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Jun 14 2022

Survey Shows NFT Buyers Flipping Out Due To Profitability Issues

Jun 14 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bayc crypto goblintown nft

The place of non-fungible tokens has suddenly risen with the digital space over the past year. As a result, more people and brands embrace NFTs on different occasions with different purposes. Some businesses used the assets to create suitable advertisements and sensitize the public. There are the ones that don't want to be left out with the trending assets. The stories could be...

Jun 13 2022

Floor price of blue-chip NFTs tank as sales volume decline

The bear market is starting to take a toll on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as some of the most valuable collections in the space have seen their values decline due to the reduced demand in the past few months. According to data from Nifty Price, blue-chip NFTs have lost close to 6% of their values within the last 24 hours. Available data from other...

Jun 12 2022

Survey reveals most people buy NFTs ‘to make money’

Jun 12 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bored ape goblintown nfts

A survey from DEXterlab revealed that most NFT investors are in it for the money. According to the study, over 64% of NFT investors say they purchased an NFT "to make...

Jun 03 2022

Degen NFTs: Making the Most of NFTs in Bear Markets

Jun 03 2022 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  ainightbirds goblintown news nft pfp

A bear market is defined by a period of negative returns where the asset’s price records a decline of 20% or more from its recent highs. And currently, the crypto market is going through one of those bear markets. Defining the bear market are price actions like Bitcoin dipping to less than half its all- time […] The post Degen NFTs: Making...

Jun 02 2022

Goblintown boom leaves crypto community confused and divided

Jun 02 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bored ape culture goblintown luna nft

A mysterious non-fungible token project, Goblintown WTF, is trading at record highs after its recent launch, leaving many to speculate on who is behind the ironic NFT project. The NFT collection launched on May 22 without much fanfare, but its floor price has now...

These Goblin NFTs Feast On Feces And Urine And They Fetch For $16K

There are goblins and then there are Goblin NFTs. The former come from folklore and fantasy, mischievous and hideous looking creatures that look like dwarves. The latter are borne out of modern man's technology-inspired imagination whose intent is to make money. For those who are looking for gory NFT characters, then Goblintown is your version of Disneyland. Goblintown is gobbling on...

May 26 2022

Crypto Market Heads to Goblintown as Ironic NFT Collection Booms

May 26 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis goblintown nfts

The floor price for a goblintown NFT topped 2 Ethereum for the first time today. Ethereum Goblins Rally Its not only apes, lizards, and bears that have gained popularity in...

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