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Aug 05 2022

Glassnode Report Shows Previous Bitcoin Surge Was A Bull Trap

Aug 05 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btcusdt crypto ethereum glassnode

In the past few days, some leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have shown a bullish price trend. Some link the reversal in value to the US President and the Fed’s recent outplay of events. However, Glassnode has a contrary opinion. The blockchain analytics firm believes that the fundamental change in price value is not real but just a bull trap. After...

Jul 26 2022

Glassnode: What Bitcoin Long-Term Holder Cost Basis Tells Us About Bear Market Length

Data from Glassnode shows the Bitcoin long-term holder cost basis is currently above the realized price of the crypto. Bitcoin Long-Term Holder Cost Basis May Have Hints For Bear Market Length As per the latest weekly report from the analytics firm Glassnode, the LTH cost basis has remained below the realized price for a period of between 248 to 575 days in...

Jul 19 2022

Indicators point to Bitcoin bottom formation but recovery unlikely so soon – Glassnode

Jul 19 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin glassnode grayscale

Bitcoin (BTC) is close to forming a real bottom after an entire month of trading below its realized price, according to Glassnode's latest weekly report. According to the report, current market conditions suggest that market bottom formation is...

Jul 18 2022

ETH, Lido rally following update on Ethereum’s Merge as markets turn green

Jul 18 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin ethereum glassnode lido

Flagship digital assets Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are in the green as their values rose to over $22,000 and $1,400 in the last 24 hours. According to data from Coinglass, over $300 million in short positions were liquidated because of the mini-rally of these assets. In the last 24...

Jul 13 2022

Long-Term BTC Holders ‘Underwater’, Holding Aggregate Unrealized Loss of -14%, Per Glassnode

Key takeaways: The latest Glassnode weekly report examined past bear markets to determine whether a Bitcoin bottom is forming Several market indicators point to the fact that LTHs and crypto...

Jul 12 2022

Bitcoin holders should expect further price decline

Jul 12 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin glassnode

Bitcoin (BTC) investors should still expect a further dip in the price as the bottom is yet to form fully, Glassnode reported. Bitcoin's price might have crashed by over 72% from its all-time high and recently consolidated...

Jul 06 2022

Decline In Bitcoin Active Addresses Suggests Market Is Purging Paperhands

With the bitcoin bull market back in 2021 had come a lot of what is referred to as ‘bitcoin tourists’. These are investors who are moved by the gains being made in the market and begin to FOMO (fear of missing out) on the digital asset as the price grew. Now that the bear market has arrived, a number of things have been...

Jul 05 2022

Crypto winter too harsh for ‘tourists’

Jul 05 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin glassnode hodl

Bitcoin's (BTC) price crash has pushed out "market tourists," and only long- term holders are currently trading the asset, a Glassnode report revealed on July 5. According to the report, Bitcoin recorded its worst-performing month...

Bitcoin “tourists” have been exterminated, leaving just hodlers: Glassnode

Jul 05 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  bitcoin hodlers glassnode news

According to blockchain analytics company Glassnode, so-called "market tourists" are quitting Bitcoin (BTC), leaving only long-term investors keeping and using the leading cryptocurrency. The number of wallets holding at least some of the assets continues to increase, while the number of active addresses, entities, and transactions on the Bitcoin network are all heading downwards. According […] The post...

Jun 27 2022

The Metric That Says A Further 50% Drawdown For Ethereum Is Possible

Past trend of the Ethereum value captured per byte metric suggests that a 50% drawdown from here is still possible for ETH. Ethereum Value Captured Per Byte Currently Stands At $0.30, Double The Previous Bear Bottoms As per the latest data released by Glassnode, ETH may still possibly have potential for a further 50% plummet in the price. The "value per byte"...

Glassnode report shows 2022 bear market is the worst in history

Jun 27 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis bitcoin btc eth ethereum

Blockchain analytics company Glassnode's latest report reveals the 2022 bear market as the worst in history and many investors have sold their Bitcoin (BTC) holdings at a discount. According to the report, Bitcoin's dip below the 200-day moving average, net realized losses, and negative deviation from realized price...

Jun 23 2022

Bitcoin Worth $2 Billion Taken Off Exchanges Last Week, Are BTC Bulls Back?

According to On-chain analytics site Glassnode, this past week saw a total BTC outflow of 108,200 BTC exactly. This is valued at over $2.2 billion and this huge sum was taken off major crypto exchanges. BTC bulls hold strong to their coins While the market continues to face more than usual irregularities, and uncertainties, the...

Jun 20 2022

Glassnode: $7B In Bitcoin Losses Realized In Just Three Days, Highest In BTC History

Data from Glassnode shows more than $7 billion in Bitcoin losses was realized within three consecutive days, the most in the history of the crypto. Highest Ever Bitcoin Loss Realization Took Place During The Last Few Days Latest on- chain data released by Glassnode shows BTC investors took a heavy amount of losses in the past few days. The relevant indicator...

Jun 13 2022

Glassnode Predicts More Pain Ahead; Here’s Why

In a publication made by Glassnode, a cryptocurrency on-chain analytics platform, the ongoing bearish run in the crypto market...

Jun 09 2022

Blockware Estimates 10% Global Bitcoin Adoption By 2030: Report

Blockware’s report uses data provided by Glassnode to provide estimates on global Bitcoin adoption relating to the standard S-curve of disruptive technology.Blockware Solutions released a report detailing the likely adoption curve of Bitcoin.The report compares Bitcoin to other disruptive technologies and calculates adoption rates as it relates to the global population.The company...

Jun 07 2022

Long-term Bitcoin Owners Sitting on Largest Losses Since March 2020, Per Glassnode

The cryptocurrency market has been caught in a downward spiral of gradual price declines fueled by rising interest rates, growing inflation, and broader geopolitical uncertainty. Although several major digital assets surged by double-digits yesterday, the rally was apparently short-lived.

May 31 2022

Glassnode: Bitcoin Market Behavior Has Now Returned To Strong Accumulation

Latest data from Glassnode shows investors in the Bitcoin market have shown strong accumulation behavior recently. Bitcoin Holders Show Strong Accumulation For First Time In Months As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, the BTC accumulation trend score has shown a value of more than 0.9 in the past couple of weeks. The "...

Apr 12 2022

Despite Bitcoin Testing $40,000, 75% of BTC Holders Remain in the Green

The bears continued to have the upper hand going into Tuesday. The cryptocurrency market cap shed an additional 2% and dropped to its four-week lows just above $1.9 trillion. The negative price movement saw Bitcoin momentarily lose its footing above the psychological $40,000 level earlier today as the world’s largest crypto fell to $39,300, its lowest price point since mid-March.

Apr 06 2022

Institutional Interest in BTC Peaks as Canadian Bitcoin ETFs Hit Record Inflows

According to blockchain analytics firm Glassnode, the holdings of Canadian Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have ballooned over recent months, highlighting the fact that institutional investors are seeking ways of gaining exposure to Bitcoin beyond direct market buys.

Mar 15 2022

Glassnode’s New Bitcoin Indicator Reveals Little Accumulation Took Place Recently

Glassnode's new Bitcoin indicator, the "accumulation trend score," shows the market has leaned towards distribution recently. Bitcoin Accumulation Trend Score Has Shown Values Of 0.2 To 0.5 Recently As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, the latest addition to the on-chain market intelligence company's indicators suggests the trend has been that of...

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