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Sep 24 2022

Tornado Cash News: GitHub Repository Back Up, The Lawsuit, And The Hole It Left

We’ll keep discussing the Tornado Cash situation because this is a watershed moment for the cryptocurrency industry. Lines are being drawn. The future of privacy for cryptocurrency-related operations is at stake. One could even say that the future of the industry as a whole is at stake. Does the cryptocurrency industry has a future without basic privacy tools like Tornado Cash? In any...

Aug 23 2022

The EFF Calls Out OFAC, Asks For Clarity Around The Tornado Cash Situation

It’s time for the EFF to speak out on the Tornado Cash situation. The OFAC sanctioning a smart contract might’ve been going a step too far, they stepped into the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s turf. We could summarize the EFF’s case with this sentence: “for decades, U.S. courts have recognized that code is speech.” It’s as simple as that, but the government and the...

Aug 19 2022

Nevermind The Bear: Developer Interest In Bitcoin Keeps Growing, New Study Shows

The market might be down, but developer interest in bitcoin isn’t. Since the all-time high almost a year ago, it has grown more than 8%, according to a recent study. Telstra Ventures’ data science team performed “health checks on 3 top blockchain ecosystems” and concluded that “open-source developers signal strength of web3 community.” The story here, though, is bitcoin. Which isn’t really part...

Feb 04 2022

You Won’t Believe What Costa Rica’s Bitcoin Jungle Is Building

The Bitcoin Jungle project is way more interesting than you probably think. This is how Bitcoin wins. From the ground up. We saw how Bitcoin Beach started small, humbly grew, and ended up changing El Salvador for the better. It’s only logical for similar projects to pop up in other locations that want to capture the spark, the magic. However, Bitcoin Jungle has...

Nov 20 2021

Is The Binance Smart Chain Going Off The Rails? BSC Validators Rise Up

There seems to be a disturbance in the force over at the Binance Smart Chain. Even though for the average user the BSC is working just fine, the validators are up in arms. A pseudonymous one opened up an issue at GitHub and all hell broke loose. The title: “BSC is a lost cause.” It...

Feb 18 2021

Libra Co-Creator’s VC Firm Co-Leads $12M Round in ‘Decentralized GitHub’

Feb 18 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business code defi github nfx

“Web 3 developers should be building on open protocols,” NFX General Partner Morgan Beller said of Radicle, a platform for crypto-native code collaboration.

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