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Jun 22 2022

DappRadar x BGA Games Report: Blockchain Gaming on the Rise

DappRadar and BGA Games just released their 5th combined report. Their report states that blockchain gaming continues to stay a step ahead of the bear market. This market segment keeps afloat, being a great sample in these bearish conditions. Therefore, there are a few big players that keep the momentum going. Illuvium with its first land sale, Also, the Galaverse, and Stepn carry...

May 18 2022

DeFi Land Launches P2E Feature on its Game

May 18 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  gaming news p2e solana

DeFi Land is a web-based multi-chain agriculture simulation game designed to make decentralized finance more fun. The game developers said that the game will include all of the features found on traditional platforms but in one convenient location. DeFi Land, the third most popular game on Solana, plans to gamify the DeFi space by turning investment activities into games. DeFi Land intends to...

Mar 31 2022

Hololoot Rolls Out Their AR NFT Marketplace

Hololoot is launching its AR NFT marketplace on March 31st, 2022. (13.00 UTC). This will be your ultimate gateway to the AR metaverse. On the marketplace, you can buy and sell AR NFTs. Once you own them, you can activate them and view them. This is the first step into a future with loads more exciting features to come. Everybody is talking about...

Feb 24 2022

Warner Music to Create P2E Mobile Studio

In a first of its kind partnership, $SPS is teaming with WMG to make easily accessible P2E games. In a release published yesterday, Warner Music announced a partnership with leading blockchain game developer Spinterlands. This partnership means that the companies will collaborate on...

Oct 03 2020

NFT Sales Spikes as Rarible Crosses $5 Million Benchmark

Oct 03 2020 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  gaming news nft marketpalce rarible

Nonfungible tokens (NFT) have recorded an unprecedented increase in sales. Leading the charge is Rarible, an NFT marketplace where digital collectibles can be "minted,” bought, and sold. Launched this year, the Rarible marketplace has garnered the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. Sales on the NFT platform have spiked in recent times, with total monthly sales on the platform reaching up to a...

Sep 30 2020

Chain Games Onboards to Matic Network

The team behind TrustSwap is bringing a decentralized gaming ecosystem to Matic Network. Chain Games believes that Matic Network has the scaling solution they need to empower their ecosystem. Matic Network continues to grow their ecosystem and proves to be a popular choice for blockchain gaming projects. Chain Games has...

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