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Sep 04 2021

Are Bitcoin Whales Dumping? On-Chain Data Reveals Addresses with Over 100 Coins Are on the Decline

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) whales might be on the decline as revealed by on- chain data provided by Glassnode analytics. In an unusual reality, the number of addresses holding at least 100 units of Bitcoin, which in today’s valuation will be worth approximately $5 million, has hit a 1 year low of 15,958. The digital The post Are Bitcoin Whales Dumping? On-Chain Data...

Aug 21 2021

HODL Waves: What We Can Learn From UTXO History

How the age of Bitcoin transactions can give us insight into the four-year halving cycles and the history of the blockchain.HODL Waves have been around for a few years but are still relatively new. They were first introduced in an article by Dhruv Bansal at Unchained Capital, a bitcoin-native financial...

Aug 20 2021

Bitcoin Mining Revenue Skyrockets To $33 Million Daily Following China Crackdown

The China crackdown on Bitcoin Miners is now proving to be a blessing in disguise. After two months of the issue, surviving mining firms are now minting huge profits from their operations. The truth is that the incident pushed a lot of miners out of operations. So, the competition reduced, and those still standing are gaining from the situation. According to the...

Aug 15 2021

Ethereum Price Slump is Not Deterring Small Bag Holders

Ethereum (ETH), the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is trading at a loss at present, and is down by 3.02% to $3,161.75. While still exchanging hands well above the $3,000 support zone, it is undoubtedly recording a series of higher highs, and lower lows, a trend that can stir an unprecedented price change The post Ethereum Price Slump is Not Deterring...

Apr 26 2021

Bitcoin’s On-Chain Market Cycles

With an appreciation for market cycles, we can use these patterns to better gauge the progress of bull and bear markets alike.Bitcoin’s On-Chain Market CyclesThis article is a collaboration by Glassnode and Bitcoin Magazine to introduce Bitcoiners to the world of on-chain analysis. Our aim is to simplify, demystify and improve...

Apr 20 2021

Interview: Understanding The Bitcoin Market With Glassnode’s Rafael Schultze-Kraft

Glassnode’s Rafael Schultze-Kraft joined "The Bitcoin Magazine Podcast" to discuss the insight offered by on-chain Bitcoin analytics.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Mar 27 2021

Introducing On-Chain Bitcoin Analysis

Mar 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin price glassnode markets

In collaboration with Glassnode, Bitcoin Magazine is introducing more Bitcoiners to the world of on-chain analytics.This article is a collaboration by Glassnode and Bitcoin Magazine to introduce Bitcoiners to the world of on- chain analysis. Our aim is to simplify, demystify and improve access to on- chain data, helping you take...

Mar 16 2021

CryptoQuant vs Glassnode: The Crypto Data firms Spar Over Whale Deposits and BTC Flash Crash

Bitcoin price reached a new ATH of $61,833 this Sunday after month-long consolidation under $50K. However, the price registered a sharp...

Mar 15 2021

No, A Whale Didn’t Cause Bitcoin To Crash Overnight

Mar 15 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcust crypto

Bitcoin price is down more than 10% from the weekend's new all-time high set above $60,000 after an overnight selloff. The now sizable correction was first assumed to be a massive whale dumping more than $1 billion in BTC on crypto trading platform Gemini, but ultimately turned out to be something else. Here's what actually caused the correction, and why the market was...

Feb 16 2021

Bitcoin Sets Fresh Record Above $50K Pushing Yearly Gains to 69%

The cryptocurrency's latest pop pushes 2021 gains to 69%.

Feb 03 2021

New ATH: Ethereum Generates Highest Fees In Crypto History In Jan ’21!

Ethereum just created a new all time high price record of $ 1539 on 3rd Feb '21. However, that wasn't the only achievement from the camp of the largest smart contracts platform in the world, which has been flooded with new achievements and records lately. According to crypto-analytics group glassnode, Ethereum protocol generated a whooping $325 million in Jan '21. This makes Ethereum...

Dec 22 2020

Bitcoin’s (BTC) 200-WMA Average Builds Strength, Faces Supply & Liquidity Shortage

While Bitcoin entered a sharp correction on Monday, December 21, its 200-week moving average shows that it continues to build strength every passing week. Bitcoin analyst and author of stock-to-flow (S2F) model...

Nov 17 2020

Traders Brace for Major Volatility as Bitcoin Price Nears Record Highs

Volatility has stayed relatively low through Bitcoin’s slow march toward record highs.

Nov 07 2020

97% of Bitcoin Addresses Are in Profit

The Bitcoin price is displaying tremendous performance. According to newly released data, 97% of Bitcoin addresses are in profit as the BTC price has touched the $15,000 mark. https://cryptoticker.io/en/square-bitcoin-revenue- grows-1100/...

Nov 04 2020

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops by Over 16%

Bitcoin mining difficulty recently experienced its second-largest percentage drop in its 12-year history. The crypto mining difficulty dropped by about 16% on November 3, 2020. Popular blockchain analytics firm Glassnode estimated Bitcoin mining difficulty to be at about 16.78 trillion. That is approximately a -16%...

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