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Jul 19 2022

How The Government Seizes Assets And Why Bitcoin Is A Problem For Statists

In a world with third-party custody and self-custody, bitcoin is the clear winner for offering protection from government overreach and seizure.This is an opinion editorial by Rowdy Yates, a former Marine and practicing lawyer.When most people hear the words “frozen bank account” or “asset forfeiture,” they likely picture a sophisticated government black box worthy of a Hollywood montage, with some...

May 27 2022

How The Federal Government Showed Me The Importance Of Bitcoin

The government’s overreach in taking my website was a hands-on experience that taught me why Bitcoin was necessary.Jason Harris is a world-class American glass artist and founder of Jerome Baker Designs, a leading functional glass company founded in 2003 and based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The feds seized my website JeromeBaker.com during...

Apr 24 2022

How Bitcoin Protects Private Property Rights

Bitcoin protects private property for its users due to its theft-proof design, its use of decentralized nodes and an immutable public ledger.We’re going to continue our conversation of Bitcoin’s role in...

Jan 28 2022

Bitcoin Shows That Trust In The Government And The Gold Standard Isn’t Necessary

Bitcoin is a return to sound money after the government overreach that led to the end of the gold standard.It has been more than 50 years since the Nixon shock — August 15, 1971, when President Nixon went on national television to announce the historic change that the U.S. dollar would no longer be pegged to gold.Perhaps few people knew how...

Nov 06 2020

Government Seizes 69,730 Bitcoin ($1 Billion) Tied To Silk Road

On November 5, 2020, federal prosecutors filed a civil complaint describing the seizure of 69,370 bitcoin (worth about $1.06 billion at the time of this writing) from an individual who was able to steal the funds from darknet marketplace Silk Road. According to the complaint, the funds were stolen from Silk Road across 54 previously undetected bitcoin transactions in 2012...

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