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Jan 28 2022

Bitcoin Shows That Trust In The Government And The Gold Standard Isn’t Necessary

Bitcoin is a return to sound money after the government overreach that led to the end of the gold standard.It has been more than 50 years since the Nixon shock — August 15, 1971, when President Nixon went on national television to announce the historic change that the U.S. dollar would no longer be pegged to gold.Perhaps few people knew how...

Jan 22 2022

Replacing The U.S Dollar With Bitcoin: Leaving The Gold Standard

To think through how bitcoin will replace the U.S. dollar, we must first turn to the dollar’s own journey in leaving a gold standard.Many a Bitcoin maxi have been asked the question, “Ok, but how does bitcoin replace the dollar?” Here’s my attempt to answer that question. This will be a short series, the first of which discusses what caused us to...

Dec 03 2021

They Haven't Been Teaching Monetary History Accurately

No, the gold standard did not cause the Great Depression. And yes, a Bitcoin standard is needed today.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1122: "They haven't been teaching monetary history accurately." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Nov 10 2021

The End Of Super Imperialism

How the U.S. succeeded in turning the dream of monetary imperialism into our current inequitable reality, and how Bitcoin offers a new standard.In 1972, one year after President Richard Nixon defaulted on the dollar and formally took the United States off of the gold standard for good, the financial historian and analyst Michael Hudson...

Aug 20 2021

50 Years Since The Gold Standard Ended, Bitcoin Is Needed More Than Ever

Just over 50 years ago, Richard Nixon ended the U.S. dollar’s gold backing. In the 50 years since, it’s been clear that we need Bitcoin.Not much can be more satisfying to historians, economists and statisticians than to delve back to a past year or era. When data and research from yesteryear are compared to that of today's world, experts can begin to...

Aug 15 2021

On 50th Fiat Anniversary, Bitcoin Can Solve U.S. Gratification Addictions

On the 50th anniversary of the fiat dollar, the U.S. is addicted to instant gratification in money printing, processed foods and more.My fellow plebeians of Bitcoin, El Salvadorians, Nigerians and Americans… I bring you here today for a very special reason. It is the 50th anniversary of a moment that has proven so pivotal and insidious, that every single corner of America’s...

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