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Feb 08 2022

Investor Focus Misdirects Fidelity ‘Bitcoin First’ Report

A recent report from financial services giant Fidelity captures Bitcoin as an asset class of its own, but fails to recognize its true potential.On January 18, financial services giant Fidelity published “Bitcoin First: Why Investors Need To Consider Bitcoin Separately From Digital Assets,” written...

Jan 05 2022

As Bitcoin Turns 13, The Network Is More Secure Than Ever

It would take an attacker with 100% of current hash rate over two years to rewrite the Bitcoin blockchain, an all-time high.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1138: "The network is very secure." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Nov 23 2021

Bitcoin’s Fair Launch Makes It An Apex Form Of Property

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin was not premined and is in unique regulatory position to serve as property for institutions and individuals.Bitcoin is the world's most secure and most decentralized cryptocurrency — but its fair launch is perhaps one of the most poorly- understood aspects of its history and one of the things that makes it so decentralized and unique.Many altcoins will typically...

Jun 12 2021

Unbelievable Facts About BitClout’s Tech And Genesis

Look, this is actually not new, but we just found out about it. And it’s extremely relevant. Two intrepid blockchain explorers looked under BitClout’s hood and you won’t believe what they found. But first, we have to get you up to date. Bitcoinist has been on the case; we covered the basics in...

Apr 15 2021

F2Pool Encodes Money-Printing Headline Into First Post-Coinbase Listing Block

Apr 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  coinbase culture f2pool genesis block

In an echo of the Bitcoin Genesis Block, F2Pool encoded a money-printing headline into the first block it mined after Coinbase went public.Bitcoin mining pool F2Pool memorialized Coinbase’s first day of public trading with a nod to Bitcoin’s Genesis Block,...

Nov 30 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Exceeds Launch Requirements As Genesis Event Draws Near

In another major development, Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract reached the total required number of 524,288 ETH before the first deadline on Nov 24, paving the way for a smooth genesis event on Dec 01. It currently holds 837,920 ETH, which is 59.2% more than the amount required to launch the Eth2 network. This is is highly encouraging as the excess amount will ensure...

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