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Mar 03 2021

Fractal Protocol To Boost UX for Internet Users

Cookies are a major aspect of the internet. Websites, to a large extent, expect users to accept a number of cookies to be able to gain access to their content. Cookies help websites recognize returning visitors and profile a visitor's search choices to be able to accurately identify their interests. This, in turn, helps websites to show relevant adverts to their visitors. Interestingly,...

Feb 08 2021

TESLA buys BTC – Will Facebook, Google and Amazon follow?

The cryptocurrency market went into frenzy mode as TESLA company announced earlier today that it had bought USD 1.5 Billion worth of Bitcoins. Not only is TESLA holding BTC, but they plan to start accepting Bitcoins...

Jan 13 2021

Ethereum’s Google Search Interest Exceeds 2017/2018 Levels

Quick take: Ethereum's Google search interest is at an all-time high exceeding levels last seen during the 2017/18 bull cycle The increment in Ethereum Google queries started to increase significantly in mid-December This coincided with the launch of ETH 2.0 and Ethereum breaking the $600 price ceiling 2021 could very well be the year Ethereum thrives in the crypto markets Google search interest...

Jan 11 2021

Google Records High Searches for ‘Ethereum’

Data from Google Trends has revealed that current Google searches for "Ethereum" has reached an all-time high. The Google search interest for Ethereum rose to a great height during the last Ether (ETH) bull run. The last time Ethereum reached a peak in search term popularity was on January 13, 2018. That was also the date when ETH reached an all-time high of...

Jan 08 2021

Google Trend Sentiment Breaks Down, Will Bitcoin Follow?

Jan 08 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Bitcoin is above $40,000, after starting the new year below $30,000, and less than one year ago trading at under $4,000. The asset's trajectory has been "only up" but could Google search trends for the first-ever cryptocurrency breaking down be a sign that the bullish uptrend will soon as well? The Unstoppable Bitcoin Bull Run That's Trending All Over The World The world...

Jan 06 2021

Google Cloud Seeks Blockchain Expert for China Division

Google Cloud is hiring a manager for its team to sell enterprise accounts to C-level executives.

Dec 31 2020

How did buying BITCOIN compare to buying APPLE, GOOGLE or TESLA in 2020

There are many options to choose from when approaching the investing world. From the old fashioned Equity markets and Real Estate, all the way to Cryptocurrencies and Private Equities...The options are endless, and each portfolio differs with its proper risk appetite. In this article, on the very last day of 2020, we go back in time to January 2020 and see how did...

Dec 14 2020

Google Down: The Perils of Centralization

Dec 14 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  decentralization google security tech

It was a jarring reminder of the hidden costs of the easy-to-use, centralized systems that permeate the web, and just how taxing or debilitating they can be.

Dec 09 2020

India’s State-Regulated Digital Payments Network Is Dominated by Google and Walmart

Dec 09 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  digital payments google india news walmart

A shared payments infrastructure initiated by the state and joined by major Indian banks, the United Payments Interface (UPI) accounted for over 2.2 billion transactions in November.

Dec 01 2020

Google Searches for ‘Bitcoin Price’ Hit 18-Month High

Dec 01 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin google markets news

Google searches for "bitcoin price" are double levels seen a few weeks ago.

Nov 26 2020

BTC’s 5% Crash Gives Peter Schiff One More Chance to Rant About Bitcoin Bubble

Nov 26 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  apple bitcoin crash bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd

In a broader crypto market correction, Bitcoin has tanked over 5% slipping below $18,000 levels by losing more than $1000 in a flash. This crash comes just at a time when BTC was making efforts...

Nov 25 2020

How Can Tech Companies Connect with Clients in a Post-COVID World?

Four marketing experts discussed the "new norm" at the Finance Magnates Virtua Summit on November 18th.

Nov 11 2020

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Stands Firm Against Tech Stock Sell-Off

A sell-off in the technology stocks this week didn't spill itself onto the Bitcoin market. That was surprising, particularly because tech equities took up roughly 30 percent of the S&P 500 index. Meanwhile, the US benchmark index constantly proved its erratic but positive correlation with Bitcoin. Both markets moved in sync as investors stepped away from...

Oct 16 2020

Google Finance Now Lists Bitcoin First Ahead Of Top Forex Currencies

Oct 16 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdc btcusdt

Bitcoin is maturing, suddenly becoming a respected asset that institutions, hedge funds, and even corporations are considering. The cryptocurrency shares many similarities with gold, giving it the attributes of a commodity, yet works equally as well as a currency. Due to this, Google Finance lists Bitcoin alongside of a batch of top forex currency trading pairs. However, at some point, Bitcoin quietly moved...

Oct 06 2020

Google Cloud Has Joined EOS as a BP Node

Oct 06 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  eos google technology

Google Cloud will soon serve as an EOS block producer, according to a recent statement from EOS parent company Block.one. How Will Google Serve EOS? Allen Day, a developer...

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