol would differ from existing lending services. Adding that, the protocol...

Top Crypto News: 05/25

After making a daily high of $40,417, Bitcoin is now trading at $37,991. The crypto market is still consolidating. Meanwhile, Layer 2 solution Polygon surged and is now trading at $1.86. Let’s review some interesting crypto news for today....

May 07 2021

Top Crypto News: 05/06

After making a daily low of $53,329, Bitcoin entered into a consolidation phase and is trading at $56,721. Meanwhile, Ethereum is trading into an all- time high territory and is trading close to...

Apr 08 2021

DeFi Network Fuse Bridges to Binance Smart Chain

The Ethereum-based payments network, Fuse, has bridged over to the Binance Smart Chain in order to achieve faster and cheaper transactions. In an announcement on April 7, Fuse Network unveiled the launch of a two-way bridge to Binance Smart Chain. Fuse is a rapidly growing blockchain and dApp ecosystem that focuses on consumer-friendly...

Apr 06 2021

Fuse Network | e-Money Partnership Enables Stablecoin Options

e-Money recently announced its partnership with Fuse Network. The partnership between Fuse Network and e-Money is centered around accelerating the mainstream adoption of stablecoins. With this partnership, e-Money will be able to integrate its stablecoin suite to the Fuse Network....

Apr 03 2021

Fuse Network: How to Stake and Delegate FUSE Tokens

Fuse chain is an Ethereum sidechain designed specifically with the aim to rejuvenate the traditional exchange or payments systems on the blockchain. The network is supported by a number of validators who help in the smooth functioning of the network. The validator can be any organization or company that runs the node...

Mar 19 2021

Rari Capital Launches Fuse, Letting Users Create “Their Own Compound”

Mar 19 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  defi fuse rari capital technology

Rari Capital has launched an open interest protocol that supports any asset. Rari Capital Rolls Out Personalized Lending Pools Fuse allows users to create a pool, selecting their own assets, interest rate curves, and oracles. Any user can then...

Mar 12 2021

MANTRA DAO Expands Collaboration With Fuse Network

Fuse announced that MANTRA DAO has expanded its collaboration with Fuse by launching liquidity and reward pools on FuseSwap. As a Polkadot-based multi- chain and multi-assets platform, MANTRA DAO carries out financial services that cut across several ecosystems and blockchains. Thrilled to be announcing our latest collaboration with...

Mar 05 2021

Top Crypto News: 03/05

After making a daily high of $50,098, Bitcoin underwent a correction and is now trading at $49,340. MicroStrategy, led by Michael Saylor, utilized this dip opportunity and accumulated another $10 million worth of Bitcoin to its portfolio. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,551....

Feb 22 2021

Southampton FC Partners With Sportsbet.io To Boost Fan Engagement

Premier League football club Southampton has announced a strategic partnership with crypto betting site Sportsbet.io. The partnership, according to reports, will be aimed at driving better fan engagement. To achieve this, the Premier League club, Southampton FC, has launched VIP virtual reality matchday at-home activations. The current onslaught of coronavirus and the resulting movement restrictions have furthermore emphasized the...

Feb 21 2021

Top Crypto News: 02/21

After making an all-time high of $58,640, Bitcoin is now trading at $57,931. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading close to $1,938. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today. Fuse...

Feb 12 2021

Top 5 Crypto News: 02/11

Bitcoin hit a new all-time high today, reaching $48,506. It is now trading at $48,392. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading at $1,790. Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today. Enjin |...

Feb 07 2021

Fuse Network Roadmap Reveals More Real-World DeFi Use Cases

Feb 07 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  defi fuse product release & updates

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Fuse Network has released an overview of its 2020 milestone achievements as well as important updates users should expect in 2021. Some of these updates include the FuseDollar, upgraded studio features, wallet updates, FuseX, and a myriad of other new projects worldwide. Although Fuse Network is still relatively new, it has made real progress with respect to facilitating hitch-free...

Oct 19 2020

CorionX Partners Fuse to Increase Stablecoin, DeFi Adoption

In its continuous effort to increase users' participation and adoption of stablecoins and decentralized finance (DeFi), Corion Foundation, a non-profit organization, has announced a partnership with Fuse. Corion Foundation made the announcement via an official blog post. The foundation noted that the partnership arose due to both firms' similar vision to enable access to quick, safe, and cheap open finance solutions globally....

Oct 05 2020

Inside Fuse: A Project Powering Microeconomies on Ethereum

Oct 05 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  ethereum fuse guides

Ethereum is a trailblazer in the cryptoeconomy right now because it empowers not only decentralized finance, but also decentralized culture. This dynamic has paved the way for subprojects to experiment at the crossroads of finance and culture in ways that were never previously possible. Among these interesting efforts has been Fuse, a protocol that's focused [...] The post Inside Fuse: A Project Powering...

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