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Sep 13 2022

Goldman Sachs Predicts Interest Rate Hike For Next Three Months

Sep 13 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  goldman sachs macroeconomics news

With the release of Consumer Price Index on Tuesday, the cryptocurrency market responded negatively. The data showed an inflation of 8.30% year on year while the core CPI was also worse than expected. This means that there is a possibility of a one percentage point interest rate hike. Overall, the... Read more

Jul 21 2022

Goldman CEO Predicts Higher Inflation As Markets Turn Red

Jul 21 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  goldman sachs inflation news regulation news

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon recently said in a CNN interview that inflation in the United States has not peaked yet. He revealed that while economists may believe that inflation has peaked, business people and supply chain experts think that inflation is still going up. Divided Opinions On Inflation The US Bureau of Labor Statistics...

Jul 05 2022

Breaking: Goldman Sachs Bets Big On Asian Bitcoin Product

Jul 05 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  goldman sachs goldman sachs bitcoin news

While the sentiment in cryptocurrency market is probably at its lowest levels, big financial institutions continue to make positive moves. The last few months were characterized by regular hurdles to the crypto...

Jun 28 2022

Celsius Says Report On CEO Alex Mashinsky Fleeing The US Is False

All claims that Celsius Network's CEO attempted to leave the country have been refuted by the company. This news came after reports that CEO Alex Mashinsky may have been detained by law enforcement as he attempted to flee the country. Celsius Denies CEO Fleeing Allegations According to the company, struggling cryptocurrency lending startup Celsius is doing everything they can to restore operations alongside...

Jun 27 2022

Goldman Sachs says Coinbase may need to sack more workers; downgrades its stock rating to sell

Leading investment bank Goldman Sachs has downgraded Coinbase's stock rating to sell from neutral and reduced its price target from $70 to $45 in its latest note, CNBC reported June 27. The downgrade was caused by the bear market, leading to crypto-assets value...

Jun 25 2022

Bitmex’s Hayes: Don’t Believe Goldman Sachs is Putting its Own Money At Risk to Buy Assets From Celsius Network

Summary: Arthur Hayes has cautioned the crypto community against believing Goldman Sachs will risk its own money to buy assets from the Celsius Network. Mr. Hayes explained that Goldman Sachs would simply assemble a bunch of investors to help them structure the purchase of the distressed assets at a 'phat' fee. He is also optimistic that if the purchase of Celsius Network's assets...

Just In: Here’s How Celsius Bankruptcy Filing Will Benefit Goldman Sachs

Jun 25 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  celsius goldman sachs news

Investment bank Goldman Sachs is raising $2 billion to buy troubled crypto lender Celsius' assets as it prepares for potential bankruptcy, according to Fortune. Goldman Sachs' investors will be able to acquire Celsius' assets at big discounts, even if Celsius does not declare bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Celsius has hired additional restructuring lawyers from the advisory firm...

Goldman Sachs Likely to Raise $2 Billion To Acquire Celsius Assets, But Here’s the Catch

Crypto lender Celsius Networks has been in a very bad phase currently with major liquidations taking place on the platform. As per sources, Goldman Sachs is planning to raise $2 billion from investors to buy the troubled assets of Celsius Networks. The sources said that the banking giant is likely to capitalize on buying Celsius'...

Jun 13 2022

Goldman Sachs Begins Trading Ethereum-Linked Derivative Product

Bloomberg reported on Monday that Goldman Sachs has begun trading a sort of derivative linked to Ethereum. Goldman Sachs Launches Derivative Product As a torrent of institutional money entered the market in 2021, the investment bank relaunched its crypto activities, with the core of its services focusing around derivatives tied to cryptocurrencies...

Jun 02 2022

Just In: Goldman Sachs Crypto Review Shows Major Uptick, Here’s Why

Top Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs crypto survey indicates massive inroads into institutional adoption in the insurance sector. In its latest annual report on the sector, it...

FTX and Goldman Sachs reportedly in talks over derivatives trading

According to a report from Barron's, Goldman Sachs is discussing with leading crypto exchange FTX to add some of its derivatives business into its operation...

Jun 01 2022

Goldman Sachs Reportedly In Talks With FTX For Bitcoin, Crypto Derivatives

Jun 01 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business crypto derivatives ftx

Goldman Sachs is reportedly looking to integrate services with Bitcoin and crypto exchange FTX.Goldman Sachs is reportedly in talks with FTX to facilitate derivatives trading for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. FTX is seeking a license modification that will allow it to function as both an exchange and intermediary for derivatives.If FTX is successful in acquiring the license, it...

Goldman Sachs In Talks With FTX To Integrate Derivatives Trading

Jun 01 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  ftx crypto exchange goldman sachs news

Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks are in talks with crypto exchange FTX to integrate leveraged derivatives trading. Goldman Sachs' collaboration with FTX will...

May 20 2022

Crypto Bleed Won’t Ruin U.S. Economy: Goldman Sachs

May 20 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  crypto goldman sachs news

The update comes as crypto continues its months-long downward trend. Goldman Sachs Discusses Crypto Crash While the cryptocurrency market has been on a decline for months, Goldman Sachs doesnt think...

May 16 2022

Goldman Sachs Joins Elwood’s $70 Million Series A Funding Round

Elwood Technologies, a London-based platform providing institutional-grade access to the digital asset markets, today announced that it has raised $70 million in the Series A funding round.

Goldman Sachs And Barclays’ Investment In Elwood Tech A Major Triumph For Crypto Adoption

According to reports on Monday, two of the world's major investment banks, Goldman Sachs and Barclays, have poured a large amount of money in Elwood Technologies, a cryptocurrency trading platform. According to a source familiar with the matter, the funding valued the six-year-old company at around $500 million. Elwood said in a statement that other investors include Dawn Capital LLP, divisions of Commerzbank...

May 15 2022

Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank invest in London Based Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Platform of Elwood Technologies

Summary: Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank have invested in Elwood Technologies The two banks made the investment during a funding round together with Dawn Capital, the venture divisions of German lender Commerzbank and Galaxy Digital The funding round was worth $70 million at a $500 million valuation The traditional banking institutions of Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank have invested in the London-based Bitcoin...

May 05 2022

Coinbase And Goldman Sachs Join Forces On First Bitcoin-Backed Loan

Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms, has used Bitcoin as collateral for a cash loan with Goldman Sachs; terms as to the number of loans or interest rates are undisclosed as of this writing. The loan was initiated by Goldman Sachs as the bank’s first-ever loan that is backed by crypto, specifically Bitcoin....

Coinbase Borrows Undisclosed Amount of Cash via Goldman Sachs’ First Bitcoin-collateralized Loan

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has borrowed an undisclosed amount of cash from investment banking giant Goldman Sachs by collateralizing the loan with Bitcoin, according to a report from Bloomberg.

May 04 2022

Coinbase Secures The First Bitcoin-Backed Loan From Goldman Sachs

Coinbase has taken out a loan from Goldman Sachs that is collateralized in Bitcoin, paving the way for others to follow. Coinbase, America's largest cryptocurrency exchange, has been revealed as the mysterious firm that obtained Wall Street's first bitcoin-backed loan from Goldman Sachs. As of 2021, Goldman Sachs manages $2.5 trillion in assets. Bloomberg reported […]

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