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Sep 22 2021

Top NFT Updates | Google Supports Blockchain Projects | September Week 3

There are NFT updates every week that you can't miss. Therefore, Altcoin Buzz has compiled them from last week to keep you informed: The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) space was exciting the previous week with a series of activities. From celebrities sharing the performance of their NFT project to comic giants restricting the sales...

Sep 18 2021

NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

Sep 18 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  charity dapper labs google john cena nft

Another week of high-flying action in NFTs. Art Blocks and CryptoPunks saw nice bumps in sales volume the past week, while Axie Infinity and Bored Ape Yacht Club saw less week-over-week volume but still sit firmly in high position. Meanwhile, OpenSea made headlines for more than one reason. Dapper Labs found a premium partner with Google. And more than one NFT project made...

Sep 16 2021

Top Shot NFTs creator Dapper Labs inks deal with Google

Google, the largest search engine in the world, has partnered with NBA Top Shot marketplace developer, Dapper Labs, to help support and scale its blockchain, Flow. According to the announcement, the Cloud arm of the tech giant would function as the network operator of the Flow blockchain whilst also offering its Cloud infrastructure in order to help the NFT marketplace developer’s...

Sep 15 2021

Google Partners With Dapper Labs Flow Blockchain

Google isn't known for being a primary leader in the next generation of Web 3.0, but perhaps news this week could spur change on that front. The tech giant announced a partnership with Top Shot and Flow blockchain creator Dapper Labs. The partnership will allow Google to assist in scaling the Flow blockchain for the future....

Aug 16 2021

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Supports Bitcoin Development With A $450,000 Donation

Sam Bankman-Fried stunned the crypto community by investing a whopping $450,000 to support Bitcoin development. In addition, the entrepreneur is sponsoring a nonprofit organization that backs Bitcoin coders for 3 years with $150,000 per year. This nonprofit organization called Brink provides funds to the open-source community focusing on Bitcoin development. With the donation, Brink will sponsor the bitcoin coders passing through its fellowship...

Aug 09 2021

As The Bitcoin Price Hits $45,000, Is The Next Bull Run Beginning?

With the bitcoin price hitting $45,000 and above, has the next BTC bull run begun?Last Week In Bitcoin is a new segment covering the week that was in Bitcoin, including all of the important news along with some analysis.It was the week we’ve been waiting for: We’ve spent most of the last week with the bitcoin price in the $40,000s, briefly...

Aug 06 2021

Google Open Doors for Crypto Marketers With New Policy

Following the latest policy for its financial products and services sectors, the world's largest search engine technology, Google will allow crypto ads to run on its system again. As stated in the latest policy drafted by Google, advertisers dealing in cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service providers who are willing to market their products can once again start running...

Aug 04 2021

Google Allows Crypto Ads Again in US, Blacklists ICOs and DeFi

Only regulated crypto companies can run their ads on Google’s platforms.

Jul 05 2021

Can Google Trends Predict The Last Bitcoin Leg Up?

Jul 05 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd google google trends

The Google trends data for the search term "Bitcoin" shows that the curve today is similar to that of the 2017 bull market. Can Google Trends Predict A Bull Market? As pointed out by Twitter user Bitcoin Archive, the Google Trends graph for "Bitcoin" matches up with the last leg up for the...

Jun 07 2021

El Salvador Making Bitcoin Legal Tender Paves A Path For Bitcoin Adoption In Countries

This week, Bitcoin 2021 ruled the headlines as a major announcement about El Salvador came out of the conference.This Week In BitcoinThis Week In Bitcoin is a new segment covering the events of the week that occurred in the Bitcoin industry, covering all the important news and analysis.SummaryAlthough bitcoin saw relatively steady gains over the last week, climbing to...

Jun 03 2021

Google Ad Policy Updates Require Regulatory Compliance From Bitcoin Exchanges And Wallets

Google has updated its requirements for bitcoin exchange and wallet advertisements, requiring FinCEN, state and federal compliance.Web search giant Google plans to update its requirements for advertisements from bitcoin- focused businesses next month.“In August 2021, Google will update the Financial products and services policy to clarify the scope and requirements to allow the advertisement of...

Jun 02 2021

Google Releases New Policies On Crypto-Related ADs

Google has announced an update to its financial products and services policy, which includes its policy on cryptocurrency advertising. The Tech Giant Introduces New Crypto Policy In a policy statement published Wednesday, Google said that "beginning...

Mar 03 2021

Fractal Protocol To Boost UX for Internet Users

Cookies are a major aspect of the internet. Websites, to a large extent, expect users to accept a number of cookies to be able to gain access to their content. Cookies help websites recognize returning visitors and profile a visitor's search choices to be able to accurately identify their interests. This, in turn, helps websites to show relevant adverts to their visitors. Interestingly,...

Feb 08 2021

TESLA buys BTC – Will Facebook, Google and Amazon follow?

The cryptocurrency market went into frenzy mode as TESLA company announced earlier today that it had bought USD 1.5 Billion worth of Bitcoins. Not only is TESLA holding BTC, but they plan to start accepting Bitcoins...

Jan 13 2021

Ethereum’s Google Search Interest Exceeds 2017/2018 Levels

Quick take: Ethereum's Google search interest is at an all-time high exceeding levels last seen during the 2017/18 bull cycle The increment in Ethereum Google queries started to increase significantly in mid-December This coincided with the launch of ETH 2.0 and Ethereum breaking the $600 price ceiling 2021 could very well be the year Ethereum thrives in the crypto markets Google search interest...

Jan 11 2021

Google Records High Searches for ‘Ethereum’

Data from Google Trends has revealed that current Google searches for "Ethereum" has reached an all-time high. The Google search interest for Ethereum rose to a great height during the last Ether (ETH) bull run. The last time Ethereum reached a peak in search term popularity was on January 13, 2018. That was also the date when ETH reached an all-time high of...

Jan 08 2021

Google Trend Sentiment Breaks Down, Will Bitcoin Follow?

Jan 08 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd btcusdt crypto

Bitcoin is above $40,000, after starting the new year below $30,000, and less than one year ago trading at under $4,000. The asset's trajectory has been "only up" but could Google search trends for the first-ever cryptocurrency breaking down be a sign that the bullish uptrend will soon as well? The Unstoppable Bitcoin Bull Run That's Trending All Over The World The world...

Jan 06 2021

Google Cloud Seeks Blockchain Expert for China Division

Google Cloud is hiring a manager for its team to sell enterprise accounts to C-level executives.

Dec 31 2020

How did buying BITCOIN compare to buying APPLE, GOOGLE or TESLA in 2020

There are many options to choose from when approaching the investing world. From the old fashioned Equity markets and Real Estate, all the way to Cryptocurrencies and Private Equities...The options are endless, and each portfolio differs with its proper risk appetite. In this article, on the very last day of 2020, we go back in time to January 2020 and see how did...

Dec 14 2020

Google Down: The Perils of Centralization

Dec 14 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  decentralization google security tech

It was a jarring reminder of the hidden costs of the easy-to-use, centralized systems that permeate the web, and just how taxing or debilitating they can be.

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